Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 23

How to manage poopy cloth diapers

We talk about which poop you can wash, which you can’t, a few real strategies to removing poop, and a quick start to tackling stains. 

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Liz, CommonCrazy, Bailey Bouwman


Liz, CommonCrazy  01:41

We’re preparing you. I’m Liz and I own cloth diaper retailer coming crazy. And we started our company, because we all have one thing in common as parents is that we’re all a little crazy. Yeah. My husband and I be loved shopping for things for our children and finding fun things that we thought that they would like. And as they got older, I realized that I really liked baby things, and became completely obsessed with seeing babies and cute things. So I started our retail store online. And we have since moved into a storefront I’d like to say that we specialize in the cloth diaper lifestyle. So my goal is to have all clothes that go well with cloth diapers. So a little bit bigger than the bones, a little bit extra room around the tummy so that you can get those classic babies covered up and heavy.


Bailey Bouwman  02:44

The cloth diaper lifestyle that is a good saying, especially since I know anybody who’s listening who lives the cloth diaper lifestyle is automatically going Yeah. Right. So where’s your store located in Michigan,


Liz, CommonCrazy  02:56

we are on the sunny shores of Lake Michigan, in northwest Michigan in Ludington. It’s a very small town. But we are the town that the large barge comes across from Wisconsin called the USS badger. So you can actually take a barge over from Milwaukee over to our town and come over and hang out on our big beach and everything. So it’s a beachfront. Seasonal town. right downtown. Yes. Cool.


Bailey Bouwman  03:26

Cool. And so you don’t have any kids in diapers then anymore. You’re past that phase.


Liz, CommonCrazy  03:31

I don’t my daughter went through diapers so quickly. And then she potty trained herself. And you’re like now I have all these adorable diapers and nobody to put them in sight.


Bailey Bouwman  03:45

I feel you my second daughter she turns to in February and her this weekend she potty trained herself. I just dropped her off and underwear. It’s like, but I’ve just really got good at this.


Liz, CommonCrazy  03:58

Super exciting but at the same time really sad because you’re like, oh, I’m such a pro and nobody needs me. Yeah. Other people’s babies. Sounds ugly.


Bailey Bouwman  04:08

So today we’re going to talk about poop. Yes. You said that was your favorite subject. So how did you deal with poop? When you were cloth diapering? What was your strategy?


Liz, CommonCrazy  04:19

trial and error, constant trial and error. The biggest thing that I had to run into was that I was afraid of poop. And I didn’t want to touch it. I didn’t want to know about it. I didn’t want to smell I didn’t want to touch it. And as you know, as a parent, you don’t have a choice. No matter what type of tapering you do. You’re going to touch poop. It’s a reality of life. So one of the things I had to do was really kind of put myself up like you are the poop warrior and you know that you’re going to conquer poop as much as you can about it and trying everything that you read on every cloth diaper blog ever because there’s a whole bunch of us out there. offering advice and information. So it’s just like you’ve got to be like the queen of poop. You’re just going to say I’m couponed. And I’m going to handle this poop every day because your kid’s going to poop every day.


Bailey Bouwman  05:11

I feel like that could make a really good meme.


Liz, CommonCrazy  05:14

That’d be fantastic. memes. Yeah. My husband refused to change poopy diapers because he’s gotten over it. But at the beginning, he was definitely the most phobic person I’d ever seen in my life.


Bailey Bouwman  05:30

There is like this massive fear around poop isn’t there and I don’t, I don’t really get it.


Liz, CommonCrazy  05:36

And as the children get older, get older, you start to deal with like, kid poop. And you’re like, oh, the days of baby poop. I take baby poop in a second. If I could not deal with my four-year-old that still poops in his pants. You know? Like, if I could just not deal with like real kid poop. I’d go back to breastfed moment. That’s kind of something you don’t realize at the time.


Bailey Bouwman  05:59

I know, right? I was I just even like if you’re in any of those cloth diaper Facebook groups, that’s always people are just like, I’m so scared of the poop. And it’s like a massive fear thing. I don’t remember being that terrified of poop. But three years later, I just dunk and swish and wash my hands.


