Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 11

Talking Poop with Eric, and Wool with Kyle

Today’s episode is a hodgepodge episode chatting with my husband [who previously appeared in show 02 and finishing up the conversation with Kylie from Fluff Bum Love about Wool from an earlier episode as well. 

This episode is for you if you like talking about potty training, dealing with poop, the Rebecca Foundation, and wool cloth diapering.

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Show Notes

1:26 Have you had any cloth diaper challenges over the past week?

Cloth Diaper Dad: Finding the cloth diapers? He doesn’t know where they are.

I have been taking pictures of diapers but not really stuffing them with appropriate inserts for him to use. 

2:10 Trying to Potty Train

She wants to use the bathroom, but she doesn’t really know what to do.

2:35 – How can I convince my husband to cloth diaper?

Bailey does the laundry.

Find out why he doesn’t want to cloth diaper – and “it’s just weird” is not a valid excuse, there are cheap options, it is kind of gross (but so are disposable diapers), disposable diapers stink, cloth diapers do stink but you can wash it and hide them it’s not bad.

What are some reasons people object to cloth diapering? Leave me a comment?

Is cloth diapering more work? Well, Cloth Diapering Dad thinks so because he’s never able to find cloth diapers. But, I think I would still have this problem when I use disposable diapers because I would totally be that mom who would forget to buy cloth diapers.

4:58 – What do you find difficult about cloth diapers?

When he can’t tell when the absorbency in the diaper is sufficient enough – This goes back to Bailey just living out of her laundry basket. I never really educate my husband in knowing the different types of absorbency and how to put together the diapers.

Bailey has a lot of diapers.

Cloth Diaper Dad’s biggest challenge is absorbency and knowing if he can use this diaper or that diaper for a certain reason, primarily because we have a complex stash. He would like it if we used just one type of diaper like flat cloth diapers.

7:15 Do you get upset when Bailey corrects the fit of the diaper?

Cloth Diaper Dad isn’t a jealous person.

I also don’t think I correct the fit on the cloth diaper unless we are leaving the house. I’m not scared of cleaning up messes when we are bumming around the house. I have corrected my mom, but not my husband so much.

I am sceptical about his ability to dress children effectively in disposable diapers, underwear or clothes.

9:30 How do you overcome dealing with poop?

We just shake it off in the toilet.

He’s not touching the a sprayer for a bit but it was a terrible idea because of poop spray and even the shield was a disgusting mess.

12:30 Supportive Cloth Diaper Dad

Cloth Diaper Dad doesn’t stop the cloth diapering, but he doesn’t actively participate in the cloth diaper community or purchasing.  — Maybe he’s actually a Cloth Diaper Mom Husband?

Quit being a woss.

14:14 – The Rebecca Foundation – Any Comments or Thoughts?

Previous Show. He’s not surprised that a charity could be taken advantage.

Some of the previous board members are starting a new option called the Cloth Option. He hopes that continue to be more transparent. 

15:40 Any Other Cloth Diaper News?

Not really.

Maybe that CozyBums is closed and I’m now trying out WAHM cloth diapers monthly until my child potty trains. If you want to support my WAHM cloth diaper adventure connect with me at SimplyMomBailey. 

*correction, it’s not Lauren from Fluff Bum Love. Her name is Kylie.

Talking Wool Kylie from Fluff Bum Love

17:26 – Wool 101

Kylie started Fluff Bum Love because of triple digit wool prices at her local cloth diaper shop. 

You can use wool over anything – disposable, pockets, AIO, or fitted cloth diaper.

Lanolized wool will abosrb the liquid but the bedding should stay dry overnight. This helps reduce the work load of pee accidents at bed.

19:00 Why do you think people are scared to look at wool?

Because you have to wash it by hand – but you can go weeks without washing your wool because of it’s awesome-ness and you have to wash it by hand but it takes less than 5 minutes of hands on time. It’s mostly just soaking.

You can get interlock wool that is machine washable. Bailey has tried HumBird for a blog review. I found it was easier to hand wash it versus downstairs in the washing machine.

20:18 It’s Not Itchy!

If you baby has sensitive skin or eczema, it might be helpful to their skin compared to other materials.

Wool inserts can also be super absorbant for baby.

22:30 Biggest Piece of Advice for Someone Curious into Wool

Just try it. 

Any tricks for removing blueberry stains out of blue wool?


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Bailey believes we need to stop and listen to cloth diapering parents. We need to recognize our own bias and preferences and focus on solutions that work for you, not us. The Cloth Diaper community needs to recognize the privilege of being able to cloth diaper, and provide spaces for more conversations and stories.

Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.

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