Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 87

Unicorn Clean, the magic detergent being recommended by everyone

This year, Unicorn Clean has taken the cloth diaper community by storm. Families around the world are having a positive experience with this simple eco-friendly detergent. So what’s the deal?

Melanie joins me today to share about her families story of starting a detergent brand, and what you need to know to get Unicorn Clean products to work for you. 

Check out Karen’s Unicorn Clean Story:

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Show Transcription

Bailey Bouwman  00:00

This is show 87 of the cloth diaper Podcast. Today I’m joined with Melanie from unicorn clean and we’re here to talk about her detergent product and how it works with cloth diapers


Bailey Bouwman  00:19

we do a little bit of a shout out to Karen. And when she did she reached out to Melanie at unicorn clean I kind of I gave out this option that if you wanted to guess write for the cloth diaper podcast regularly and reach out and strike your own brand deals that you could do that because I kind of needed some help. And I still do so if you’ve been looking for a platform to blog on and you want to blog on my platform. I would love to have you. Anyways, she reached out to Melanie at unicorn clean and hosted a giveaway. And in doing so I was like I never thought to reach out to unicorn clean. So I reached out to unicorn clean and today Melanie is joining us to share her story of cloth diapering or not her story of cloth diapering her story of her detergent brand and or her family’s detergent brand and provide some insight into that. Welcome to the cloth diaper podcast.


Bailey Bouwman  01:22

My name is Bailey. I am the host of the cloth diaper podcast a space where we talk to cloth diaper brands retailers and parents to share their experiences, stories and wisdom that they have to offer. We are a global community where we talk about cloth diapering and we do so in a way that can help encourage us to rewrite the narrative and empower others to find their best journey.


Bailey Bouwman  01:45

The cloth diaper podcast now offers a membership platform. With opportunities to continue to support the show. We are growing into several different membership networks that continue to expand this collaborative nature of diapering reach out and connect with other bloggers, brands and parents. If this might interest you check out the clutter To learn more find me on social media or give me a call.


Bailey Bouwman  02:09

Anyways, without further ado, I’m going to share Melanie’s story. This is a little bit of a long episode, I think it’s about 40 minutes. But it was really awesome. She did join me over the phone. So the quality might not be awesome. But I know that you want to hear about a story.


Bailey Bouwman  02:28

And seriously if you have any questions, she was the sweetest. And I know with all my heart that she would love to support you on your diapering journey and ensuring that you can get everything in your life. Unicorn sparkly clean.


Bailey Bouwman  02:42

So Melanie, my understand I was just on unicorn cleans website and this little bit of a family business. You’re not You’re not the one behind the brand. You’re definitely a team player here in this team doing a lot of this customer service and retailer work. But tell me what is unicorn clean? Where did that beginning story and who are you in relation to that?


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  03:04

Okay, so when I was still in college, my aunt and uncle piano and Anna decided to start a business for their saddle pads, horse blankets, riding gear. And that was started probably 1989 Right when I was graduating. And I remember how excited they were about it talking about all the different formulas that they’ve learned and putting things together. And the way this branched out was so I am the need to work with my aunt and uncle. And the way unicorn came about was my mother actually has 160 alpaca. And they started helping each other out with my aunt and my mom started helping each other out with the alpaca business.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  04:01

And so in the meantime, there’s still have the formulas that claim saddle pads and force blankets and everything like that. So they ended up selling that part of the company, but keeping the cleaning part of the company. So when they did that, they ended up we all ended up moving to Virginia somehow because of the alpacas and I started working with my family and pretty much became the face of the Beyond line. So that is how I started in this industry. They ended up selling the leather care products with along with the horse blanket products and everything. And we took those products and branched out into the raw fleece and fiber industry. So we’re in mini mill And then branched out to the baby industry. Yeah, that’s how we started with this. And I think it’s going strong, around seven to 10 years that kind


Bailey Bouwman  05:12

of started out with a family of alpaca farmers needing product for their fiber for their gear, and kind of just kind of evolving and dominating. And here we are top 30. i I’m born in 90, 31 years later, branching out into this raw fiber industry, this baby industry, and working with a whole different bunch of fiber artists that really I mean, I would consider Bumby wool and Humbert and Blythe and literally all kind of like a fiber artist of some sort with a finished product. Right? Yeah, all of these really incredible products. The the cloth diaper community has really, really embraced you this last year, I would say I hear about unicorn clean almost everywhere I go to how did that kind of did you just did that just come out from working with somebody looking for better products for their, their fibers for their finished products? Do you have any idea where that kind of merge started?