Liz, CommonCrazy  06:16

Exactly. Washing your hands is the big one. Biggest thing though, I go to a lot of parent groups and birth groups and I talk to parents a lot. And one of the things they say is I don’t want to call it a group because I don’t want to deal with both. And one of the first things I say is you’ll deal with less food. When your cloth diaper. I did not deal with things like blowouts in their hair poo. It was which we did the couple of times that we use disposables. Those things are like plastic bags, they just slide right up the back and into their hair and all over their clothes. I touched so much poop. The couple of times I’ve dealt with disposables. And I think that that’s kind of anecdotal. But I would like to believe that our nice, wonderful cotton diapers do a really nice job containing them,


Bailey Bouwman  07:01

especially the elastic like you can’t beat real elastic at the exactly, exactly like you can’t. And I don’t even know where that kind of discourse came from in society that suddenly cloth diapering is all about poop and disposable diaper is some sort of magical poop hider.


Liz, CommonCrazy  07:17

Well, they have made the rule now that disposable diaper companies need to have on all their packages, that feces need to go into the toilet regardless that it shouldn’t be going into our landfills because fecal material and you place it inside of plastic and then usually place inside of another plastic bag. It really just cooks in its own juices inside of our landfills. And it’s an environmental hazard really, that they’re starting to have to deal with on a grand scale as people are throwing 1000s and 1000s of diapers away. You know, we deal with overpopulation, and we deal with, you know, plastics and all these things, but then you add poop into it. It’s, it’s a little scary. Considering that our water comes from below ground.


Bailey Bouwman  08:00

My understanding is for the most part, a modern landfill should be able to handle the human feces disease issue, but modern landfills are susceptible to failing. So like it’s never going to be perfect, even though they’re like designed to really hold in all that bad yucky stuff that we throw away. We shouldn’t Oh, there’s different types of poops. Right? So there’s breastfed poop, formula poop, solid poop in between poops? What else is there? That’s about it?


Liz, CommonCrazy  08:27

Yeah, I usually categorize it into kind of the four. The four big types. So the very first one is your newborn your meconium poop. Yeah, like, you know, churned up black really sticky poop that gets on everything your baby touches for the first three days. And that stuff is nasty to deal with, because it’s so sticky and dark and full of just all the stuff that was gestating with them. And one of the things that I tell people about that poop is put it behind you. You don’t want to think about it a lot. You just have to get through it. So um, I know that a lot of parents receive a pack of disposable diapers at their baby shower and they go oh, we’re cloth diapering. Save that. Use them. Even get that stuff on your diapers,


Bailey Bouwman  09:16

my cloth diaper and my meconium poop and it was just fine


Liz, CommonCrazy  09:20

Oh really? See I have nightmares still about my daughter’s first poop and having to sit at our utility sink with a toothbrush and baking soda out oh my goodness. It’s seeing my diapers to no end.


Bailey Bouwman  09:33

No way. I only had one poop one meconium poop. Like my kids just only ever wash. Yeah. And it came right out in the wash. No problem. My like my girl. I didn’t even use a liner. I just had put on a GroVia newborn and no problems.


Liz, CommonCrazy  09:49

I’m going to quote you in my I’m currently writing a post about poop and I’m going to say for some people, Bailey.


Bailey Bouwman  09:59

I think that can Sometimes this challenging conversation about poop. So you and I both had totally different experiences with meconium poop. Exact same can go with the other three kids. You’re going to list here, right?


Liz, CommonCrazy  10:10

Yes. So the second type of poop is my favorite type, and that’s breastfed poop. Because it is awesome. It doesn’t smell bad. It is somewhat watering that salad. And the best part of it is that it’s water soluble. And water-soluble poop is a bomb when it comes to poop. Like I wish adults could have water soluble poop. I didn’t, the washing machine washes out. It’s fantastic. It doesn’t stay it doesn’t cause trouble is like the best way. Everyone should be on a liquid diet of just amazing mother’s milk. And we’d all be good. Like it’s the best. And you usually have that for anywhere from when the baby’s born until they’re six, seven months old. We add food in some people wait until a year to add food. It just all depends on when you start allowing baby to have something other than a liquid diet. But I loved breastfed who I miss. And then our third is like


Bailey Bouwman  11:06

when you have your second when you have your second child and your cloth diapering again and you’re like, oh, I forgot how easy this was.


