Show 06

Interview with Kailyn, Cloth Diaper Store Owner

Show 06 of the Cloth Diaper Podcast brings us an interview with Kailyn. Kailyn owns and operates a small cloth diaper shop in Rhode Island. Now known as Natural Home & Family is a recognizeable name in the cloth diaper community offering amazing service and selection of products. Download this episode to hear her challenges, struggles and advice for owning a cloth diaper store, as well some new advice for all you mama’s out there.

Unfortunately, this store is closing in 2021.


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Naturally Home & Family (Previously Squigglybugs)

1:10 – Closure of Cloth Diaper Stores this week.

CozyBums, Prince George, BC, cloth diaper retailer closed this month. A loss of another cloth diaper retailer makes me question how we fight through the obsession with cheapies. Join the conversation on my Facebook about high-end cloth diapers.

Q: If there is always a space for a high-end cloth diaper, how do we preserve that space? How do we change the conversation and emphasis on these brands? Let me know below. I’d love for you to join the conversation.

5:00 Request for Topics. I’m looking for people who want to chat about some of these requested topics. If you want to request a topic drop me a comment, or hunt me done on the internet.

  • Cloth Diapering & Wool.
  • Lighthouse Kids Company & Mama Koala Flipping — I want to chat about your experience and love for these brands.
  • Cloth Diaper Wash Routines that go against the great of Fluff Love University and work for youI’m not a fan of Fluff Love and would love to return peer-to-peer problem solving to cloth diapering that encourages people to seek out for advice without a right or wrong way. 

7:05 – Kailyn from Squigglybugs

Small Family Run Business based in Rhode Island – a real mom and pop shop to pack orders. Her daughter loves to colour on the packing slips. 

11:10 – Cloth Diaper Workshops.

To be successful with cloth diapering, you just need someone to help you. Offering in-person classes, and online with Facebook groups. 13:18  – Biggest Challenge in your business Being online is her biggest challenge, she misses the real world connections that a physical store might offer. 16:15 Squigglybugs Exclusives One exclusive with Sweet Pea since new ownership – Tilly’s Treats.

17:00 Favourite Brand to Work With/Encourage People to buy. Best Bottom |  Planet Wise –creating products for the entire family and being able to offer a variety of products for beyond baby and offer things for EVERYONE.

18:50 – Biggest Piece of Advice for someone starting cloth diapering.

It’s different for everyone. What works for your friend, or your other children, might not work for you. You really need to try things out.

21:00 – What cloth diaper accessory do you think everyone should own.

All the Wetbags. Her favourite wet bag is this wet/dry bag from Planetwise— I reviewed it here. Disclosure: I love any sort of wet/dry clutch bag. 

22:10 – What you tell someone interested in starting a cloth diaper store.

Take a look around your community and make sure you’re filling a need. She’s one of 2 cloth diaper retailers in the state of Rhode Island.

23:33 – What do you think is the biggest challenge for the cloth diaper industry right now?

Saturation of the market – brands, prints, styles and exclusives.

25:20 – How do you keep going with other brands/retailers closing up around?

Teamed up with a few other retailers on Facebook to showcase small natural parenting boutiques and encourage people to shop small.

27:30 – Where would you love to be in 5 years?

To be in a storefront with education space.

28:47 Biggest Piece of Advice for New Moms.

Take your time and go slow.

Where can you find Squigglybugs?

Website – Shipping to the USA and Canada SquigglybugsLLC – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter


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