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Pooters Diapers

Join Majaliwa, the founder of Pooters Diapers, share about her cloth diaper journey starting her cloth diaper business and her passion for the future. Majaliwa story talks about designing a fitted diaper for her son, manufacturing overseas, and conversations around diaper need and the future of the brand. 





Pooters Diapers

Majaliwa is the woman behind Pooters Diapers, and mom of four living in Texas. She designed the Pooters hemp fitted to meet her childs overnight needs and has grown the business ever since.



I also did a full picture review of the Pooters Hemp Fitted Diaper and you can find that here.

Where does the Pooters Diapers Journey begin?

11 years ago – 2009 – started out cloth diapering because she’s always been an advocate for the environment and when she found out she was expecting she was going to do all the green things. 


M started cloth diapering – and then at 6 months he started leaking through everything. Nighttime was the most disgusting and there would be pee everywhere in the morning. She went online and looked what other parents were doing and she knew as an Engineer that had to be a better way.


She went through the process and research looking for the most absorbent diaper out there. She started ordering fabric online, an electric hand sewing machine, she cut out the shape of a diaper and sews it.


The diaper works.

The hemp I bought was 100% hemp and not comfortable.

So she keeps going and finding and testing other blends – she gets to 50/50 ish then you get the absorbency benefit and the softness of the cotton.

Her MIL gives her a sewing machine and she keeps puttering along learning to sew, design, and set up a better version of her first mock up.


Working wasn’t working out, so ended up leaving her job. A good friend of hers would meet weekly and motivate each other to keep going on their projects. He encouraged her with a name and encouraged her to look for manufacturing to sell.


Eleven years ago she found a manufacturer and has been with them for that long. She opted to go to China because that’s where the hemp textile was exclusively coming from at the time.  It took about 18 months to get that first set of hemp pooters diapers.


This was when bloggers were the big influencers at the time. I hand wrote notes to the top five cloth diaper bloggers at the time about her product to feature it on her blog – a couple of them picked it up. Autumn from All About Cloth Diapers emailed her, and did this amazing blog post that just spiked Pooters sales.  


Are you with any retailers?

There is a few retailers including Crunchy Boutique


What keeps you going 11 years later?

The moms.

When I first started – there was a problem, and I fixed it.

But there’s this other side of me that is hugely empathetic, and being a mom can be so lonely.

To be able to spend a few minutes giving people support is just what is needed.


What is your dream for the future?

There is one big one – what I think about is the underserved.

Still trying to figure out the way to have the most impact, and she fundamentally believes that everyone deserves access to a clean bottom and do her part in making that. She donates every year to a few different charities in the US and outside of the US, and will ship boxes of diapers where it is needed and it’s just not enough.


Where do we buy Pooters Diapers

www.pootersdiapers.comFacebook Page – Instagram Page



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