Liz, CommonCrazy  11:14

Like it kind of smelled sweet. And like I can smell it like from a distance like Oh, the baby pooped in that so jovial, like their body is doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. And it almost makes you happy. You’re like, oh, my baby’s healthy, and they’re pooping recipes. Awesome. It’s and you don’t you don’t appreciate it to get to solid foods. How good it was how good you had it. And if you introduced formula at any time, then it would switch over to the solid food designation as well. That’s a good thing to note though. Like if you start at like supplementing with formula, or rice cereal or anything like that you move into the third type, which would be your formula solid poop. And that poop requires a little bit more preparation before you can watch those diapers. The biggest differences are that that poop needs to go into the toilet. It’s not going to wash away in your washing machine. So what I tell people is you got to make a decision whether you’re a Dunker or a sprayer, before you get to the formula sub hoop and failed, you know the desert. The difference between a Dunker and is you a Dunker, or it’s like


Liz, CommonCrazy  12:23

 Are you a Dunker?


Bailey Bouwman  12:24

I’m a I’m a Dunker. I had a sprayer and I hated it.


Liz, CommonCrazy  12:29

See, that’s what I hear. I love the sprayer idea, but I’m a Dunker, and Dunker and a Swisher I guess that’s the best way to deal with that hoop. And that’s this is the poop you deal with like, for the longest, you know the seller poop because you’ll get anything from you know, hard poop to the two kinds of soft almost grown up you poop. And you know, you learn to deal with that one the most. Because you start to see patterns in your child. So you’ll know like if they’re getting kind of city that your poop is going to be a little bit stickier. Or if they’ve had a runny nose, you’re going to get it a little bit watery ear. So it just all depends. And I always do need a fourth type of poop which actually follows like it’s like a three a really? Like sick kid poop


Bailey Bouwman  13:16

sick kid poop. And I was wondering what your fourth poop was going to be because I was like running through my options. And I was like, huh, what is she going to do for sick kid poop? That is probably the worst type of food.


Liz, CommonCrazy  13:28

Oh, see, because it runs the gamut from being really sticky like peanut butter poop, as I call it. Lovely. Poor parents walk into my store and I say how’s your kid pooping? And then we discuss peanut butter poop. Because peanut butter poop gets on everything. It’s super sticky. And it’s the one that causes rashes. And then you go all the way down to your horrible diarrhea poop the first time your kid gets a stomach virus. And you know, he’s so watery. So you deal with those to the water. You


Bailey Bouwman  13:58

don’t want to take the diaper off because exactly, it’s all out.


Liz, CommonCrazy  14:03

Exactly. That’s when you get out like your waterproof, like, you know crib mattress and everything to do the diaper changes, because you just can’t deal with it.


Bailey Bouwman  14:13

in the bathtub,


Liz, CommonCrazy  14:15

exactly. Oh my goodness. I don’t know how many times I taken off my kid’s clothes in the bathtub. So I’m like, it’s just going to be a mess. We’re just going to deal with this a lot. We’re just going to do shower.


Bailey Bouwman  14:24

So your conversations with people? Have you ever heard of people who have been able to Formula poop? Like it’s water soluble? Because I have.


Liz, CommonCrazy  14:32

So I’ve had people tell me that they can that it hasn’t caused them any trouble. Um, but I do know that you know, the designation from most persons and most diaper companies honestly, is that once you introduce any sort of food that’s not fully liquid that you It ought to go into the toilet. Yeah, well, depends on you know what type and your baby’s digestive system


Bailey Bouwman  14:56

and I think it’s really each individual baby because the one the couple moms that I’ve met they’ve said like they’ve had one kid out of three kid who had like this beautifully water-soluble formula, but the rest of them, and that you could just tell and that she’s like, I couldn’t tell you Bailey why, or how you could tell another person besides you could just like it was just like a mama instinct. I knew that that was going to wash out fine. It bred by experience. Yeah, yeah. And I think that was probably these were more experienced moms and they were like, there’s just this one kid and she just had this beautiful poop no matter how I better. I was like, okay, I don’t really know how you could tell that besides just reinforcing like, everybody’s poop experiences will be different.


