Today is Show 07 of the Cloth Diaper Podcast. I’m so happy to have mama’s reach out to me because expands beyond who I think I know. Gabrielle from Raising Rystedts joins me today to talk about her upcoming eBook and we chat about the cloth diaper community and support systems.

Can I get a gold star for lasting this long? I know my audio is crap and I’m actually about to break out in a stress hives from trying to fix the audio volume on the upload for today’s show.  While doing the interviews and connecting with everyone on Facebook, Instagram, and my new cloth diaper group gives me so much joy, the process of editing and prepping each week does not.  However, because this podcast is only a money suck, I can’t put more money into hiring an editor. I’m going to keep plugging along.

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Topic: Zero Waste, Cloth Diaper eBook & Cloth Diaper community
Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast Guests:  Gabrielle Rystedts from Raising Rystedts
Length: 31:58


1:15 – Copyright & Intellectual Property

The other day I started asking questions about one of the recent GOT inspired cloth diapers. I’m honest that I just want to find out about the legalities around inspired cloth diapers.

Nerdy Momma’s Show 04 has been helping me piece together some of the answers about Fan Art.

I’m just looking for transparency and there isn’t. I’ve been blocked and banned from Lighthouse Kids for asking these questions. I promise I didn’t report the brand, I just asked the questions to get further clarification.

I’ve also reached out to other brands who did pop culture inspired prints to get further information and clarification about the prints and what you need in regards to legal lessons. 

3:01 – New Prints this week.

Buttons Diapers

  • Timber (releasing

Kangacare – Rumparooz

  • Fruit Collection
    • Ripe, Spike, Fresh.

Smart Bottoms

  • Chasing Rainbows (available September 14, 2018)
  • Toodles (Mommycon Exclusive, availalbe from SmartBottoms)

3:35 – JOIN Cloth Diaper Addicts Facebook Group.

Find the group here. 

4:02 – Meet Gabrielle

Mom of 3 kids under 3, pretty crunchy (that’s post-motherhood) and then cloth diapers, babywearing and breastfeeding snowballed that.

Chronicle her life at Raising Rystedts.

Gabrielle from Raising Rystedts

Where did Zero Waste? Started with the cloth diapers, and  she doesn’t live in a zero waste area. Started out online and then next thing it was a little of everything from cloth diapers to paper towels to bulk shopping. 

We’re not strictly zero waste, but we try to eliminate waste where possible.

6:15 – What’s been your biggest challenge with zero waste?

Her community doesn’t have a lot of options, and the nearest bulk store is an hour away.

Trying to be conscious of it, not perfect, but making small changes.

7:41 – What do you like the most about zero waste?

Not spending the money on disposables.

Is the upfront cost overwhelming? to some extent, and they do want more things, but it is more expensive.  The long haul it is so much cheaper and makes a significant saving for three kids.

9:57 Tell me about your Cloth Diaper Stash

I tried a whole bunch of different styles, but what works for us is padfold prefolds and covers.

  • Size small prefolds and smaller covers for the youngest (7 month old)
  • Double up prefolds and covers for the heavy wetter 2 year old.

She tried microfibre but it didn’t hold up to her kids.

11:11 Do you have a favourite cloth diaper?

She likes a lot of different options and her favourite is Blueberry which is really bullet  proof.

Bailey uses flats/prefolds mostly. I use my all in one’s when I travel. As a cloth diaper blogger has a decent stash to do that, but it is overwhelming. On the day to day, I use a GroVia cover or Flip Cover.  I actually mostly use my Omaiki and not sure why I suggested that! 

If a cloth diaper lasts for 3 years, that’s okay. Some cloth diapers die.

13:30 What’s been your biggest challenge with cloth diapering?

The Microfibre.
Cheap pocket cloth diapers from people she knew, and after a year they just got this increadible stink and everything stunk. Trying to troubleshoot this stink was very challenging.

It’s been so much easier than people make it up to be. Poop is going to happen regardless.

Cloth Diapering two babies can be overwhelming and you need a bit of a bigger stash so you’re not doing laundry every day.

15:40 – Laundry EVERY DAY

She is doing laundry every day because she has a small wash machine due to the season she’s in right now.

It’s a motorhome size cloth diaper washing machine.

16:22 – Your Small Batch Wash Routine

10 – 12 cloth diapers every day, what they use every day. If they aren’t heavy, she’ll toss in a towel. It’s a small HE front loader. Normal wash on on warm/cold plus first line of tide. It’s about one hour wash. Then toss in the dryer.

Just one wash cycle.

If she was washing every other day she might rinse every diaper, but this works for them.

Keeping it as simple as they can.

18:52 – Cloth Diaper Book

When she started looking into cloth diapering, and overwhelmed by all the information out there. There is a lot of information out there, but maybe it’s not the right information for getting started with cloth diaper.

Need for a comprehensive cloth diaper overview.

Sign up for when her book drops via her email list on Raising Rystedts. 

Hoping to offer it free, or for very small amount.

You can also following Raising Rystedts on Facebook. 

23:10 What is the biggest challenge the cloth diaper community is facing?

Lack of education that mostly pertains to real life spaces and community.

Building more real communities like the work of Babywearing International.

Maybe a comprehensive natural community? More real spaces for these communities. I think this is in line with what we talked about in Show 06 with Squigglybugs. 

Does Mommy Wars in real life impact you from showing up to real places?

Building real life cloth diaper communities could be beneficial. It doesn’t need to be perfect. 27:75.

27:58 – Advice for New Moms

Reach out to your Mom.

Gabrielle from Raising Rystedts on her Cloth Diaper Book and Cloth Diaper Journey

Where can we find you.

Website: Raising Rystedts

Facebook: Raising Rystedts

Instagram: GabrielleRystedts

YouTube: GabrielleRystedts


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