Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 07

Raising Low Waste Kids


This week, Gabrielle from Raising Rystedts joins me to discuss her cloth diapering journey. This mama, blogger, and vlogger share her exciting new cloth diaper book for mama’s to be, and we talk about building cloth diaper community.


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Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds, Bailey Bouwman


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  00:40

I’m Gabrielle. I am a mom of three kids, three and under. And we are pretty crunchy. I didn’t really become crunchy until after I had kids. And then I kind of was exposed to the world of cloth diapers and breastfeeding and baby wearing and all that stuff. So it all just kind of snowballed. And here we are today. And I Chronicle a lot of our living and stuff at my blog RaisingRysteds.


Bailey Bouwman  04:41

I’ll make sure I’ll link that up in today’s show notes so people can find you. Thank you. So I was reading about your Zero Waste journey or I was watching your latest youtube video at the zoo. Tell me how did you get into zero waste like where did that come from?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  04:57

So it actually started with a cloth diapers We, when I was like nine weeks pregnant with my first child, I was kind of like, cloth diapers, like, cool. And I said to my husband, I’m like, we’re gonna cloth diaper our kid. And he’s like, Okay, and then he was kind of like, what is a cloth diaper. And then I kind of just went down the rabbit hole of doing the research. And we live in an area where there’s not a lot of zero waste, or like a whole lot of other crunchy community here. So it’s not like we could just go to a cloth diaper store or natural parenting store. So I ended up online, doing a ton of research. And then it was, you know, cloth diapers, and then it was cloth, feminine products and on paper towels and everything else. And pretty quickly, I realized how much we’re saving with the cloth diapers once our daughter came. And I was like, well, we don’t need to buy paper towels anymore. And we don’t need to buy napkins anymore. And there’s a bulk grocery store, we could bring jars with us to go do bulk shopping, which isn’t something we do all the time. Like we’re not we’re definitely not strictly zero waste. But we do try to eliminate as much waste as possible.


Bailey Bouwman  06:04

I know once I knew that laundry wasn’t super intimidating, that I can wash a lot of things, right, like, yeah, towels, napkins, it’s totally manageable. So it’s what’s been your biggest challenge with zero waste?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  06:18

Um, I think probably the biggest thing is that our community, like I mentioned before, is not super, like, there’s just not a lot of options. So there is a book grocery store, but it’s an hour away from where we live. And my husband and I are small business owners, so it’s really hard for me to get away and like take three hours just to go to the grocery store.


Bailey Bouwman  06:38

Yeah, that’s definitely going out of your reach for me. And I find that my biggest like challenge with reducing my waste has been just like packaging, so I could see why going to like a like a bookstore, it would be really beneficial. Right? Like, it’s amazing what I come home from Costco with the amount of waste I come home with.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  06:56

Yeah, yeah. And like I said, we’re certainly not strict about it. And now that there’s like five people eating in my family, we certainly have what a voice like, I’m not a warrior, anything like that. But yeah, I do try to be conscious of it. Because it’s, it’s hard to win. They just it sneaks in, you know, you take the cardboard package for something and then there’s plastic underneath. And why is this?


Bailey Bouwman  07:19

Yeah, that’s why I really I was enjoying watching that YouTube video about the zoo, because going and leaving the house is probably my biggest waste contributor. Like when I’m at home, it’s super easy to wash dishes, but leaving the house it’s super easy to throw it in a Ziploc bag or saran wrap. Yeah, to go cup. Yeah, so what are you loving the most about your Zero Waste journey? Um, I mean, I just like not spending the money on disposables. To be honest. I was gonna be my question. I was wondering if you were finding Zero Waste transition to be more expensive? Like, do you feel that there was an upfront cost?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  07:55

Um, definitely, yeah, there is the upfront cost especially like with a cloth diapers where it’s like hundreds of dollars at the beginning. And anytime that I want to add something, you know, like, we have 40 little flannel napkins from Marley’s monsters, and I love them. But 40 napkins don’t go super far when you have two toddlers. So it’s like, well, I want more napkins. But it’s, you know, it’s definitely more expensive than going to target and grabbing a pack of napkins or something. But yeah, like long haul, it’s so much cheaper like week to week. You know, we don’t buy paper towels. We don’t buy feminine products. And of course you don’t buy diapers. So that’s a significant savings of three kids.