Liz, CommonCrazy  15:37

I love the designation of beautiful poop. That’s the only mom say cut you’re like my kids pooping beautifully today. It’s really going well,


Bailey Bouwman  15:45

it’s my second kid is a beautiful pooper. She’s gorgeous. I don’t have to I just have to walk. It’s just pulpable poop.


Liz, CommonCrazy  15:52

I love. That’s that sound. And you’re like, yep, that was all of it. Nothing I have to deal with now.


Bailey Bouwman  15:57

Yeah. And as long as you don’t let them sit down, you’re good. I agree and get the kids lots of fiber. And water. I always find that water is the best way to help read pupil poop. So if we don’t have poppable poop, there’s a couple ways we can deal with poop, right? So we can use diaper sprayers, fleece liners, disposable liners, duck and swish.


Liz, CommonCrazy  16:21

I know some people swear by using those silicone hand covers. They’re called like diaper dogs. So you can Oh, down into the toilet. I’m not big into accessories personally, but I have a couple of dad friends who say that they use them all in ones and they toss those little silk. I think they’re called diaper dogs and you put them right over your fingers. And that way you can really like get your arm down into the toilet and really dump and swish and they love them.


Bailey Bouwman  16:48

How into the toilet are people getting?


Liz, CommonCrazy  16:50

I just? I don’t know. I think it all depends on your style. You know, some I have a dead friend who honestly dunks every single one of his just his child’s urine piece the urine diapers because he doesn’t like the smell of urine staying in diaper. So if you’d like Vince’s and swishes and does all this, and they have beautifully fluffy, awesome diapers, so I don’t knock his ways of handling things. It’s a lot of work for a mom, it’s got more than a kid at home.


Bailey Bouwman  17:17

Yeah, my dad can also dial is to just I usually just put the diaper in the toilet and come back five minutes later. And yeah, like so. And so I just have to get right a little shake. And then I’m done.


Liz, CommonCrazy  17:30

I like to timeout my kids poop when they were little with when we’d be at a store because they had those commercial toilets and it would just strip the poop right off you know, you just do you start the flush and then you put the diaper in it. As long as it didn’t suck the diaper down. That thing was clean.


Bailey Bouwman  17:44

Also like a built-in sprayer


Liz, CommonCrazy  17:48

tested. I know that sounds insane but like if you can go to the mall and use that,


Bailey Bouwman  17:52

you know that


Liz, CommonCrazy  17:53

commercial toilet that they’ve got for the employees. Lowe’s has a really nice flush capacity.


Bailey Bouwman  18:01

I did a lot of envisions where this conversation would go today but we have a Lowe’s now in Prince George and poopy underwear. I will know where to go. Oh


Liz, CommonCrazy  18:14

yeah. I still use my diaper liners in my toddler’s underwear for a while to that I


Bailey Bouwman  18:21

work on what kind of liner did you use? And how did you make liners work with your life because I honestly really struggle with liners. I forget to put them in. I find that they don’t give enough coverage.


Liz, CommonCrazy  18:34

I just so I really like and this is a brand club because you know, they’re the ones I like them. And we’ve used a couple different types, but the sweet pea makes a very large liner, sweet pea diapers. Their diaper liner is half inches long and five inches wide. And it really covers the entire inside of the diaper. And I really like theirs. And those are the disposables. But then what I did was I had some leftover fleece from a project I had done a Halloween costume and took it and cut it into four inch wide by 11-inch-long strips, and then wash them really well. So they’re really fluffy. And that’s what I used. And I’ll tell you they saved me more trouble because fleece captures everything none of the solids go through. But as soon as you flip it inside out, it just all drops right up.


