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Petite Crown with Mari

Petite Crown is designed in California by Mari. This brand features a wide selection of products manufactured overseas including covers, pockets, and absorbent material

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Petite Crown

Mari is the owner of Petite Crown based out of California, USA.  

Petite Crown officially lauched in January 2019. It took about a year prior to get It up and going. I always wanted to help people out and I thought it might look like something else, like literacy and other ideas.


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What is behind the name?

It means little crown, but my first child’s name is Charles and we joke that he is Kings Charles. A lot of small businesses name their businesses after their children’s, so that was the spin we made.


Let’s talk about manufacturing?

Petite Crown is designed in California, but manufactured in China. Petite Crown has been transparent and open about this conversation in the past and I ask why it’s important.


Mari specifies that she does have prefolds and flats manufactured in Pakistan. She talks about a bit of struggle to find a factory or manufacturing for cloth diapering.


She went through the steps and had a third party audit. She was going to visit them this year, but with COVID. It’s still in the plan.  She continues to share some great information about the relationship with the factory and manufacturing.


Thinking about your products… Why did you decide what you chose and what does into designing those productS?


I tried to prepared a variety of products for everyone to try and find something that worked for them. And then started adding things based on requests. It wasn’t one word, but started to notice needs for products and if it fit. Happy to be an option in the cloth diaper community.


What is your favourite product at home?

With my son, who is 3.5, and I’ve always liked heavy duty fitted – so the Catcher cover is a great choice for him and a favourite.  And with her daughter, she has been loving pockets for night time.


Every baby is different. It’s not meant to work for everyone.


We touched a little a bit about Diaper Need. What is Fluff & Beyond?

Petite Crown donates one diaper for every cloth diaper purchased. And this is the reason she wanted to start a cloth diaper company because 1 in every 3 families has a hard time to afford diapers.


Jake’s Diapers is an organisation doing that and helping the families to end Diaper Need. That’ the organisation Petite Crown has paired with that supports orphanages internationally, and accepts national applications in the USA.


4,000 diapers in less than two years of being in business.


What keeps you going?

The community. The pictures make you really happy.


What conversation needs to change in the cloth diaper community?

When Mari was a parent with her son, she wasn’t very active in the social media scene. Cloth Community needs to offer support and assistance instead of immediately shutting people down for small and big questions. If we can remember that before we jump in.




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