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Diaper Dawg

Aisha is the creative mama behind the Diaper Dawg and Spray Collar. Today she joins me on the show to share how she problem solved some of the yuck out of cloth diapering. 

Like many of us, she didn’t like touching dirty diapers and needed a better answer for keeping the spray in. That’s how the Diaper Dawg and Spray collar came to be. You’ll love this show with her. 

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Diaper Dawgs

 In 2012, I had my first son and I knew I wanted to save money, and cloth diapering came up as one of those things. It was a natural progression and I finally decided on  it and decided on the perfect pocket cloth diaper.

It advertised that the inserts would separate out in the wash and wouldn’t require any mess or fussing out. And the inserts never washed out! And these diapers didn’t agitate out on their own so I did it myself.

First I tried to use gloves, then I tried to use shopping bags, and that didn’t work and then I saw the oven mits…. 

It was supposed to be pocket pals – these mits are for pocket cloth diapers that don’t agitate out like they are supposed to. I wanted to make lots of different animals and then I figured out molding costs and decided on the dogs.

I didn’t want to be confused on an actual dog company. I choose dawg – which is slang for friend. 

For some women it’s really a struggle to handle dirty diapers.


Looking at the Diaper Dawg, it’s very small…

Yes, it fits in the palm of your hand.

I cloth diaper but I Don’t’ want to be reminded about it all the time.

What is your background? Who were you before a mom? How did you get into product development?

Aisha has a degree in graphic design, and around the birth of my two sons, I laid off and pregnant.  I was worrying about that and basically when I was cloth diapering with my son, and it just got so gross and I thought there could be another way.


Let’s talk about your sprayer?

Before the sprayer, Aisha used a dedicated spatula for her cloth diapers, but when I got into formula it got thicker and grossier. And at the time everyone was using the diaper sprayer or bidet. She had very high water pressure and it was creating a mess .

Solutions to that was to use the five gallon bucket, but she found that was too big for her space. I tried a folding sprayer shield and it wasn’t quite right for her either.

But knowing the nature of the cloth diaper industry, that if I did create something it had to be completely different and couldn’t look similar. It came full circle to the kitchen and the funnel… what if this could stick to the sprayer head and enclosed the sprayer. And from there we got the Spray Collar!

The funnel fits in the palm of your hand. You stretch it out and place it around the diameter of the nozzle. The funnel is collapsible. The 1” diameter is what most bidets and sprayers are out there.   You hold the funnel flush to the area you need sprayed and just wiggle it around with your wrist. Everything collects in the funnel, and then you stop and release. And move onto the next area.


Do you find that you get a thorough pre clean?

With the spray collar your really close to the spot and you get all of your water force dedicated ot cleaning it thoroughly.

Now if you are spray whisper – you could get away with hoovering the collar over the diaper and work your wrist around the product. But start flush and work up.


The Aerosal Effect

Do you feel a light mist? If you do, things are getting around.


Is the spray collar easy to clean?

Yes! It’s one mold, it fits in the palm of your hand – the size of a CD.

Spray it down, wipe it, and easy to clean.


Your collars are sold with a wringing pad?

Throughout this journey, I’ve always look for customer feedback – we shifted from the opaque tie die, so I went back and made with clear. I couldn’t just do clear, and added glitter.

Now I can see, but read in other blogs that they don’t want to have to touch the diaper so the shield or pad helps with that. 

I wanted the pad to be multi use, the pad stretches out the diaper, has a handle, and it’s scoured so you can fold it in half and wring it.  It doesn’t have clips for messes, and it’s easy to wipe down and clean out. You can even use the D hole to help spray out menstrual pads.


One of the biggest struggles about the Spray Collar is leaks.

If you have the collar flush to the diaper, then you shouldn’t have issues and spray with leaks. You have to stop your sprayer every time you move to a different section of the diaper.


How can we support business owners with innovative new products and brands?

I think a lot of the ground work starts with the Facebook groups and welcoming the competition and bring up the options. 

In the early days, I totally whitewashed the branding. I got sucked into the Facebook groups and needed to get out. And then I switched it up, I went black, and lets defy normal. Why am I trying to make this mainstream?  I’m evolving the brand into me. I’m an introvert, but slowly trying to speak me. For the past three years, we’ve been on a bit of a break. I wasn’t actively marketing. But now, I’m going to pick it back up and turn it around.


 The product isn’t for everyone.

And that’s okay.

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