Bailey Bouwman  19:32

It’s fantastic. That’s sometimes the reason why I want to use pocket diapers. Yes, for that please slider. But even when I was using those four-inch fleeces, I never I don’t know, maybe my kids just had the wrong type of poop. I always found that like it still got underneath or the fleece liner would move around, say doing something wrong.


Liz, CommonCrazy  19:50

Like you see it’s all trial and error. And so it could you could actually just have a kid that has a really you know, Scoochie but that likes to like when they’re about to poop to scooch around until they get that liner out of where it’s supposed to be. Because the problem is kids do it, do everything that’s not in the book. So, you know, the liners are supposed to work, but that kid does not want it to happen. Because the other thing you could do, if you’re experiencing something like that is to put a snap on your liners, you know, and try to, you know, snap it into the back of your diaper. Because, you know, some people put snap so that they can put tumblers in and things. So if you could snap a liner in, or even sew it into, you know, pockets or all in ones. I personally used prefolds.


Bailey Bouwman  20:35

So I’m a preferred family.


Liz, CommonCrazy  20:37

Yeah. Yeah. Because the other option, I guess, the only other option I could see would to be to make the on make the liner choices as wide and wrap it around the backs, like so it was almost like sandwiches, almost like a maxi pad.


Bailey Bouwman  20:52

I yeah, I’ve seen from going like the contour fleece.


Liz, CommonCrazy  20:55

Yeah, I could see that working out really well, just because it wouldn’t be able to scoot around or even making them twice as long so that they wrap around the back. You know, yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  21:04

I mean, we’re all through it. But I always wondered if I was doing something wrong, because I was like, these just don’t really work. Well, for me. I’m cleaning up just as much mass.


Liz, CommonCrazy  21:15

Well, I guess that’s the thing is being a parent is so much trial and error. And cloth. diapering just adds a whole another level of well, what did I do? And then you wanted to question your kid and say, what did you do with it? What is up with your poop? But I think you got through it relatively unscathed.


Bailey Bouwman  21:30

I did I bought a sprayer. And you know what, those figures are expensive. So I tend not to recommend them. Yeah, that I bought a sprayer. And it was kind of fun. It was like the novelty for the first month. And then it was like, this is a lot of work to pull out the sprayer. And then if you don’t turn the sprayer off every time, you can get bathroom leaks. And I’m a mom, and even the three cups of coffee, I’m really easy to forget. So we had a few bathroom floods. And then I was like, nope, word, taking this thing off because I am tired of flooding my bathroom every other day when I cannot remember this simple task.


Liz, CommonCrazy  22:09

And that’s a relatively common story too. And I’ve heard from some people that even properly installed they have trouble with water pressure with the sprayer and then making a mess with the sprayer. So I think for some of my cloth diaper friends, they put it on their registry and they see if someone buys it from me. I’ll toss it on. And then we discuss the joys of you know, Dunkin swish. Yeah, a lot. Most parents I think come around to Dunkin switch. Because washing your hands is not difficult. So you just go ahead, get it done. Put the diaper into your diaper bag or your hamper and you wash your hands you move on.


Bailey Bouwman  22:45

I mean, you’re washing your hands regardless. So anyway, why not just get them actually dirty? That was kind of my thought. And lately I’ve been what people have asked me is like, just get just it’s okay to get dirty, I think. Yeah, antibacterial soap is the thing you’re going to use.


Liz, CommonCrazy  23:03

I know we did. I always have sanitizer on the side of my changing table and then also individual soap in my bathroom. And it was like pee. You know, with pee, we get the hand sanitizer until I could get to the bathroom. And then with poop, it was like man move through the steps. I can get that nice antibacterial soap foaming up on my hands so I can go back to playing with baby. As a mom, you wash your hands so much as a parent, you wash your hands so much, because you just touched so many gross things. Everything is wet and sticky. So just poop is just one of those things.


Bailey Bouwman  23:35

It is it’s totally just one of those like life things that if I guess if you’ve never had kids, you’re just like, it’s a big it’s a huge fear. Like, I have to deal with someone else’s poop. But yeah, I would rather deal with poop than vomit.