Bailey Bouwman  08:35

The especially with three kids. I can’t imagine what someone would pay for diapers.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  08:40

Oh my gosh, I’ve like done the calculations. I’m like, we’ve saved at least $20,000


Bailey Bouwman  08:47

I know that a lot of my friends who disposable diaper. like they’ve got their hacks and their tricks, but I was like, Guys, I’m not put together that much to be keep on saving like, yeah, nope. I guess maybe I would have to, but that’s just not my, I just don’t have that kind of skill.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  09:02

Yeah. Or I think like when I put a diaper on one of my kids, and they like do something in it right away. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m so glad that wasn’t a disposable diaper because that would be like 10 cents down the drain.


Bailey Bouwman  09:13

Why in Canada, I think the cheapest I’ve ever sourced them out is 15 to 17 cents. I have to admit I have cried when my child when like when we’re traveling and I have a disposable and I’ve cried when things like poop their pants right away.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  09:26

Yeah, yeah, we we’ve done that traveling too. If you know that you put them in the car seat in the second thing in the car seats like a blow up. I’m like, are you kidding me right now?


Bailey Bouwman  09:34

I know today’s gonna be so expensive. We’ll transition back into cloth diapering. I was just your Zero Waste journey really intrigued me and I love seeing other people doing it. Like, it’s I know. You’re never perfect. And I’m not perfect. But it’s good to know there’s other people in the journey that are trying. Right. Yeah, I mean, I think every little bit counts right? is in your stash. Tell me about your cloth diaper stash.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  09:59

So It’s actually pretty simple stash. I tried at first like you know, they recommend like you start with a bunch of different brands and a bunch of different styles. But what honestly works best for us is pre folds and covers and at night we do like padded up flats and covers. And that’s like our whole stash for my two sons are still in diapers My daughter is potty trained now. So we have like size small pre folds and smaller covers mostly so that I can tell them apart for our seven month old and then my older son is almost two and he just wears like doubled up pre folds and covers because he is a really heavy water.


Bailey Bouwman  10:40

I love your typing style. I really think that’s like the best way to cloth diaper. I am a pre folds and covers girl too.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  10:47

Yeah, I am well and I tried the microfiber like the pockets and stuff like that. And I know that there’s a lot of people who swear by them, but they could not hold up to my kids like I that’s probably super embarrassing. I’m like cheap cotton. prefolds Yeah, that’s my jam.


Bailey Bouwman  11:02

I never like touching the microfiber. It gave me the heebie jeebies on my hands. Yeah, so I couldn’t do it. Yeah. Do you have a favorite cloth diaper in your stash? Like a favorite brand for covers?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  11:14

Um, you know, I feel like a lot covers are kind of more creative equally than like, different pockets. I find that I like a lot of different brands. But I have to say my favorites are probably Blueberry Diapers. They just seem really bulletproof.


Bailey Bouwman  11:28

Yeah, they’re like a solid cloth diaper for sure. I wouldn’t say that cloth diaper covers are pretty similar. Like, I mean, you get choices between flaps, no flaps, double button single buttons. Extra. Yeah, that’s true.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  11:43

I usually just like pad fold and stick it in and like you know, make sure it’s all tucked in. And then I’m good to go at this point. But you’re right, the flaps are really helpful. Especially when you like want to pack it and stick it in the dresser and leave it there.


Bailey Bouwman  11:57

Yeah, I don’t even do that far. My husband has finally learned how to grab a flat from the flat pile and then it took a lot of teaching if I wasn’t really quite sure how I was going to teach it. It felt like a really simple task. But he finally can do it. Yeah, so you guys use the flats as well. Yeah, flats or, or prefolds mostly I I pulled up my own one stash when I go to my mom’s house because it’s just her washing machine was eating my covers. Oh, my goodness. Washing machine doesn’t seem to eat my all ones. Oh, wow. Yeah. And as a cloth diaper blogger, I have a cumulated a stash that I can do that. Because I have I have one of everything. It’s like Noah’s Ark in my house. stash MV. I don’t know sometimes it’s overwhelming. But like, on the day to day I just use like a grovia cover usually or a flip cover with. I love the lb a covers. Yeah, they’re really they’re My only problem is that my elastics have been going Oh no. And somebody their day though, told me that grovia has different wash recommendations for their covers that they were they asked you to wash on warm and don’t put in the dryer and I wash on hot and I put in the dryer. So I guess after three years, they’re gonna be dead. Yeah. I’m not overly upset about it, because that’s just life. I think. cloth diapers die.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  13:18

Yeah, I’m like, Okay, my diaper lasted for three years. You know, that’s okay. It’s not working. After three years. I’m okay with that.


