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Interview with Elsbeth from Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Elisha is a mom of 1 in Ontario. She’s loved hearing from other brands and parents on the cloth diaper podcast and is excited to share her story on the show.

This is a long show. But its an incredible conversation with another cloth diaper mama about her cloth diaper experience. 



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Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Hi! My name is Elsbeth Callaghan and I am the producer of Practical(ly) Zero Waste, a podcast about making zero waste living as practical as possible. 



The Practically Zero Waste Podcast is a show to make zero waste living as practical as possible. It’s just a way to share about reducing single waste plastic and all the things that comes with it.   Elsbeth is an art history major and raised with an eco-friendly mindset and just a frugal lifestyle she’s carried with her into her adult years. At some point in university she was shocked at the amount of waste associated with mensutration and switched to a cup and that might just be the gateway drug to reducing her waste and moving onwards and upwards. 

She’s now a cloth diaper mama. There was no reason to not just start with cloth and have disposables on hand, so she just bought newborn diapers and it worked out great. She’s 6 months in and rocking it without any disposables yet. 

Many parents find cloth diapering as a gateway to reduce waste. Why is zero waste important and something we should consider?

It’s totally a buzzword and zero seems unattainable. These things are extreme understandings of the movement, but in reality zero waste is the goal, but not always the outcome. You’re constantly making tiny efforts, or large efforts, to reduce your impact on the planet. It’s about being really mindful about what you’re producing.  

It’s not easy to get people on board with zero waste because of the overwhelming nature of it.  

I can have a low impact on the planet. I can do it here or there. 

You have to begin by becoming aware and then slowly making chances. This isn’t an overnight thing. 

 Waste reduction is important and it’s MORE THAN RECYCLING. When you’re bringing things into your home and to think about what that thing will look like when you’re done using it. Recycling is a band-aid and not a preventative measure

Do what you can, where you are. Making the switch to plastic-free alternatives if they exist and finding those options as they appear.

Why are these changes important? 

Money saving is a really good motivator if the changes in the planet isn’t. The changes in the planet are hard to tangeable. Changes in climate doesn’t feel connected to the individual person. 

What is in your control? These things are in my domain and things I can control. 

 The style of your diaper can impact your total waste output. What is your why? How does your style of cloth diaper support your why or your convince and what is important. 

How do you balance the overwhelming nature of low waste and gender? 

The complicated gender politics of going zero waste. If it interests you then you’re going to do it. Elsbeth doesn’t think it’s necessary a conversation we need. 

Bailey: my husband won’t willing go and do things to reduce plastic. It’s hard for me to get him to think differently. 

It’s consistent small changes to your daily habits – you have to have a why or reason that’s driving you to reduce your waste. 

If anyone wants to start from scratch and enter into the zero waste movement – the very first episode of the Practically Zero Waste Podcast is about mindfulness and doing a waste audit and slowly pick away at things and what you’re consuming, and what you’re throwing out. Then there are many different topics and avenues found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and all the other podcast avenues. 

Where to find the Practically Zero Waste Podcast

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1 Comment

  1. Amy

    Hi there! I’m new to cloth diapering – starting with some previously loved CD’s for my 13 month old, my second child. I found this podcast because I’m just trying to figure out what I’m doing and the name of this show was pretty straight forward! I really enjoyed this episode because I came to cloth diapering as part of my low waste journey.

    One of your comments during the episode made me think…you talked about repurposing the absorbent parts of the diapers after the little ones are potty trained and that the covers will end up being the waste. But why even waste that? What about making any needed repairs and sending it along to another family? Or if you’re not handy with a needle and thread, maybe you know someone who is or a maybe mom who needs a cloth diaper would be willing to make the repairs? This would not only help to reduce waste (from an already low waste practice!) but could also make CD’ing more attainable for those with a smaller budget! Cloth diapering can be truly ZERO waste AND you could bring more into the fold! I know a lot of people resell their diapers, so maybe this is already happening? I’m just not sure since I’m so new!


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