Liz, CommonCrazy  23:51

So I was about to say that I was going to say the first time your kid pukes, like solid vomit on you. You’re like, I’ll take poop. Because it is the worst. Almost nothing worse than vomit. Especially. Oh,


Bailey Bouwman  24:04

yeah, somebody else’s vomit and somebody else’s vomit that you can’t like control and like, they’re just it’s just, it’s


Liz, CommonCrazy  24:10

Yeah, I guess that would be the I guess we didn’t really discuss the one other way to handle poop, which is elimination communication. One of my friends likes to tell me that she never had to deal with a poop because she communicated so well with her newborn. And so that’s really the only other way to avoid dealing with poop is knowing when your child’s going to eliminate and take them to either their potty or their toilet and let them poop into the toilet.


Bailey Bouwman  24:37

And I have a friend who did disposable diapers and she took that route with her kid and disposable diapers as well. Exactly. That’s really her daughter. I feel like her daughter was very much like willing to communicate and that really helped with the elimination communication is like that. Just your child like the right child.


Liz, CommonCrazy  24:57

Exactly. And all kids are so different. Yeah. My friend to have another kid so I can be like, let’s see, this one does it too, because I love watching people succeed. It’s almost fun to watch people fail too. So you like maybe this one,


Bailey Bouwman  25:10

right? Because I look at my two kids. And my first one, he pooped in his underwear until like, four months ago. And my second she’s always been like a year, she would tell us when she needed to poop, and she would go to the potty. And she would do that natural elimination communication cleaning. Yeah, so there are so different. So I thought that the last great conversation to have with poops is stains because, yes, so a huge conversation. What’s your stain strategy? Do you care about stains? Do you treat them?


Liz, CommonCrazy  25:38

I care about stains so ridiculously much early. I see cloth diapers is like an investment. And I know this is silly, like because I am like totally, like laid back about a lot of things. But I was insane about my diapers. Because one, I knew I was going to have more than one kid and I was not going to deal with yet fancy stained diapers with the second one. And two, I had bought some real pricey ones. And I was selling those stuffers. You know, I was not going to let them end up in the landfill because nobody would buy them with stains. So the first thing I got really good at was doing my laundry frequently. And not letting them sit for I mean, at most two days. Oh yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  26:19

I found I found a week-old diaper the other day nothing is stained. Yeah, there’s


Liz, CommonCrazy  26:25

there’s no coming back from it. You know, like you’re going to be sitting there not know coming back for him. But there’s a lot you’re going to have to do. And they’ll like learning not to leave the diaper bag if you have a hatchback in your trunk while you run it to do something because it’s just going to, I mean, I know that sounds gross, but it’s just going to cook right into that that material and you are going to have a heck of a time getting it stay now.


Bailey Bouwman  26:46

Especially happened with us.


Liz, CommonCrazy  26:47

Blueberries. Yes. And so one of the big things is washing it as frequently as you can. So if you can do a load of class A for laundry every night, do it if you can do a lot of plastic laundry every other night. Fine. Don’t let it go two or  three days, if you can, if you can manage it. The second thing that I did that I recommend highly is that all five-day companies are okay with this. And that is sunning. Your diapers?


Bailey Bouwman  27:19

Oh yeah,


Liz, CommonCrazy  27:20

putting them out in the sun. It’s got antibacterial qualities, in addition to having stated room qualities, get them out there in the sun. If you have a sunny window, I mean, it’s winter when Michigan here, so a nice sunny window where they can just sit for a while once they’re dry, it lightens them up so much. The third thing would be using liners when you know your kids can be having birthday cake, let’s say and you have no idea what’s going to be in it. You know, like it could have red dice number five and this and that and all this stuff is just going to go right through into their poop. You know, toss a liner on there, you know, just do your best to try not to let that even get planted.


Bailey Bouwman  27:59

red dye is really bad. had a really red diaper. Or also if somebody tries to dye their cupcakes black Yeah, it’s also a really good way to stay in your diapers and pizza. I don’t know if you’ve had this experience but Pedialyte puts some colorings in there. Great


Liz, CommonCrazy  28:15

that my children love the grape. But oh my gosh, I don’t know what the coloring is that they use, but it leaves like this residue on my diaper. So I would anytime they were dehydrated  like Pedialyte and like clear PT like No, no. Like when they even Oh yeah, it would come right out was like this like hot like neon yellow dayglow color and it would just stay out made me insane. by me you got to take care of your kids but by the dye free stuff.


