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Prefolds are totally a thing and while they may give you flashbacks of your mama’s cloth diapering day, prefolds are undoubtingly one of the best ways to cloth diaper your baby.

There are two types of prefolds on the market – traditional and modern – I made that distinction up. Prefolds are generally simple to use, easy to clean, quick to dry, and offer a really great cost per ounce for absorbency. They come in many shapes, sizes, textiles and variations.

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Traditional Prefolds

A traditional prefold is made out of a guaze material either cotton or bamboo, maybe hemp (not usually). It features a thicker mid section the diaper and typically comes in 4x8x4 thickness. This design was originally intended for people to fold onto baby allowing for the bulk of the material to catch the pee.

Traditional prefolds come in a variety of sizes to fit different sized children from premies to big kids. Today, traditional glaze style prefolds with the thicker mid section also come shorter for customers who padfold (fold into a pad or thirds) into cloth diaper.

What Brands? What to Try?

I fell in love with the Bummi’s cotton prefold in an infant sizing and it was the bulk of my stash – my favourite prefold. However, this is no longer a popular brand or available product.

Check out the absorbency list to see how numbers compare. Not all products listed below I have tested.

  • AMP Diapers Prefold – organic cotton in 4 sizes
  • Buttons Prefolds – available in cotton or bamboo/cotton with 3 sizes – **
  • Geffen Baby – conventional pakistan made prefolds available.
  • Green Mountain Diaper Prefoldsthese are not available in Canada but get great reviews around the web.
  • GroVia – available in 4 sizes – these can shrink up on you. **
  • Imagine Baby Prefolds – bamboo prefold in 4 sizes
  • Nicki’s Diapers (USA) – another popular american prefold, not available anywhere but Nicki’s.
  • Osocozy Prefolds – available in over 10 different sizes with two widths – these prefolds hold a lot.
  • Rearz PrefoldThis is a Canadian retailer that I’ve heard okay things about and is available at .

    ** any gauze-material prefold with a bamboo blend is likely to slowly shrink overtime if you use the dryer.

    Sometimes you also stumble upon house brands of prefolds from retailers to brands to diaper services. These gauze based prefolds are largely manufactured overseas in the Middle East and imported.

    Just pick one and buy it to try it. Buy a package of 3, or 6, and see if it works for you. How did I try Bummi’s? It was my local retailer stock. I’m not loving on the Osocozy or the Imagine Baby, but curious on about the GMD (Green Mountain) because they get so much love.

    Links above are direct to the brand site for more information – Shop my affiliates and purchase from a small shop like thes: looking for a Canadian retailer? Try LagoonBaby or Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot Looking for an American retailer try Nicki’s Diapers (USA) .
What size?

What do you plan to do with it? How much absorbency do you need/want? I typically lean towards prefolds that are about 8×11 inches in shape post-wash because I padfold. Most websites will have their pre or post sizing measurements listed as well as sizing recommendations. This is generally true to follow.

I like this size because I can fold it onto a newborn, and padfold it into a pocket cloth diaper from 15-30 lbs. After 30 lbs this can become small but let’s cross that bridge when you get there. When my son hit 30lbs, I tried a few size 3 prefolds but opted for receiving blankets because they were cheaper.

Modern Prefolds

Or as I once called them in a YouTube video – Rectangular inserts. However, most brands lump them into the prefold category and might call them TRIFOLD. I wanted to separate them out from the above mentioned brand for several reasons.

  1. They are more expensive.
  2. Typically rely on thicker, heavier materials.
  3. They look different (1-3 layers, no bulky mid section)
  4. Primarily intended for trifolding (folding into thirds for use in a cover or pocket or maybe even an AIO). Can also be folded in half for a thinner wider, longer product.

However, the intent is still the same. It’s still generally some sort of 8×10 shape, and it functions like the above.

My stash is primarily made up of the Nuggles BambooLUXE prefold. I use the 2 ply for day and the 3ply for nights. I fell in love with these when I started working with Nuggles, and loved how they stayed soft, didn’t shrink or change shapes, and worked right to potty training. This is an amazing product.

But there are many other great products to try with a variety of textile blends and sizes to meet your needs. Again, if you’re looking for absorbency numbers check out this list.

  • AMP Diapers – available in 2 & 3 layer hemp and bamboo blends.
  • AppleCheeks – available in 2 & 3 layer bamboo blend.
  • Flip – the organic cotton overnight insert is kinda like a magical modern prefold.
  • Geffen Baby Prefold – available in a few different blends and textiles with up to 4-5 sizes each.
  • Hemp Babies – two sizes in a soft hemp blend.
  • Smart Bottoms Smart Fold – now this has a extra layer in the mid section making it like the top but it’s made in the USA with a dense hemp blend material –
  • Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold – this is a popular hemp blend prefold available in two sizes.

    Links above are direct to the brand site for more information – Shop my affiliates and purchase from a small shop like thes: looking for a Canadian retailer? Try LagoonBaby or Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot Looking for an American retailer try Nicki’s Diapers (USA) .

80% of the products listed above you’ll padfold. If you need help on that check out the video below.

Which One?

With these you are using shopping for absorbency and less sizing. They typically come in standard sizes and variations with the 2 ply for the daytime and the 3 ply for the night time. Check out the absorbency charts and compare it to what is or isn’t working for you. Try a product that meets your absorbency needs or meets your needs as a consumer. Many of the modern prefolds are available in Canadian and American milled textiles and manufactured locally with organic fibres. If that’s important to you include it into your conversation.

Did I miss the BEST prefold diaper?

I think Best is such a relative term. The products that work best for me might not work best for you. There are a lot of amazing products on the market and it’s overwhelming. What prefold worked best for you in terms of style, brand and size? Let me know in the comments because there is always more to discover.

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