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About Cloth Diaper Rentals with Cotton Bottom Diaper

Have you ever wondered if you could just rent cloth diapers? Maybe you want to just try them for a little bit? Or you don’t want to invest on a newborn stash but don’t want to disposable either? Cloth diaper rentals is an option! 

Today’s show I chat with Meagan to learn about rentals, her rental business, and some questions I had about the entire process. If you have more don’t hesitate to reach out to her. This show is full of great wisdom for new cloth diapering parents. Share it with a friend. 


About the Cloth Diaper Podcast

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Cotton Bottom

 Meagan – lives near Milwauke, Wisconsin with two kids.

Her oldest is out of diapers and started this business in cloth diaper rental at the beginning of 2020.

She provides newborn rentals and one size rental services in the Milwauke area, and can ship across the United States. 

What is Cotton Bottom is a cloth diaper rental business and classes.

Meagan started cloth diapering with her first and she went through all that nesting and researched everything and this meant a ton of information about cloth diapering

She went from knowing nothing to everything and felt really well-prepared to start cloth diapering her son, and in that time she started doing more by teaching cloth diaper basics at a handful of places in the local area.

Started teaching and then noticed a trend that “they could just borrow or rent newborn sizes” because it’s such an investment – somebody should do it, and that somebody was her. There are cloth diaper businesses doing rentals and because there was nothing in her area, she decided to offer rentals and that’s where she is.

 It’s really important to offer the ongoing support along the way – even beyond the cloth diaper rental phase but encourage and empower them to do what they need along the way.

Cotton Bottom will ship anywhere in the continental USA.


What is the risk of going with rental service?

There is a contract — like don’t use bleach or fabric softener, for example. But, you’d have to do something really silly to mess up the contract. It’s really hard to destroy a diaper. If you loosing diapers is probably the biggest risk.

Diapers are made to last through hundreds of washes and durable. You’d have to work really hard to ruin them. You would pay a deposit if something does go wrong.


What does a package look like?

We do 32 diapers for 8 weeks, which is almost a full stash in her opinion. Meagan says she prefers a bigger stash to go a little longer… and newborns more frequent wetters.

The cost is about $16/week.

20 cents a disposable, 12 per day, and 7 days a week is comparable – really depends on the type and cost of diaper you are sourcing. Disposable and cloth diapering is hard to nail down.

 And people will cloth diaper for other reasons.


What is the biggest reason someone should try a rental?

For Cotton Bottom rental service is the support they get during and after. There are a lot of social media groups that you can use and rely on – but knowing the person and having 1:1 conversation is invaluable and special. This is something that could really help people.

Some people will rent and never touch base again and that’s okay.

Some people will have issues, and I’ll be there for them.

Everyone always says you should try lots of different diapers…  rental can help fill that gap.


Find somebody who can help – a forum, or a local person like Megan and take advantage of that.





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