Show 25 of the Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to Tyanna and her tiny living lifestyle in which she cloth diapers. That’s right, she lives in an RV and cloth diapers.


But before we get there, can we talk about me for a moment? Because this is show 25 and in Podcast world that’s kind of a big deal because not a lot of shows make it here. I’m pretty proud and we have some great content coming in the weeks to come.


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Topic: Great Cloth Diaper Change

Host: Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast

Guest: Tyanna Green from TravelNurseWife


Show Notes

Tyanna and her small family live tiny in an RV with their one year old daughter. Originally from Ohio, Ty’s husband is a Travel Nurse. Hey, let’s just do it. They traveled with a friend for a year, and they have been living this way for 3 years now. They are headed from Arizona to Washington this year. 

They don’t know any different now – 2018 Forest River Sceria 5th Wheel –  Just having the stairs and high ceilings make a difference. They did once have a smaller travel trailer and don’t miss those days, but it was workable. 

Long term they would like to travel for another 3 years before returning home to build their own home, but open to the possibilities of life. They take it year by year.  Usually stay in a place for 3-6 months.  

Travel Nursing – hospitals are in need of immediate help for a variety of needs and they need to recruit short term staff to feel needs quickly. 

Why did you start cloth diapering?

Influenced by a best friend who totally cloth diapers. Overwhelmed at first, but loves the safety and natural-ness of diapering for her baby. Her friend bought her diapers from her registry, and so she gave it a chance. 

She started with 10, and then after a week of loving it she brought her stash up to about 15 diapers so it wasn’t every day washing and she was hooked.  There wasn’t any diaper rashes, or blow outs and she looked stinking adorable.  

Starting with a Small Cloth Diaper Stash

And for her next kid she’s going to start from newborn days!

There’s a lot of things I had to learn like doing laundry in laundromat and never had any problems. She’s always had a lot of support from friends and family. The biggest problem with laundromats was if anyone left residue from detergents or dryer sheets then her baby got a reaction. And with their new camper they got a washer and dryer.  The dryer is a ventless dryer and it takes forever, so often she hangs them to try outside. 

She bulked up her stash by watching the online marketplace and garage sales for cloth diapers for cheap. If you look for them they happen, and be sure to ask a lot of questions about the product so you know what you’re getting into. This is how she got 21 diapers from a lady who tried them for 3 weeks. These diapers were like new and half price. Now the bumGenius Freetime is one of her favourite diapers in her stash and she never thought she could afford to have them. Ty started with pockets and loves them, but she’s spoiled with Freetimes. 

How to build up your cloth diaper stash for cheap - buying used

She uses a Thirsties hemp insert at night to make them last at night. 

Biggest Challenge with Cloth Diapering is traveling to different places like going home to Ohio. Flying with cloth is a bit of a challenge. She’ll bring enough to wash or every other night wash (like 10 diapers). Try to pack her cloth wherever she goes, but taking up space on the plane trip can be a challenge. 

Favourite part about cloth diapering is that she’s so cute. She loves being able to talk and share about cloth diapering from financial, environmental, health and all of that. Any chance she gets she will. 

Cloth Diaper Friendships

Tiny Living & Cloth Diapering


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