Bailey Bouwman  13:25

And it’s just a cover, like my prefold still work and it’s easy enough to replace just right. What’s been your biggest challenge then with cloth diapering?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  13:33

Um, I think Well, I think there’s two things. The first I’d I think I mentioned a little bit earlier, was with the microfibers. I gotten like a lot of hand me downs and they weren’t, they were used, they were all little packages, but they’re kinda like they’re really cheap. Pocket diapers at first. And I was like, well, they say try everything. So I’m just going to go ahead and try everything. And I ended up with like a lot of those just from here and there from different people I knew. And I was using for about a year and then they just got this like stink, and I had no idea like that microfiber was gonna hang on to a stink and just like it was so bad. My washer stank, and it was really bad to try to troubleshoot that was a little bit challenging because I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. And then kind of shortly after, that was when I found that I was pregnant with our second child. And I was like, Oh, I have a newborn stash. So he can just use that and I’ll just get some new pre folds and covers for my daughter and that’s not gonna be a problem. And then my son came and he was 15 pounds by his two month birthday. And I like didn’t have enough diapers for both kids. I was dreaming diapers like, every, like 18 hours. I had to do diaper laundry until I was like, able to add more to our stash. But other than that, you know, it’s it’s been so much easier than I think a lot of bloggers or people like in Facebook communities make it out to be.


Bailey Bouwman  14:57

I find that people who hate cloth diapers make it seem The worst.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  15:01

Yeah. And everyone’s like, oh, what about the poop? I’m like kid is gonna poop whether they’re in disposables or cloth diapers, like it’s just gonna happen.


Bailey Bouwman  15:08

You’re gonna deal with so much poop.


Bailey Bouwman  15:14

Yeah, I also can remember even though I had a fairly decent stash Well, my second came along and we were cloth diapering two babies. It was like, overwhelming. I was doing laundry all the time. And I just had to bulk up my stash. Yeah, yeah, to make it so that I wasn’t doing laundry every day, because that really drains on your soul.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  15:35

Yeah, we are still in the doing laundry everyday phase. We just, we live in a really small apartment with our kids like we’re, we have some big life changes coming out. So we’re like coming to the end of this part of our journey. But we do have to do the wash every day because we have like a small place for diapers and a small washing machine. So everything just has to be done in these tiny little batches. But maybe


Bailey Bouwman  15:59

you’re not doing cleanup or you just have a machine in your apartment.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  16:02

We have a machine in our apartment, but it’s like the size of one that you would have in a motor home. Oh, so yeah, really small batches.


Bailey Bouwman  16:10

small batches of everything, then


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  16:11

 yes. Little little literally running laundry all the time. Look for washing is it. We’ve actually been through like three of them. So what’s your wash routine with a small washing machine?


Bailey Bouwman  16:24

So you’re washing small batches? What does that mean to you? What’s this?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  16:28

Yeah, so it’s about 10 to 12 diapers, usually, whatever my boys are gonna wear in a day. And my oldest is like very softly potty training. So he might, you know, not use as many as the baby does. Um, so it’s just those diapers. And if they don’t seem like they’re kind of heavy, I’ll just toss in a towel with them just to make sure that my load is really nice and heavy. And we have a just a small ha front loader. And I do it a normal wash. It’s about an hour and I do it on warm cold and scoop of tide to just to the first line and I let that thing go. And we have hard water in our area. So they don’t recommend doing an extra rinse with water that’s hard like this. So I just do that and I toss them in the dryer and let them go. And they’ve been great. Well, so


Bailey Bouwman  17:17

you’re just doing one wash?


