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Interview with Cloth Diaper Parent – Karin Biggs

Cloth Diaper Mama turned Blogger, Karin from Little Biggs Love join me this week on the cloth diaper podcast. She talks about her cloth diaper journey, using coin-operated laundry, and her favourite cloth diapers.



Karin Biggs

Karin Biggs

Little Bigs Love


1:40 – You can cloth diaper however you want, even when camping.

2:01 – Introduction

Meet Karin Biggs – Blog, Instagram – finished her PhD in Biology, and teaches Biology of Women, and some other classes while staying at home.

Mom of 1, 15-month-old son,  Logan. They live in Eastern Washington State.

Thesis: Viral Evolution.

Bailey attended Cottey College, BTW.

4:23 – How did you get introduced to cloth diapering?

Karin’s mom used a cloth diaper service, and just assumed that was the normal for her daughter in law. She assumed that would be what they would do, and the Aunt sent some old cloth diapers. Cloth diapering was the norm for her family. 

Karin replaced elastics in some old bumGenius in this hand me down stash.

6:31 – Report of Washing Underwearing

6:42 – What is your biggest Cloth Diaper Challenge?

Coin Operated Cloth Diaper Laundry in her apartment building means fewer options, and being considerate of her neighbourhood. That’s been the only real struggle because they’ve been fortunate to have great support and nail down a great routine.

Overcoming Coin Operated Laundry: Check with your manufacturer’s recommendations on how to wash your cloth diapers.

  • One Cycle on Cold.
  • One Cycle on Warm/Hot.
  • Dry inserts and flats in the machine, and hang dry covers.

Does add to cost, but her machines are super affordable.

Don’t mess with something that isn’t working, only when it’s not working then get complicated

Karin goes 4-5 days between diaper laundry and it means she has to have a slightly bigger stash. She does laundry 1.5 times a week and helps with cost saving.

12:12 – What is your cloth diaper stash?

We use Buttons & Luludeew Cloth Diapers. 

Check out her Buttons Diaper Review.

Check out her Luludew Cloth Diapers

She uses Buttons Hemp (adding a flannel wipe on top to provide some assist with the speed of the absorbency) , and FST. Bailey doesn’t like FST…  But they do really work for people.  

15:06 – If you could dream up any cloth diaper print in the world what would it be?

Space or Dinosaurs! But that’s been a really popular print this year.

An Airplane Diaper – there hasn’t really been one that’s been amazing. Maybe fighter jets or something with antique or vintage planes.

16:16 Biggest Piece of Advice for Someone starting cloth diapering.

Cloth Diapering doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  90% effort works. Just use disposables for the meantime, and start in a place that’s comfortable.

It’s not as hard as it looks. We get ourselves thinking something is way more complicated than it is.

If you grant yourself some grace and space you can make it work.

Look at companies that offer rental options

19:20 Where do you buy your cloth diapers from?

She loves to shop at Diaper Junction and directly from the companies when trying to score some awesome prints.

20:55 Starting your Blog

Her husband encouraged her to start blogging and writing about parenting and her experience as a mom. Check out her blog – Little Biggs LoveAn outlet for creativity when being a stay at home mom. 

24:25 – What is your favourite Cloth Diaper

Luludew Cloth Diaper. She also loves how gender neutral the prints are, as well as the functionality of the snap in fleece liner.

Cloth Diaper Cover System, and Coin Operated Cloth Diaper LaundryWhich means they use one cover for 3 inserts and helps limit the laundry and 4 days of laundry is smaller than other systems and it helps keep the affordabilty of cloth diaper.

27:30 – Kaitlyn at Modern Bottom Babies.

She loves flour sak towels, and doesn’t really like pocket cloth diapers.

28:50 – Do you have any last thoughts about cloth diapering?

It’s easier than you think it is. 

Find Little Biggs Love on Instagram. 


The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: FacebookYouTube, or  Instagram  or Pinterest.

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