Wash Routine Examples

Once a Week

While many brands recommend washing every 2-3 days for optimal cleaning, it’s not always practical for parents. Many cloth diaper families around the world find alternative wash routines that work for them.

These wash routine examples were collected from parents across social media. I welcome you to share your cloth diaper story with me. You can email me at bailey@clothdiaperpodcast.com, or simply share your story in the comment section.

I dont think there is a right way cloth diaper because we all find strategies that are uniquely sustainable. While some techniques can be more advantageous for the long-term well-being of textiles and diapers, others are important to acknowledge so that any family who wants to cloth diaper, can cloth diaper and feel good doing so. 


Cloth Diaper Mom

I found washing every 3 days as opposed to washing weekly left me feeling overwhelmed. The constant rotation and stuffing and folding and washing was stressing me out and I felt like I never got any sort of enjoyment out of it. Once I switched to washing weekly, I realized I was able to do one “large” load, stuff and fold them all in a few hours.
I have about 40 diapers, all pockets ranging from Nora’s to small mama owned businesses, and all different kinds of inserts (mainly bamboo, or bamboo charcoal).
I like to think I have a pretty simple wash routine with 4 steps.
  1. prewash hot with 1/4c of powdered Roma detergent with an extra rinse (regular load size setting)
  2. main wash cool with 1/2c powdered Roma detergent and an extra rinse
  3. a quick rinse cycle on hot again
  4. everything goes right in the dryer on low until dry
The only thing I’ve changed about every day diapering is spraying solids out immediately as opposed to doing it every time I do laundry. For me it felt like the poo was getting sticky if I left it for a week then sprayed it before I did laundry.
Since switching to weekly laundry I’ve learned that I am quite confident in my wash routine and found my love for cloth diapering again. I’ve also learned that for me, separating poo diapers from wet diapers into 2 wet bags prevents me from accidental poo touching


Cloth Diaper Mom

I wash once a week because my husband won’t wash the diapers. That was our deal.
I work a full time very physical job and I just don’t have the mental capacity to wash every three days with other laundry. I already get behind from other loads of household laundry.
My stash is Applecheeks. Don’t ask me how many, but enough to go a full week for a two year old, I’d say 40+ covers. I haven’t gotten rid of any since my first potty learned at 3.5 before her brother came.
Once a Week Wash Routine
My wash routine is two back to back heavy duty cycles in our top loader with hot water. Half a scoop of tide powder in the first load, full scoop in the second.
Learning curve was when we moved.
Before I had a full laundry room where I could have an open basket so all the diapers breathe. Now I keep them in a wet bag by our toilet.
For some reason this summer was super nasty for fruit flies in our new place and almost every week id find at least one poop diaper if I left it for a day or two to rinse (because lets be honest, not every mom has time to spray or swish right away) id have a diaper that would have a few un welcome guests in it and I would need to bleach soak the cover.
Honestly I haven’t had to really learn anything other than just roll with it if I do find anything in the diapers (not a lot grosses me out anyway)