Show 19

bailey cloth diaper podcast

Show 19 of the Cloth Diaper Podcast is your chance to learn a little about Bailey before we dive into 2019. We are wrapping up the year with a few questions towards the host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast including Bailey’s stash, challenges with cloth diapering, and prospects for 2019.



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Topic: Cloth Diaper Dad Interviews Bailey Bouwman

Host: Cloth Diaper Dad – Bailey’s Husband

Guest: Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast

Length: 30:31 minutes

bailey cloth diaper podcast


The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: Facebook, Facebook Group – Cloth Diaper Addicts, YouTube, or  Instagram  or Pinterest.

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