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Little Fanny Pants

Today’s show is with Kristine V from Little Fanny Pants. Her story into cloth diapering is a little different but her passion to create a product, work with suppliers, and ensure that families around the world have access to a great cloth diaper is there and strong. Join us today to learn more about this up and coming new cloth diaper brand. 

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Little Fanny Pants

It all started with my obsession of all things reusable. I opened my WAHM shop, and I have been designing and sewing reusable cloth pads for years now through my business MissFannyPants. I have provided reusable menstrual products to people all over the world.

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My name is Kristine and I’m the owner of Little Fanny Pants, and Miss Fanny Pants, based out of Idaho. Kristine is past the stage of cloth diapering.

Where does your story start if you have a ten year old?

I came home from the hospital with my youngest and I was allergic to everything. I found out I was allergic to store bought menstrual products and started doing research on the internet and found out about cloth menstrual pads – oh, what are those – and that was something I explored.

At the time, I learnt how to make them myself. ­­­They were horrible in the beginning. I practiced my sewing and eventually got better. Then friends got interested. And then I found Facebook groups and started having requests to make custom orders…. And that led me to start my business Miss Fanny Pants.

I’m glad to offer cloth dipaers – but sad to miss out on that.

Miss Fanny Pants shop opened about three years ago, and then I went into making scrundies, and then I had requests for trainers, and then requests for cloth diapers. From customer requests, I found myself exploring cloth diapers. I was so busy with custom orders that I couldn’t take on another product like that – so I went in to source them from a factory.

I tried to look local – but it was disappointing but local wasn’t an option.

I started researching factories overseas – it took about a year of samples, and getting things lined up to find. I had a hard time finding a factory.


What was something you were looking for in your factory?

I was looking for certifications and having a third-party inspections

I almost gave up looking for the right factory. I had certain expectations as a seamstress and it was challenging. My husband suggested I just try one more. The factory that I found is amazing and they’ve gone out of there way to support me in what I want in the brand. I’ve built a great relationship with the factory representative.

We launched Little Fanny Pants in July in the middle of a Pandemic.


What is the Miss Fanny Pants Cloth Diaper?  

It’s a stay dry pocket diaper, all in two style with snap in inserts. It has a microsuede stay dry liner, with a tummy flannel, back and front inserts, and a natural fiber insert.

I’m really proud of my inserts because they took the longest to find. I wanted the quality to be WAHM quality. And I wasn’t happy with the samples. It took a while to get there. There’s such a range of products that come from manufacturers.

The insert is an organic bamboo/cotton. It’s pre-shrunk – washed and steamed before it’s cut.


Whats your favourite thing about joining the cloth diaper industry?

Picking out the new prints and designs for the diapers.

If I had my choose… it would be floral, but there’s always the need for gender neutral.


What’s one of the hardest things about pivoting to cloth diapers?

Getting the word out there.  I’m established in the cloth pad world, but coming over is a challenge and different. Growing the right audience for the new shift and transition.

Whats up and coming?

I’m working for new product to launch for 2021. I want to give more options to parents who don’t want a pocket diaper.

And long term, would love to get into retailers.

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