Show 20 – Wink Diapers

Wink Diapers

In show 20, Bailey talks to us about Wink Diapers, what they are, where they are manufactured, and about the challenges of a small business. If you love TPU and double gusset cloth diapers then use code SIMPLYMOMBAILEY20 to save 20% off your next order at



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Topic: Wink Diapers

Host: Me, Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast

Guest: Bailey, Owner of Wink Diapers

Length: 18:40 minutes


Bailey Duke started cloth diapering 7 years ago to save money, like many of us do and somehow it came to owning and operating a cloth diapering business.

There were so many different types of diapers and options. But for her, there were two important things: double gusset and organic natural fibre inside.  At the time there weren’t many diapers that met those criteria. She tried a few others but they just didn’t work like she wanted them too.

She thought maybe I could customise them and do this on my own… and she could

She sells a one size diaper and then a smaller premie/size 1 style diaper. She has a variety of options from pockets to AIO, swim and more. Bailey’s favourite product is the covers because they are so versatile, cheap and work with everything.

Check out all her products.

5:25 Let’s talk about TPU

TPU is a heat bonded fabric versus a chemical bonded fabric. The layer of waterproofing is bonded to a layer of textile. With TPU it becomes a more environmentally friendly process.  TPU can take a larger set of heat temperatures over PUL.

6:50 – Oversea’s Manufacturing

Primarily sourced overseas but textile manufacturing in the United States is hard to find. So, that kind of set up is not viable at the time. She does use inspected facility and has fair trade certifications. She chooses that because it provides an ethical facility.

Are Wink Diapers just rebranded Alva diapers? But this is not the case, we just use similar prints. Wink Diapers doesn’t manufacture their own fabric.

These diapers are designed by Bailey, and these are not the same features available by Alva or other cheapies. The exterior fabrics are the same because that’s what’s available. It’s not licensed prints, it’s just readily available textiles for manufacturers

10:50 What makes your diaper stash worthy?

I really pride myself on making organic fibres and the gusset makes a huge protection in leak protection. There’s a huge benefit to using natural fibres over synthetics.

Her diapers also have a double gusset, an amazing back elastic and lots of elastic to keep in all the poop.

12:50 – Why do you continue?

Began for the financial, but I am very eco-conscious. She’s done a few community and education elements that give her some joy in the world and lets her continue to grow.

In the next couple of years, Wink hopes to continue to grow. She grows a little each year and even added Amazon this year and been with Zulily. She wants to become as successful as possible. Trying to make the transition as accessible as possible.

Always, new and cuter prints.

Her biggest challenge is keeping up with demand.

16:40: Best advice for a new cloth diaper mama – try to get your hands on the diaper.


Wink Diapers


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