Raw Silk

Cloth Diaper Liner

Cloth Diaper Rashes

Cloth diapers should not be causing chronic rashes.

What is Raw Silk?

Raw silk is a natural fiber cloth diaper liner used to heal skin irritations and create a stay dry liner for baby. It is typically recommended for short term use. 

5 Things to know about Raw Silk 

  1. Silk is a natural anitflammatory and intended to be used instead of creams to help heal rashes. A study out of Italy concluded that silk underwear reduced itching and redness from vaginal thrush, and the participants using silk underwear were less likely to have repeated thrush and symptoms. Sericin is the protein in silk adheres to keratin in skin and hair providing a protective film. 

  2. Silk also absorbs 30% of its weight in fluid before feeling damp
  3. Hand Wash only, and brands like Disana suggest washing the silk liner by hand when washing your hands after a soiled diaper. Silk will release soil easily and wash up nicely.
  4. It’s a natural fibre that means none of the pesky shedding we experience with synthetic stay dry liners. 

  5. Silk production or sericulture is the cultivating of silkworms who feed on mulberry leaves. Its worth noting that sometimes silkworms do die in this process and the cultivation of mulberry trees is not immune to the agricultural hardships of modern day farming including pesticide and fertilizer use. However, like many things there are companies who are seeking out responsible and ethical ways of doing things and work hard to ensure that processes are well defined and less impactful.