Show 16 – Dapper Derrieres

Brooksy Diapers - Dapper Derrieres Cloth Diapers - Work at Home Mom Cloth Diapers

You know who some of the most passionate people are? Work at home moms. There’s nothing like a mom trying to raise her kids, run a business and take over the world that just screams passion. Most of my guests are work at home moms, and today’s show is dedicated a diaper maker on the East Coast! I’m excited to share Jessica’s story, and I apologise for failing at audio quality. The sound on this show is rough. Maybe listen to it without headphones and while you’re folding your laundry?


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Topic: Dapper Derrieres Diapers

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast

Guest: Jessica Brooks


As always show notes will come another day, probably tomorrow.

Brooksy Diapers - Dapper Derrieres Cloth Diapers - Work at Home Mom Cloth Diapers

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