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Finding Purpose: Launch of Bebeboo Diapers

Well, today’s guest, Thea from Bebeboo Cloth Diapers is going to go places. Today’s episode is about this startup cloth diaper brand owned by a passionate minority mama. She’s creating diapers for everyone and a passion for finding her purpose and supporting community. 

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Thea, @BebebooDiapers  01:36

well I don’t have a set pronounciation for it. Because one I’m an immigrant. So if people from my place pronounce it, it might be two different ways. It could be baby boo, or baby boo. So I do is okay with me.


Bailey Bouwman  01:52

It doesn’t really matter. I wasn’t sure if I was butchering it or not with how I thought it I thought it might be like BB did boo, but I wasn’t sure. That would work. That would work to tell me what’s your name? Who are you? And how did you get started in this?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  02:10

Okay, Thea Briones, I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada. How did I get started with this? Well, let’s just say two years ago, I was in a moment of thinking What else can I do? I was getting frustrated about things around us: politics, you know, issues around the world immigration, and I have nobody and there’s not much I can do. But I figured maybe with little things we can do something although we’re already caught disappearing and I’m like maybe it could do something more with it and at the same time you know when you’re a mom you kind of feel like stuck with just being a mom.


Bailey Bouwman  02:50



Thea, @BebebooDiapers  02:51

Although I do have a corporate job. The corporate job kind of feels like a job is just that you just you’re just you know in the phase where you just want to want to do something more but you don’t want to leave behind whatever you already have. Yes, I guess thats how Bebeboo baby will come about after figuring out what I want to do or what this is I want to set up that’s how Bebeboo was born.


Bailey Bouwman  03:17

Cool. That’s exactly that’s like why I do this podcast is I just there’s not like you just feel like you need some more purpose in life. Yeah, yes. Yes. So you guys are selling cloth diapers right and you’re what type of products are uses Bebeboo selling?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  03:37

What Yes, we sell cloth diapers and some accessories to go with it. We are on the all into setup, which is like a pocket diaper with a snap in insert. I know there’s other types of diapers systems such as two all in one in the cover but right now that is my focus that all into simply because that is the system that has worked with me and I am most familiar with. I know customers are looking into other systems as well and we will work on offering that in the future but for now, that’s what I’m focusing.


Bailey Bouwman  04:13

That’s one of my questions was I was curious about why you chose that and that’s just because that’s a system that works really well for you. For me, yes, yeah. Awesome. And so I’ve also noticed that all of your products come with bamboo inserts and that microfiber is that the same story.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  04:30

Or honestly when I started the first batch was with bamboo charcoal insert. As you know bamboo insert has microfiber inside and the outer lining will be the bamboo charcoal. So I faced that out and focus on just a bamboo insert. So we now have five layers of all bamboo in our inserts.


Bailey Bouwman  04:53



Thea, @BebebooDiapers  04:54

The whole into is because not all the one of the child Just a bar working mom is that not? All daycares accept cloth diaper? Yeah. And if they do accept cloth diaper, they only they only allow one use diaper either an old into or a pocket. You can’t send covers. If you do send cover. It should be one use. Also you can’t take you can’t ask daycare centers to replace the inserts for you. Yes. So in all in all in one, most of the time are expensive. So I figured all until the best one to offer at this time.


Bailey Bouwman  05:30

Yeah. And that’s a nice little hybrid, because you can snap in the insert. So it’s all in money. Usually for daycare providers. Yeah, volunteers are awesome, super flexible in their options. I was gonna ask you you see your manufacturing overseas? Correct? You’re working? We do. Yeah. Who are you? How how’s that process been with trying to find a manufacturer and organizing all that I hear that can be a little bit of a challenge for new business owners.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  05:59

It is it is especially if you will have not personally had an experience in outsourcing. I did have some outsourcing experience. But that’s more of a corporate job rather than my personal experience. So it was a challenge find manufacturer to final product for me, took me about, I would say a year and a half to finish everything.