Bailey Bouwman  28:44

I’m pretty laid back when it comes to stains. I just let my diapers get stained. And I just I find that they just wash out eventually over time.


Liz, CommonCrazy  28:52

Yes, they do. And that that is a very sad way to look at these things in the immediate I worry about things in the immediate a lot.


Bailey Bouwman  29:02

That’s and people don’t know all right now it is the dead of winter but you can just plop those things up in the window. Exactly. They will send out to I should really do that with that smart bottom. This might be a good science experiment. It is very stained. Maybe we’ll do some science


Liz, CommonCrazy  29:17

I have done on baking soda powder mixes, just depending on the warranty of the diaper company to I know there’s a lot of FAQs a lot of the websites you know Am I going to void my warranty if I use baking soda Am I going to void my warranty if I use white vinegar in the race, I’ve recommended that to people like just check make sure it doesn’t void it. And even you know some people are like I bought them used doesn’t really matter to me making a little paste of baking soda and water and like using a toothbrush you can put it right on there and try to clean it up like while it’s still before you’ve washed it the first time and then you toss your washing machine and do like a long or yeah lays a nice 40 minute long cold rinse, and then a short cold wash, and then a long hot wash, and then a rinse with a quarter cup of white vinegar. And then second rinse most of the time they come out so what you can believe that they’ve ever been used,


Bailey Bouwman  30:16

right? I mean, it’s kind of lost me and I’m going to have to re go through that step because it felt like a long and I was like, where’s she going? Yeah, well, I wrote it up on my it’s on my blog, too. So if you forget, okay, I’ll go link that in the show notes. Go check it out. I will because now that we’re done potty training, now that we’re done diapers, I could probably just, it’s probably time to get rid of those stains and then have some pretty nice diapers for my family. So you do your baby laundry as you get ready. You’re like, oh, my goodness, look at how pretty they are. Wow, I can’t have any more kids. But I have a beautiful stash in my office. Hey, go I can look at Yeah, I’m going to have to try your T shirt. Because I got, I have a lighthouse kids that’s like stain the unbelief. And my bum genius. elementals anything that’s natural fiber really in my stash. Because natural fibers just love stains. And that’s and people should know, like, if you’re listening and you’ve never dealt with poop, like stains are normal. Yes. It doesn’t mean your rush routine sucks. It just means


Liz, CommonCrazy  31:14

it doesn’t mean the diapers dirty. That’s with parents, if there’s a smell of ammonia, you need to rinse out. But if there’s a stain yellow, brown, green, if they’re not dirty, you can smell it. And you can tell if it’s still dirty coming out of the wash. But stains happen


Bailey Bouwman  31:31

can’t like if poops not flaking off, it’s not dirty. It’s not just the state


Liz, CommonCrazy  31:36

anything. So we have dyes and colorings in them. And it just stays behind. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the real.


Bailey Bouwman  31:42

Yeah, and especially if you’re using a detergent without natural white noise, or brighteners, or whatever. If you’re using a natural detergent, you’ll definitely get more staining.


Liz, CommonCrazy  31:51

I found um, I know, I switched over to a powdered detergent when I started cloth diapering. And I really liked it. Because it was like a baking soda powder. And I really liked it. But I think I’d say bring parents have to look at, you know, so many things when they make a decision on detergent. So if it’s not working with one you might want to check. I know, there’s like several websites that have recommendations on which one to use with what type of diapers. And I think like I said earlier, trial and error are going to be your best friend when it comes to poop. And that’s


Bailey Bouwman  32:21

that’s like really, it is a lot of trial and error, which does feel very frustrating. But it can also like if you embrace it, like it can be kind of fun. You’d be that poop warrior. Right, exactly.


