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Babian’s Blends with Valerie

Valerie is the mama and entrepreneur behind Babian’s Blends. This up and coming cloth diaper brand creates a simple, intuitively interchangeable, cloth diaper cover that you might just fall in love with.

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Babian's Blends

Valerie helps start up businesses, and started her cloth diaper business. She always knew she would cloth diaper, but maybe didn’t expect to be starting a cloth diaper brand.

Babian’s Blends is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


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Why did you start Babian’s Blends? 

Valeries daughter Vivian and referred to her as Baby, and the older son mixed Baby and Vivian and become Babian. This became the inspiration for the brand name.


A lot of people start a cloth diaper brand or business because diaper didn’t work for them, is that part of your dream?

Part of it, but also a personal inclination to help push the cloth diaper movement. Many people don’t cloth diaper because it comes across as complicated but wanted to help simplify it. Diapers don’t necessarily need to be reinvented as much as they need to be simplified. Some features like synthetics, extra gussets and elastics, might not actually make them better, just add cost. So Babian’s Blends strive to keep them very simple.

The Babian’s Blend diaper is a simple waterproof cover with snap in inserts. It’s an open source cloth diaper that can be incorporated with other diapers and mix into your stash.

What is your inspiration for prints and solids?

People pay a lot of  attention to the prints, it’s just another option and finding prints that she likes and people will like. She reached out to artists about using art on her diapers. Valerie was worried, but it wasn’t like what she thought it would be.


What is your biggest challenge running a business?

Just being a small fish in a big sea. You just don’t have all the options the bigger players have. This impacts cost, economies of scales, and thinking about ways to be different about it.


Why should someone try Babian’s Blends?

You can use it easily, it’s simple, and doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The Babian Blend diaper is simple and easy to incorporate into your stash.

Cloth Diaper brands maybe get too caught up in competing with one another.


Babian’s Blends is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  If you want to try Babian’s Blends, you can order directly from www.babiansblends.com 




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