Bailey Bouwman  06:19

Oh, really? Wow. That’s, that’s a longer process than I imagined but also sounds very similar to some of my previous guests on the show.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  06:30

Yeah, yeah. And even until now that we were already officially launched, we still, you know, go through bumps here and there. And it’s a continuous improvement. I couldn’t have gone to the easier route of choosing a manufacturer that is popular per se, with other I guess I’ll just call them cough because that’s how they present themselves especially for co ops. I could have gone with the route of choosing their manufacturers, the popular ones, but I chose not to because of personal reasons and logistics reasons as well. I went through the smaller factory, it’s a family owned business after I’ve interviewed them and we did some video chats also. I like how small they are because obviously I’m also a small business and I feel like we could grow together. I mean it’s not they’re not perfect but we can go together and I think that’s a good way also giving each other a chance to grow


Bailey Bouwman  07:29

manufacturing. That’s a whole headache in itself. I’m not super awesome though that you’ve found manufacturer that you are excited to grow with and both of you take on venture so you guys you have some really interesting prints. What inspires you to make the prints that you do where does that inspiration come from for Bebeboo diapers?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  07:54

print inspirations comes from different interest. One of the brands that we have which is more cuddles, it features baby mermaids baby more boys and their parents. My youngest this girl after two boys that had finally have a baby girl, and ssF was a new girl Mom, you’re into all girls.


Bailey Bouwman  08:19

Yes. Girl do it was it’s it’s a bit of a deep dive into everything, girl.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  08:25

Exactly. Yeah, but I was fine. I still have boys and you know, there will be boy moms who will be caught that you’re praying. And plus, I recall my my one of my main purpose of going into this business was that to do something and give back something and I’m like, I love mermaids. Maybe I can do something about this mermaid team and present something out. This print though it’s mermaid the mermaid these that word. I wanted to present something about inclusion. So I know there are so this sprint for me is very special because it’s for everyone. It’s not just for girl moms. It’s not just for moms or dads or mermaids. It’s also for that also, this is also for daddy’s girls or mommy’s boys because there are more boys in it. And if you’ll notice on them the color the skin colors of the the mermaids and the marine boys are also a mix. So as an immigrant myself if that’s very special for me as far as skin color is concerned. Now for the other brands. They’re basically just based on whatever I think customers would like. So we have the mama dragon, the dragon mob which is inspired by a popular TV show, we have the house blend which is inspired by a popular book and so on and so forth. We will be releasing other prints later on which will be inspired by topics that I’m strongly in And there will be printed our largest plainly let’s say about like books or TV shows or movies.


Bailey Bouwman  10:08

Just pop culture in general, whatever you’re feeling like is your motivation.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  10:12

Yes, yes. And maybe we will also have some seasonal brands but that’s kind of like a long planning to go. I’m not really much into seasonal things because it’s kind of hard to move them once you’re out of shape.


Bailey Bouwman  10:25

I don’t I don’t buy seasonal prints. I don’t know I just have a hard I just have a hard time putting snowflakes on in the summer and Halloween characters on in April. I just can’t do it. But there are people out there who love Halloween. There’s people out there who have seasons. You just once they come onto baby the baby boo, and they’re like your fans, then you can start thinking about it. Yeah, hopefully. So why should someone Buy Baby Blue cloth diapers over another cloth diaper competitor, what makes you unique and stand out above other cloth diaper brands.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  11:02

First and foremost, it will be the price point, I am doing my best to keep my price point reasonable. Despite the features, the materials that we use the bamboo cotton for most especially is expensive, obviously than the microfiber. But despite off I want to keep my price point affordable, at the same time offering the customers what they love, which is adorable prints. And then another reason why I chose the bamboo is because it’s more reliable than the microfiber but not as expensive as the hemp for example. Although hemp has its limitations also, as we know it’s a it’s not a fast absorbing material. So why choose Bebeboo diapers? Because we want to offer you the usual cute, reliable diapers at an affordable price point.


Bailey Bouwman  11:54

That’s that’s a very good reason. What is for those of my listeners who haven’t wandered over to your website, which I’ll include the links in the show notes for this episode. What is the price point for a Bebeboo diaper?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  12:07

Oh, we’re all in two cloth diapers with a five layer Bamboo insert is 15.95 for the one size. And then for our we call it the petite diaper. It comes with a four layer bamboo insert. It is 12.85.


Bailey Bouwman  12:30

Okay, yeah, those are totally reasonable prices. Hey, you’re on a little bit above what, like dirt cheap Co Op diapers, but you’re below what the maybe we would call mainstream industry is right.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  12:44

Mainstream that are also made outside of the USA. Yeah, I mean, we’re, we’re not as expensive as the USA brand, because obviously they are made in the USA. But there are also mainstream brands that are still on the higher end price range, and we don’t want to go there. We’re trying to maintain our price point reasonable.