Liz, CommonCrazy  32:30

And then you can talk about poop of strangers frequently. You know, that’s what I do all the time. I go to parent shows and craft shows and people like definitely that talks about poop very loudly. And I’m like, Oh, yeah, that’s me. And firstly, when some kind of loud and big Italian family so if you don’t talk loudly, you’re going to get left behind. I think the only other thing that I would say is like if you’re starting to have rashes, oh, yeah, do to poop. One of the big things is change it as soon as they poop. Um, I know it’s really hard sometimes because you’re like living life and doing things. The number one thing you can do for your child is to have them have some signal for you whether you use hand signals, or like they can I know my one friend’s child actually walks to the bathroom, like doesn’t have to tell her that they’re pooping that like yes, Mommy, I pooped. Because if they sit in that in those feces for very long, you’re going to get a rash and that’s just awful to deal with for the poor baby’s bottom. And so like that’s the biggest thing is with cloth, you’ve got to change them frequently. Have some signals have some you and your partner together, you know, take it on your check them every 40 minutes, until you know what kind of their schedule is because the last thing your child needs is a little bit bottom.


Bailey Bouwman  33:44

Yeah. And my kids definitely get rashes from sitting in poop. And if you’ve ever I guy if you’re listening and you know like we’ve all made that mistake Oh, every child sit in a poopy diaper for like an hour


Liz, CommonCrazy  33:58

cars are the enemy of children. You know, they drink a bunch or they have a snack and then they poop and you’re they fall asleep. And then you go Yeah, and it’s just awful. And you just feel so bad. Grab your liner, grab your coconut oil, smother that bud and put the liner in and let their poor little biome deal with it.


Bailey Bouwman  34:15

I know, once at bedtime, and I was so miserable. And I was like I don’t go Yeah; we’ll get like I don’t get maybe she’s just being miserable. Cuz that’s how she really is. And then in the morning when she woke up, it was like caked on poop. Yeah. Awesome. Or terrible. And her bum looks terrible as she was like so distraught. But sometimes you just don’t know.


Liz, CommonCrazy  34:39

And poop happens. I mean, it’s just every single day kids poop. And if they’re not drinking every day, your pediatrician is going to ask you what’s wrong with them. So you know you’ve got it embrace the fact that several times a day, you’re going to check to see if your child pooped in at least once a day, you’re probably going to have to deal with that.


Bailey Bouwman  34:54

And you’d be doing that whether or not your disposable diapers or cloth diapers regardless exactly, that is Just parenting just does parenting. So what is your biggest piece of advice you would give a new mom or any mom listening?


Liz, CommonCrazy  35:09

Being flexible, I tell this to everybody I talked to parenting is not right or die. The number one thing that you can do for your child is seek out solutions and be open to where it leads you. Because for some people, they’re going to find a solution that’s going to work for them for a long time. And for others, you’re just going to keep searching and as long as we can be supportive of each other and ourselves, especially, to be more successful.


Bailey Bouwman  35:35

Yeah, that’s great advice. All right. Where can we find common crazy and we carry in your store? Oh, yeah. Where do you find you online, or us?


Liz, CommonCrazy  35:45

our website is, so relatively easy, spelled just the weight sense. And that’s where you’ll find both the blog and the store. And I carry two lines of plus acres in the store, both are meant to be affordable. My goal was that I could get someone flex ciphered, from birth to potty training titrating for $125. So most make it super affordable. We go all the way up to about you know, we have some higher end things but not super, just because my whole goal is to get quality items in the hands of parents that can use them without breaking their bank accounts. I also carry a full line of clothing, including doodle pants, which is a company that makes specifically cloth diaper friendly clothes, okay, and I love them. And they’re fantastic and fun and wonderful. And then I carry a whole line of handmade items as well that are made by yours truly. So just you can check that out on the web kind of crazy calm, or if you’re in the mood to come to a beautiful beach town. Ludington. Michigan is just up the coast of Lake Michigan from Grand Rapids. So a quick four-hour drive from Chicago to Detroit and drive five hours we’re not too far. So it’s a beautiful town and I love my tiny store. If you blink, you’d miss it. I’m only about 500 square feet, but it’s me and my sewing machine and you know the will



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