Other Peoples Stories

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Don’t let other peoples stories keep you from finding your own story to live.

We’ve all been to that family gathering, that night out with the girls, and you mention how much you’d love to cloth diaper… and then Susan from across the room shares her horror story of diapering and how she can’t imagine anyone ever doing it again.

If you’re considering cloth diapering – don’t let other people’s horror stories define your story. You can cloth diaper. You might not have the same experience as Susan – you probably wont if you read my book on cloth diapering, or just find a great cloth diaper blog/brand/retailer, and soak in all that support.

You got this.
And this applies to everything parenting.
Don’t let other peoples horror stories keep you from finding your peace.

Check out the book: https://www.clothdiaperpodcast.com/book/