Bailey Bouwman  17:19

Sorry, I know I’m processing I was expecting you to keep going. Oh no, I’m sorry. But you’re just doing one simple wash. So are you you’re not rinsing you’re not pre rinsing your diapers. You’re just like just doing one wash.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  17:32

Um, if there’s like a poo, I will rinse it out before it goes in. I do not put any poop in my washer. Or you know, like overnight diapers that have been sitting for a while those will get rinsed out as well before they go on but if it’s just a regular you know number one they just they go on because they do the wash every night. I don’t worry that they’re just sitting there for too long. If I were doing the wash every other day, I probably would rinse every diaper.


Bailey Bouwman  18:00

Okay, interesting. I I’m like fascinated every time someone shares a routine that’s a little bit different than what I would expect as normal and that it works for you. And that’s what’s awesome. Simple is great. Yeah, I like to keep it as simple as we can. Yeah. And you don’t have any problems with stink, or build up, not build up but like to stink. That’s usually the biggest one. No,


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  18:22

no, we haven’t had any stink problems. Awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah, not just the microfiber issue of 2016.


Bailey Bouwman  18:30

microfiber is really good at holding on stink.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  18:33

Yeah. And then I was in a cloth diaper committee. And I was like, yeah, I’m gonna just get rid of these. And they’re like, No, you can use them to Washington. Like No, you don’t understand. There’s no, no.


Bailey Bouwman  18:43

Sometimes you just need to just some things don’t need to second life. It’s okay. No, no. Okay, so you messaged you said that you were writing a book about cloth diapering? Tell me about? Yes.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  18:56

Um, well, as I mentioned earlier, I went when I was really first pregnant and looking into cloth diapers, I went looking for resources. And I was able to find I mean, there is a wealth of information out there. I definitely am not trying to disparage cloth diaper bloggers, because there’s so much out there. But I was honestly overwhelmed. And I had a trouble synthesizing the information together. Because what I found is that there is like, one phrase for this and one phrase for that, and it was the same thing. But I didn’t realize that because I hadn’t been using cloth diapers yet. And so I was like, well, there’s kind of this need for a more of a comprehensive cloth diaper overview. And talking about different styles and different fibers and what they mean, and what I’m not like just being a mom. I’m actually very interested in sewing and knitting and stuff like that I have a bit of a background in fibers and understanding how fibers work in general helps me to understand color. diapers better. And I thought that combining those two things would be really helpful for the cloth community. And people new to cloth diapers in general.


Bailey Bouwman  20:10

Definitely. And I know that that’s a resource that the community is really missing. I know a lot of people feel a little bit put off, because there are a few suggestions out there, but they can be really overwhelming.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  20:21

Yeah. And I found like, some, some books, and they’re like, $10, I’m like, well, that’s fine. But I don’t know if I want to spend $10 on a book that’s going to tell me what blogs could already tell me. So I’d really like to be able to offer this for free, or, you know, a very, very small amount just because I want to be able to help people. And I have friends like who are doulas and stuff like that. They’re like, you know, this is something that my clients could really use.


Bailey Bouwman  20:43

That’s it. That’s a blogging tip. So if you have a blog coach in your life, they’ll often tell you to create a book and then sell it. That’s why you see them go for 10 bucks. And I know that like my blog coaches asked me to write a book and I was looking at the template below, I’m always so amazed that other people will do it. And that is such a great contribution to the community. So when it comes out, where can people where can people sign up to find out when and where your, your book will be.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  21:10

I’ve been sharing some information about it on my Facebook page, which is just raising recenze. It’s the same as my blog. And I can also send you links if you want them. And then if you subscribe to my email list on raising resets, it does need a little bit of love but I will be releasing the book to my subscribers first before like I make a big announcement I mean first is not going to be like super exclusive, you know, they’re going to have it loads and loads before anyone else does. But that’s where the best place to keep in touch.


Bailey Bouwman  21:44

Okay, so you hear that listeners, you’re gonna go email, subscribe to Gabrielle’s list, add it racing cool. We will and I’ll link that up in the show notes. Thank you. That will be super awesome. I look forward to seeing it. I know I’ve read a few and hopefully yours will stand the test of time.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  22:03

I hope so. I I’m also Secret Life of mom. I’m also a copywriter is my that’s my profession. I do writing professionally, so


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  22:13

I’m hoping that it’s good.


