Show 03 – Meet Sarah B

Cloth Diaper Podcast with Sarah B

This week we talk with Sarah B from Edmonton, Alberta. She’s an every day mama sharing her cloth diapering experience. You might love this weeks episode if you love adventure, curious about how to cloth diaper and hike/paddle, and just wanna take in another perspective.

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Topic: Interview with Sarah B, Cloth Diaper Mom.

I’ll admit the sound is not great on this weeks episode. I promise to commit to getting better. 

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: Sarah B, Edmonton, Alberta
Length:  30:00 minutes


Cloth Diaper Podcast with Sarah B

3:19 – Started Cloth Diapering from Friends.

Most of her stash is GlowBugs Cloth Diapers, bumGenius, Flip Covers, Couple Random.

4:03 – Bummis Green & Pink Cloth Diapers

4:28: What is your favourite cloth diaper

Glowbug & bumGenius Pocket Cloth Diapers

5:21: What’s your biggest cloth diaper challenge

Figuring out absorbency especially for overnight, and maybe just use disposables because its easy for overnight.


6:44: If you could design your own cloth diaper, what would it look like.

Sarah thinks there needs to be a paddlesport print, something with canoeing or mountain biking or more.

9:43: Toys in the Canoe

Tied the toys in, and only bring the toys that can get wet.

11:27 : What do you do when you go camping.

Couple days – we use pocket.

Back country, Sarah brings her Flip covers with g-diaper inserts (finds them on Amazon in Canada). She uses them because they are 100% compostable, and you can put them in your compost at home.  Sometimes she packs them home, sometimes they can be used in different types of the outhouse

Don’t mind my toddler dragging a chair across the kitchen floor in the background. 

Other disposable inserts that I’ve tried – Flip & GroVia, Charlie Banana.

14:25: Sunshine Coast Trail

Starts up in Powell River, she attempted because she sprained her ankle on Day 2 and rerouted to try a paddle trip instead – the Powell River Canoe route.  with a 5-month-old. 

Cloth Diaper on Paddle Board - Sarah B

16:59 – Goal is to try FST on the trail.

But really weather dependent and washing every couple of days.

— I bought the Scrubba bag for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge. 

Sarah used it on the trail, and family trips. She says its easier than using a plastic bag.

18:44 – You have to be willing to put in the extra work.


20:20 – If someone asks how to get started cloth diapering.

What type of diaper are they interested?

Are you trying to do it the cheapest way or the easiest way?


21: 37 – Tricky Washing Machine

According to FLU it’s a large washing machine barrel, and it makes it tough to fill it up to get a good wash. She needs to fill hers up 3/4 and uses her bigger stash of pocket cloth diapers.

22:50 – Funky Fluff & Bummis Announced they are closing.

Sad to see a quality cloth diaper leave the industry. There’s a lot of eb and flow in the cloth diaper industry and whether to stay open, close and/or sell.

Glowbug just changed to a new owner recently…

Bailey was trying to pronounce this brand – Kawaii

24:41 – Made in Canada Cloth Diapers

25:50 – Transition of Cloth Diaper Brands

How they use things on social media and some brands use brand reps, and some brands have zero social media presence (like Blueberry Diapers).

  • is it because of they a higher class brand?
  • is it because they are dramatic?

26:40 Edmonton Cloth Diaper Retailers

Not too many options.

27:35 What do you do when you’re not just a mom?

Sarah is a newborn, family, engagement photographer.


— Seriously, I apologise for the terrible sound quality. I promise I’ll get better so stick with me.





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