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How do you get rid of ammonia smells in Cloth Diapers?
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An always popular question – what’s your go to ammonia strategy?

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To me this means urine is getting trapped in the diapers – and not washing out like you are supposed to.

  • If it’s just an overnight diaper – then try an extra morning rinse.
  • If it’s toddlerhood, try rinsing diapers quickly after use.
  • If it’s babyhood, and nothing to do with the pee concentration, then let’s check your wash routine.

A few tweaks that you can make

💦 Water Temperature – shift to warm/hot

💦 Sometimes less detergent.

💦Sometimes more detergent

💦Sometimes a better rinse cycle If it’s lingering in synthetics, then I definitely like a good bleach wash to kick it out. 

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