Bailey Bouwman  22:15

Yeah, that’s a good skill to have copy copywriting. Yeah. Yeah. I I also have a couple of different blog hustles. And the other day, I accidentally made the title for mom crush Monday, mom crust Monday. I got so much backlash against it. I actually got three kind of nasty emails about oh my word. I know. Right. I was like, Guys, this is a blog run by three very tired mom’s Yeah, rust is a real word. I just, I just thought a naughty word, either word, they were just judging the caliber of my site. And I was like, Oh my gosh, it was just an honest mistake. I need to cut my hair money went on my blog editors was like, maybe we should get a copy editor Bailey and I was like, we don’t make that much money yet. copy editor. Yeah, that’s always the thing. What do you think right now is the biggest challenge the cloth, diaper market, cloth diaper community is facing? No, that’s a good question. I like um,


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  23:24

I don’t know, I’m, I’m thinking probably, I’d say a lack of education, to be honest. And I think like I said before, I know that there’s like, so many bloggers out there, who are just have so many amazing things to say. But I think that in general, a lot of people don’t know people in their real lives who cloth diaper. And I know that I found that when I’m talking to my friends or my family. And I’m just like, hey, yeah, this is a classic or look, touch it. This is this is what it is. Like, Oh, well, that’s like way easier than I thought it was in my mind.


Bailey Bouwman  24:03

I don’t really know what like I’m really confused when people tell me that come my back. And I’m like, Well, were you can you explain to me what you were thinking? Like? Yeah, it’s really pretty straightforward. Yeah, as often as I wonder if we could think one of our biggest challenges, right is building more real communities.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  24:22

Yeah. When I know like the work that babywearing international was doing, which I heard that they went bankrupt. They did, which has such a blow to the natural parenting community. Like


Bailey Bouwman  24:35

that’s the challenge. Yeah, the motherhood space right now is that people want things for free. Yep. But they don’t and they don’t want to pay for things of value.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  24:45

Yeah. And I think that if they’re just a comprehensive, like, I love babywearing, I mean I’m super into that too. But they’re like maybe a comprehensive natural community where people actually had chapters and they could meet and there were more support for like nap. For parenting companies in our real spaces, I feel like that would go so far. I know and then but


Bailey Bouwman  25:07

also my cloth diaper retailer near me just closed up shop. Oh my word, because like they’re struggling, right? Like they’re having a hard time getting people to acknowledge that they even exist in this community. So it’s, it’s so hard. And then on the mom groups, I’m finding that people are always like, Well, how do I make friends? And where are the groups? Where are the organized activities? And I’m like, you could do that nobody’s willing to really step up and fill these voids. And yeah, generally does take a lot of work to do that.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  25:35

 It does.


Bailey Bouwman  25:36

But somebody if you have the time, somebody should be try. Right?


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  25:41



Bailey Bouwman  25:41

To be super formal. Like, I run, hike it baby, which is super casual. Like, super casually. And it doesn’t take a lot of my time, but I think people feel overwhelmed by that idea. Yeah, well, my idea


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  25:54

I think of being rejected, or like mommy wars, like happening in real life.


Bailey Bouwman  26:00

Yeah, you know what, that’s an interesting thought they just brought up there. I wonder the fear of mommy wars coming off. Keyboard warriors intimidates people from showing up to places. I’m gonna think on that. I know, that’s gonna be run into my head all night.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  26:15

Yeah, gosh,


Bailey Bouwman  26:17

I just struggle in my local community with getting new people to show up. But I see all the time on the Facebook page. Hey, I want to make some friends. Where can I go and things and then I never see anybody new show up. And I a lot of anxiety. And I wonder if yes, we could attribute some of that to the scary mommy wars of the internet.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  26:36

Yeah, I that’s really interesting. thought like I you know, I mean, of course, Facebook, mom groups as well. And I think of like the things that I know about people in the group and they think of moms, I know what my real life and like, I probably don’t know those details about you. Like, I don’t know why, like, why am I not as good at connecting face to face? You know, not that I don’t ever, but it’s so much easier to just log on to Facebook and just answer a question and then just get on with my life.


