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All About the Great Cloth Diaper Change

Karen has been involved with the GCDC since 2011, and in 2018 the RDA closed down and needed someone to take it over. Karen, along with many other moms, organize the event.

Listen to the entire story, or catch a glimpse below.





Organizer at Great Cloth Diaper Change

Karen is a Calgary mom, and one of the many organizers at the Great Cloth Diaper Change. 


All About the Great Cloth Diaper Change

Karen has been involved with the GCDC since 2011, and in 2018 the RDA closed down and needed someone to take it over. Karen, along with many other moms, organize the event.

Listen to the entire story, or catch a glimpse below.

What is the Great Cloth Diaper Change? 

3:39 – 5:50 In 2011, Judy Agard owned Tiny Tots Diaper Service wanted to put on an event for their community to celebrate cloth diapering and make it a family event. This spread and next they were in touch with Guinness World Record.

An Event to promote cloth diapering and to get others to try and learn about it!

Changes to the Great Cloth Diaper Change in 2019

In 2011 – The Most People Changing Cloth Diapers Simultaneously.

Record smashed in 2012.  with 8, 251 participants

2013 they tried to be exclusive – What happens in 24 hours! New record set changing diapers in 24 hours – everyone changed at 10:30 am in their time zone.

8, 459 changes is the standing record. 

Guinness has retired that record, and now it’s more of a community event.

With Guinness there were lots of different rules that we had to abide by and parameters.

It becomes a 2-day event to provide more option – April 27 or 28, 2019 – and you can choose your time. Everyone will still do a simultaneous change at their event. 

After the GCDC they do a survey and find out what is working or not working to help bring change and influence the future of the GCDC.

If I wanted to host an event…

You don’t need any qualification, anyone can host an event! Large or small, we count them all. It can be a small play date in your home, or a bigger community event. Let it be your size – you do need a before/after picture and a witness statement.

You do need to register by April 15, 2019 to host an event for this year.  Late event registrations are accepted. Soft close date. 

What can you expect from attending a GCDC?

Check the list here to find an event and stay informed with your local event however they are connecting and sharing information.

Each event will do a simultaneous diaper change, but the size and activities will vary from event to event. Some will have speakers, or workshops, or more. Some will just be small and local.

They do have pre-registrations to help with estimated numbers for event hosts, so send an email and connect with your local group or event.

We’ve had as many of 19 countries register! 

What do you need?

Just a child in diapers! Some events have loaner diapers or borrow from a friend. You don’t have to be a full time cloth diapering parent. We all cloth diaper a little different and you’re welcome to come, learn, and be part of the event.

Find the GCDC Online

Website  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter

Instagram Challenge in April!!!



Ready, Set, Change! The GCDC is a community cloth diaper event present in over 14 countries around the world. Having set World Records in the past, the Great Cloth Diaper Change is something a little easy going this year with a variety of dates and times that might work for you and your kids.

Listen to today’s show to learn a little history, a little about the event, and a little about Karen, the Calgary-based organizer of the GCDC. Find an event near you at www.thegcdc.weebly.com or register one yourself by April 15, 2019


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