Bailey Bouwman  13:02

I think like if funky floss was still in business, they would be like a similar product manufacturing overseas, and they were I think $22 a diaper. So yeah, you’re you’re pretty affordable. I see. Okay. Yeah, but no, well, they’ve gone out of business. So you’re Yeah, you’re saying $15 a diaper? That’s an entire stash. What for 350. That’s totally reasonable, right.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  13:32

And then our medium sized wet bag is only $10. Oh,


Bailey Bouwman  13:36

perfect. There you go. And you’ve got some great prints that appeal to really inclusive. They’re not super girly, and they’re not super boy, which something I love because I have one of each kid been your biggest challenge with starting up a cloth diaper company.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  13:52

Biggest challenge, as with any startup is getting your name out there. Yeah. Yeah. Going one year into this business. I started with just doing giveaways and giveaways, giveaways, just letting people know hey, I’m here. Yeah, but I’m so far with the second launch launch of friends. I feel like we you’re having a much more warm welcome. And I’m pretty happy with that outcome. Yeah. Yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  14:20

It must be like just getting your name out. And I know, a couple of the other brands that I’ve talked to. I’ve talked with a lot of startups, mostly because yeah, they’re exactly they’re trying to get the names out. And that that’s a big challenge. And there’s so many brands of cloth diapers out there and try to make sure that people know your worth. Yeah. Why why we should shop with you. So I saw on your website that you have a petite diaper buyback giveback program, you want to tell me about this? Why did you start this initiative? And then my other question was that now that the Rebecca foundation is no more, what is your plans for? How this program is going to evolve? So maybe explain the program to our listeners who don’t know what I’m Talking about I thought this was a really cool initiative we had going on.


Bailey Bouwman  15:04

 If you want to learn more about how or why the Rebecca foundation fell apart in September, you can check out show 10 of the cloth diaper podcast. It’s available on iTunes, YouTube and pod bean.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  15:15

Yeah. So aside from the one size diaper, we have the dirty diaper, which is basically the newborn size. And after cloth diapering to babies. The first one I do go through the newborn diapers because it was when I started cloth diapering and I was just as skeptical is first flirting hot diapers. So we went to the one size right? Immediately after thing we started doors three months. But with my current one we started at newborn phase and I would say getting the newborn stash was worth it. Yeah. And that’s the reason why I offering I’m offering advice in our brand. Now I know a lot of parents are eager about investing on it because the babies outgrow it sooner. It’s not like a one size we’re going to use it for for the next two three years.


Bailey Bouwman  16:09



Thea, @BebebooDiapers  16:09

 So I’m offering the buyback giveback program, we’re offering reasonable amount to buy back here, your petite diaper. And in exchange, we’ll give you a store credit that you can use to purchase anything from the from our store, whether it’s a diaper, or an accessory or maybe an additional insert. When we started this, we were partnering with our local chapter, author Rebecca foundation. Unfortunately, because of what happened recently, we obviously don’t have anybody asked to give it to, but I am still in contact with the former president and vice president of the local chapter, they still have a bunch of the diapers that we have the make that needed with them in the past, they aren’t committed in giving that out to those in need. And we are in the same local group on our Facebook group and the Las Vegas page. And from my understanding is that they are forming a new entity not to replace but to do almost the same work as Rebecca foundation did. So as soon as that is settled, hopefully will partner with them as well. If not, I’m also working on with local Mamas and finding local charities that we can donate our diapers to maybe church over if there’s any other diapers that we that we can be in partner with. Otherwise, I know there are nationwide chapters like Jake’s diaper that weekend. But since I’m local at Vegas, and I know there are local moms also who will need help. So I want to try to stay local for the meantime.


Bailey Bouwman  17:54

 Yeah, that’s great. I was noticing when I was flipping through your website that you were pretty passionate about your local Las Vegas cafe for community and that’s wonderful to hear. Hey, yeah, this


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  18:04

because, um, before I moved to Las Vegas, I always look at Las Vegas as nothing beyond just the desert, and nothing beyond just the casinos. And then we explored. It is actually nice here. I know it’s hard in the summer. But you know, there are actually people here beyond the casinos. There are homes, there are families, there are kids. There’s an entire community out here and then when they realize are also caught by praying community and like, Oh, that’s even more wonderful. So I want to get back to the city that we are now loving.


