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NCDR means “not cloth diaper related” and while do we chat about how using a diaper service was the best choice for Meera, we’re here to continue the conversation beyond cloth diapering and help answer the question and navigate the waters around “what else can I do.”

Meera is the woman behind the Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for eco-friendly lifestyle tips, support and conversation. 

Join us next week for more cloth diaper conversation.


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Topic: Beyond Cloth Diapering
Host: Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guest: Meera from the Green Mum

Show Notes

Meera used a cloth diaper service. It was partly an ultimatum from her husband and the need to not take on more things for their family.

What are the things that are really important to you when you make purchasing decisions?

For Meera she strives for low impact living – and finding ways to reduce her impact on the environment and that means the lowest carbon footprint and least amount of waste possible. 

 The green motherhood style begins a snowball for many cloth diaper parents, but for Meera she started with the eco-friendly and then went to cloth diapers. Her friends, @sustainablejungle, just lived a different mainstream lifestyle that made little decisions that added up. They recommended the movie – the plastic ocean – and spiralled a little of this green motherhood. 

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Other resources mentioned

  • what to do if you didn’t have access to a bulk store


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