Bailey Bouwman  27:04

 That’s true.Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a really good challenge. Build it. I think you’re building real life cloth diaper communities can be really, really beneficial.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  27:14

Yeah. And we don’t need anything expensive. You know, I feel like sometimes we want it to just be the perfect place. Like there’s a natural baby store and we go meet at the store, and we teach classes and stuff like that. But, you know, local libraries and community colleges offer rooms for like, basically free.


Bailey Bouwman  27:30

Yeah. Or even in your home. Like I’m also a summer league leader in training right now. Oh, yeah. Let’s watch league we can meet in your home, or we can meet we meet at the park during the summer like, Yeah, it really doesn’t take a lot of work. To do this. Somebody just has to step up and say, hey, let’s hang out guys. And Yep, show up. Yep, that’s exactly what it is. And that’s a huge challenge. Okay, so what’s your advice for new moms? If you could tell a new mom something? What would you tell her? About cost diapers, just about anything? Oh, goodness. You’re also a mama entrepreneur. So if you whatever your biggest advice for somebody is, um, please, you know, it’s funny. I’m a mom, blogger, and like, I do I give people advice. On like, what’s my biggest piece of advice? Or what doesn’t be your biggest? I don’t know. Just whatever advice what’s been sticking in your soul lately that you feel people need to know.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  28:32

You know, it, just it doesn’t hurt to ask your own mom for help. If you have a mom there. They’re like, best resource for


Bailey Bouwman  28:41

Hey, you know what, I think a little bit under appreciated, too. That’s Yeah, been asked for advice.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  28:49

Like, I went into parenting. And I was like, I got this.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  28:51

I was like, I’m gonna breastfeed my babies and cloth, diaper them. And I’m going to have a natural birth, which I did with my first and I’m like, then she comes and I’m like, What is? What am I doing? Is it normal for my nipples to hurt when I breastfeed? Like, what is this? I don’t know. What is this?


Bailey Bouwman  29:10

Yeah, and I have to admit that sometimes I don’t like my mom’s advice. Oh, yeah. That’s okay. I also I really think that advice that doesn’t work for you is still advice that works for you. Like, if you tell me something, and I’m like, That’s stupid. Now I’m thinking about the exact opposite thing, and you’ve really actually helped me out. Mm hmm. So it’s okay to get advice. That doesn’t


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  29:30

work for you. Yeah. Oh, my mom. And I definitely don’t agree on everything. But I always know she’s at least going to not judge me. At least know that.


Bailey Bouwman  29:39

Well, or if she judges me, she’ll still call me tomorrow.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  29:42

Right? And she still loves my kids. And she’s not going to be like, Oh, I’m writing Gabrielle out of my will. Gosh, I can’t believe her.


Bailey Bouwman  29:49

Yeah, so everybody out there who just asked her mom something. I’m sure they know. I think her mom figures anyone who’s a mom figure who loves Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay, so we can find you on the web at raising rice dads.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  30:06

Yeah, raising resounds calm. And on Instagram at Gabrielle Reece dead.


Bailey Bouwman  30:11

And on Facebook is raising rice. Yep. And same on YouTube.


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  30:17

I think my YouTube is actually Gabrielle reset, but anything that’s on YouTube is always linked on Instagram or on Facebook. So that’s definitely like a secondary channel right now.


Bailey Bouwman  30:28

I was really enjoying the YouTube so I hope you continue that. Oh, I love doing


Gabrielle, @Raising Rysteds  30:32

the vlogs is just finding time when my kids aren’t like in my face.


Professional Cloth Diaper Educator

Bailey brings 5+ years of cloth diapering experience and conversation to the cloth diaper space. She's not just your every day mom blogger sharing her experience - Bailey is immersed in the cloth diaper community learning from other parents and growing as an individual. She wants to find the cloth diaper solution that truly works for you.

Bailey believes we need to stop and listen to cloth diapering parents. We need to recognize our own bias and preferences and focus on solutions that work for you, not us. The Cloth Diaper community needs to recognize the privilege of being able to cloth diaper, and provide spaces for more conversations and stories.

Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.

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