Bailey Bouwman  18:41

I love that I have I went to Vegas for my honeymoon. Of course. Our favorite part about going to Vegas was when we finally got off the strip and we rented a car and we started going to restaurants like in little suburbs. And uh huh. That was our favorite part of Vegas was just leaving. I think about Vegas so I can see what you mean just by the people that we’ve met in the suburbs of Vegas. Yeah. So you’ve been you’ve mentioned that you have a big fancy job as well and you’re doing the side hustle and you’re raising three kids. How do you make time for it?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  19:20

I honestly don’t know how I manage time. I I used to dream about the job. My pending task at work. Now I dream about the next day for print. So I don’t know so at night when my baby breastfeeds to sleep. I think about the next day your blueprint or a browse through Instagram and plan for the next post that I will be putting up during the day do my full time job. I rear three kids with the help. My husband has been very good. And he’s not helping me with the business per se but he’s helping me because he He’s very hands on with the kids.


Bailey Bouwman  20:01

Oh, good. That’s that makes a world of a difference. I know when my husband is home and he’s helping, then it just makes everything go so much easier, right? Yes, yeah. What do you what do you like to do in your free time? If you were to have an hour without children? What would you do? Now? That’s very pensive. Now, where do you want to take baby boo diapers in the next year and into the future? What is your next year to five year plan?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  20:33

I am hoping to get into wholesaling. Hopefully, when the brand is ready, we can venture into wholesaling.


Bailey Bouwman  20:45

Yeah, that’s a good dream. That’s a big one, hey, and that will be really beneficial for your factory as well. Right? That would be it would help trickle down to everybody. Hey, baby steps. It’s always good to know what your dream is, though, so that you can keep going forward.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  21:02

Right now we’re just preparing everything that we think is needed, such as getting the cbse lab testing zone. So at least that has been done. And we know we are in compliance. So hopefully, we’ll get there.


Bailey Bouwman  21:18

So do you have a mentor that helps you guide you through all these process? Are you just fumbling through the dark and knowing how to get this all set up?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  21:25

Just me


Bailey Bouwman  21:27

 just you


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  21:30

to figure out the accounting, although the tax obviously I have a tax person doing that.


Bailey Bouwman  21:39

So tell me, where are you from originally? Thea that you’ve immigrated from?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  21:45

We are from Southeast Asia country called the Philippines. Yeah. I always have to say we’re from Asia, because when when I say we’re from the Philippines, people were like, Oh, that’s in South America. Right.


Bailey Bouwman  22:07

The one question that I had from people lately has been, they want to know why. What is your Why? Why do you do this? Why are you doing Bebeboo diapers.


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  22:17

As I mentioned, the reason why I went into business is because I was finding my additional sense of word, if you know. So regardless of what you plan on doing, or what you figured out and doing, know that you’re doing it because not for other people, but for yourself. Some people go into business because they want to make more money. Some people go into business because they want to find their self worth some people go into business, because I don’t know for whatever reason. Whatever it is, do it because it’s going to make you happy. It’s not always going to be easy. But you just have to keep going. Remember, always remember that whatever you have right now, is what you’ve asked for in the past, and you finally have it and it’s not going to be an easy road. You just have to keep on going.


Bailey Bouwman  23:12

I guess that really leads into my next question, which I always ask my guests. What’s that one piece of advice you give to all the mamas listening? That’s pretty much it. Hey, or do you have something else


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  23:25

to advice about cloth diaperings or mama in general?


Bailey Bouwman  23:27

to be anything? If you were to meet new Mama, what would you tell her?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  23:30

I guess as far as cloth diapering is concerned. And in general, whatever you choose, as a mama is not a one size fits all thing. Some moms will advise you to do this and we’ll advise you to do that. I mean, go with what you feel will work for you and your family. Whether it’s thought to bring full time part time, still using disposables on the go and just using hot diapers at home. That’s okay.


Bailey Bouwman  23:57



Thea, @BebebooDiapers  23:58

formulaversus a breast milk or doing mix feed. That’s okay, too. whatever is comfortable for you as long as your baby’s safe. That’s all you mama and you’re doing a good thing. You know, a good job doesn’t matter what other people say.


Bailey Bouwman  24:12

So where can people connect with you on the web? Where can we buy bebeboo diapers right now? And where can people find you on social media?


Thea, @BebebooDiapers  24:22

Our website is and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram at Bebeboo diapers. If you have any questions, feel free to email me my email is on our website or I can be reach faster via Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct message

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