Review of the Elf Diaper AIO

Have you ever wondered why people call All in One Cloth Diapers bulky? I have. All In One cloth diaper are no less bulky than a pocket or a cover in my experience. Turns out, I just hadn’t tried a bulky AIO cloth diaper. 

This diaper is bulky. The Elf AIO Cloth Diaper is a bulky AIO and it has not only the poof but the thickness that would be highly undesirable in a cloth diaper situation. However, this is a cheap/affordable cloth diaper and I would see why you might be curious in bringing home and adding to your stash. 

If you watched the Pocket cloth diaper chatter, then you know I’m a little bothered by the planting copying of the Cotton Babies stretchy tab design. And no the shape doesn’t make it unique because before Elf, they were Baby Wizard without a special designed tab and I ‘m skeptical this wholesale diaper manufacturer is designing diapers to solve a problem and answer a need instead of trying to make money off the Western culture consumerism. 

This diaper is a one size cloth diaper that costs $17.95 Canadian or $10.99 USD. There is reports that this diaper comes in at different prices on different websites. That is frustrating as a consumer. Consistency is nice. In the other cloth diaper world consistency happens because brands control MSRP to ensure a more even playing field. If you bough this diaper at 10.99 USD it would be about $15 Canadian, and yes you can do that but be warned you could be charged 18% in duties and taxes. 

It is apparently 3 layers of microfibre and 2 layers of cotton/bamboo with a microsuede inner and a TPU outer. It features the classic 3×3 rise, a stretchy tab, and that’s about it. 

The hardest part about buying diapers like this is there is very little information about the product on the web from the brand or even the resellers. It’s just here buy this diaper but we won’t tell you anything about it or show you pictures of the inside, or tell you whats what and how it might work. This frustrates me as a blogger, human, and consumer. 

My take

Eh, it’s bulky. 

Seriously. That’s some fluff. 

She doesn’t like it and even being a toddler the bulk should come down but she said it wasn’t comfortable. So that be it. 

I don’t like the back attached tongue as that can be challenging for boy parents in the long run especially if you kid gets big fast. 

My tongue is starting to detach and I’ve only owned it a few months and have used it a dozen so times. 

I didn’t find this diaper took long to dry and it shouldn’t the textiles used while bulky are not very dense. Bamboo and microfibre are quick to dry and provide a better overall experience. 

My recommendation

You know my feelings. I don’t like to recommend brands that don’t offer any information bout their brand and manufacturing. Story is important to me and it’s something that impacts my choices as a consumer. 

Also this diaper got bulky – that said it is comparable in bulk to the nearest price comparison in the American market and thats the Nicki’s Diaper AIO. If you are looking for an AIO cloth diaper with a story (Nicki herself has visited the factory where her diapers are made) then consider the Nicki’s ultimate One Size All in One Cloth Diaper. It is comparable in bulk, it is only microfibre, but it is $12.95. Thats $2 more and they do regularly have sales where it would be a comparable price. The Nicki’s Diaper the offers Nicki’s community, service and rewards system. Additionally diapers ship free at $10 and from the United States! Quick guaranteed service. This is not a paid Nicki’s sponsorship. I do have an affiliate link below. 

Also this diaper is falling apart on me… If you’re Canadian, your choices for a $20 AIO cloth diaper are limited. I’m sorry. Business in Canada is more expensive. The AMP Stay Dry comes in at $19.99 on Lagoon Baby but I have never tired that and don’t even know how it compares or if it’s worthy of a recommendation. You can buy Imagine Baby at Lagoon Baby. Imagine Baby is owned by Nicki’s and is a similar brand product. It comes in at $17.50 Canadian which is LESS THAN the Elf Baby AIO from Minishak, but also more than the $15 if you bought direct and took your chances with shipping and duties and taxess.

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