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Topic: Experimenting with Elimination Communication

Host: Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast

Guest: Jacqueline from Jay’s Nest

Show Notes

Why did you get involved in the vlogging/YouTube space? What is you hope to gain from this space. 

Adjusting to life as a stay at home mom with young kids she found herself board, and then one day a friend suggested she’d be really great on YouTube and she tried it. This helped her connect with other people and share her passion of cloth diapers. 

What do you find to be the biggest challenge as a creator?

Just finding the time. 

I get a lot of emails asking how to blog better or make money at it. I think theres’ a misconception there, and while some bloggers are making money, it’s not like other industry’s. If someone is thinking about getting involved in the cloth diaper influencer space what would be your advice to them?

What is making it mean? J doesn’t like to look at it like that or for it be that. I think if someone wants to start then start with something that inspires it. What is inspiration? But when you can hone in on that energy of inspiration, that’s priceless. Me making it is when I inspire someone and provide reflection of self. 

How do you find balance in that because inspiration doesn’t pay the bill or do the tasks of motherhood?

Life isn’t about a perfect balancing act and once you understand that then you’ll find more happiness and that’s where she’s at. She’s okay with it and it’s a process. 

Bailey – this phase of my life will end and I’ll come out of it with an amazing set of skills. This is my unpaid internship. 

Who you watch on Youtube to get inspiration from?

From her community, and love when people share their stories. 

Do you have any fears about YouTube closing your comment section?

Yes it could be devastating. You can engage in the community tab and have conversations but it’s different. 

Bailey finds the comment section overwhelming for both the positive and negative in juggling her mental health. 

Where do you learn about your facts and information? Are there any topics you avoid with a ten foot pole?

Mostly just stuff she’s learnt and her personal experience. J sets boundaries around wash routines and those conversations she just doesn’t talk about. 

Relax a little about wash routines and the stress about it! People can get viscous about wash routine and Bailey wrote a blog post about stop the fighting.   

Where can we find you on the web?



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