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Elskbar Reusables

Louise joins me from Denmark to share her story in creating Elskbar Reusables. Elskbar is a Danish cloth diaper brand featuring a snap-in diaper made with natural fibres and beautiful neutral prints. This cloth diaper brand launched the summer of 2020 and is now available in retailers around the world.

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Elskbar Reusables

Louise is a mom of three, former physical therapist, and now owner and creator of Elskbar Reusables. She lives in Denmark. 

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Louise lives in Denmark, and she has three sons. She wanted to start with her first son, but they didn’t have a washing machine, so it wasn’t possible at that time. With her second son, she started cloth diapering and really loved it.  I had the same mission of not wrapping him in plastic and wanted to give him the best possible start.

Louise discovered that there were lots of other great things about cloth diapering, like the environment and the money.

B: Is cloth diapering common in Denmark?

Disposable diapers are definitely common. Cloth is not that common. If you see a baby with a cloth diaper, you stop and say something. But it doesn’t happen very often.

She has a meet up with other mothers who cloth diaper near her – called Blegrams. These small communities provide support for talking about and learning about cloth diapers.

You get to know other mothers doing cloth diapers near you. Louise has made many great friends from Blegrams.

 Check out the show with Romi from Argentina.

In Denmark it’s just normal mothers inviting other mothers into their home and eating cake. It’s very cozy.

You didn’t cloth diaper your first child, but you did with your second… Why did you start Elskbar Diapers.

 Louise started Elskbar with her third son, and she used the diapers from her second son and they didn’t have the features she was looking for. The more she cloth diapered, the more she wanted something better that met her needs.

She would find diapers with a lot of absorbency, but the fit was off.

I started sewing my own patterns. I sent testers to friends, and my own son, and got feedback. My brother told me that I just needed to start a company and sell diapers.

She officially launched, June 2020.

 Check out my first impressions of the Elskbar Cloth Diaper on my perosnal blog later this week – https://www.simplymombailey.com


What’s your inspiration behind the colour theme at Elskbar Diapers?

I’m not a huge bright colour person. I like to give simple colours and prints to my children. And that really reflected in my cloth diapers.

If you want gendered, bright coloured diapers, there’s lots of options. Louise filled a colour palette she liked in the diaper style of diaper.


What is the name of Elskbar.

The names of my kids just didn’t work.

One day, I was in bed and it just came to me.

This name was perfect

It was easy to pronounce.

In Danish it means Loveable, the more I got into this word there were so many things about it that reflected what I wanted.


  What has been your biggest challenge about starting a cloth diaper company?

 The hardest part about your own business is finding the time to do business and to be together with your family.


What was your career path before diapers?

Louise is an occupational therapist.

It’s a lot different to shift towards the computer-based job. She loves getting to talk to people and see how they are.

Louise’s goal is to have a show room in the basement in the future.


What has been one of the most rewarding things about starting Elskbar Diapers?

She has 100-1000 of diapers in her home right now.  

It is amazing to design yourself and whatever you want.

And I’m surprised at how many people I talk to every day to help with their cloth diapering adventure.


What are some of your long-term goals for Elskbar?

I would love for everyone to know about Elskbar and have the possibility of buying my diapers no matter where they live. Right now, I have shipped diapers out to twenty countries around the world. The next steps would be to have more retailers.

Right now, I’m with four retailers

She got feedback from her retailers – I never had so much traffic so much on the first day of a brand launch. It was so great to hear from another web shop that it was a success for them as well. 

Louise wants you to know she’s spent a lot of time designing Elskbar Diapers to ensure that she delivers a product that has been thoroughly thought through. This product is made with a lot of passion and love and can see that in the diaper.


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