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  06:13

Absolutely. Yes, I do. And I remember the day and it Yes, it was very funny, because so we’re in the fiber industry. And we sometimes go to trade shows and everything. And we met up with many mill who actually did a lot of the cloth diapering products. And they were branching out there. And we’re like, Well, that sounds very interesting. But at the same time, we were trying to get and understand that we could clean cloth diapers. The cloth diaper industry reached out to us it was like, we were talking to each other with the universe. It was crazy. It was the same exact time someone reached out. And they said, we actually tried your unicorn products. And we tried them on cloth diapers. And on wool, Woolies, Soakers. And we fell in love with them. And that’s how this started. Going into making the beyond line. Now the beyond line did not exist. Before that. That’s why I say it’s been like seven to 10 years in the making. Yeah, so the unicorn fiber line, the power scour fiber washing fiber rinse, started almost 30 years ago, and now it’s branched out into the baby industry.


Bailey Bouwman  07:43

And people have really picked it I don’t really makes sense intuitively, like cleaning raw fiber is arguably not a whole lot different than cleaning a diaper, right? Because raw fiber is full of everything but the animal


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  07:59

as Yes, exactly. So when you’re talking beyond clean, is the fragrance free version. So all of our baby line is to beyond clean the beyond fiber wash and the beyond soft. So when you’re talking those products and how they morph into the diaper industry, one is especially with the environment, and how long it takes to dispose of a plastic diaper disposable diaper. And that’s when the Lilly and Frank came out and found the wool and a whole bunch of others. And we started talking with each other about what our products can do, because with the raw fleeces and fibers, it removes contamination, it removes feces, all kinds of animal outputs, just like CDL


Bailey Bouwman  08:59

I never really drew the connection until we just started chatting here, Melanie, because I know like in the baby, the cloth industry, things are weird in this industry, people get all like, oh has to be detergency to have all these things. But like, at its core, you guys have been doing all of that with plant based products for years. It was just like, of course it’s gonna be applicable


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  09:21

or so. Yes. And what you brought up was, since we have been doing this for years when a new formula does come out, and it does the same as another formula, but now they’re saying, Okay, it’s biodegradable, it’s more biodegradable, or more earth friendly or whatever. We are the first ones to take that, test it out and make sure it works as effectively and efficiently. With the cleaning of the cloth diapers and the Woolies and everything in removing all the contaminants but yet keeping such is a good product that isn’t filled with chemicals. And we don’t believe in enzymes as well. And some people have said, I don’t understand what about this enzyme stuff isn’t that good. And actually, enzymes will eat away at natural fibers. So we have always stayed away from that. But yet, we have this formula that seems to remove all of your baby outputs to be nice, green lanolin, any kind of heavy dirt, soil without harming fiber. And the fiber just start out as you can ask any of your diaper industry people how do they get their fibers? Will they start with the raw fleeces and fibers that are washed, then are changed into your batting or whatever they’re making out of it yarn? And then they create their diapers?


Bailey Bouwman  11:01

Yeah, I was like, what was I thought there was. This is not the first time that somebody on the podcast has said that enzymes are not awesome. There is a very common conversation, especially with, you’re not the only brand out there who’s developed a plant based detergent. And I find that when I talk to a lot of detergent, people who go into this conversation of formulating a detergent, they Yeah, they they come with this idea because everybody’s told them oh, we need to enzyme a server of feces and then they talk to their their formulation specialist. And the formulation specialist is like now that’s now we can we’ll do this without enzymes, we don’t need the enzymes. And that’s is that the role that your uncle plays, he’s an important part in that in the the formulating of your products.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  11:50

Exactly, yes, he actually works extremely close with chemists, he does have some chemistry background as well. And the past 31 plus years, he has learned so many things by working super close with these chemists. And he’s always in contact with them like 10 feet in front of me, I have different jars of stuff that my uncle is actually putting together and testing out to make things even safer and better for the industry. And we’ve actually been tested out there from the mini Mills, which is taking the raw fibers and then washing them. And out of eight different products, I think that were tested, we are the number one most biodegradable product out there that is safe for the environment, we can take all of our dirty water, which they call it gray water with the products in it and throw it in your plants and your plants will be fine.


Bailey Bouwman  12:51

Oh, that’s awesome. And a phenomenal thing for anybody listening who’s dealing with septic or off the grid or situations where they definitely don’t maybe have access to the same facilities for water removal. And even if you have the same facilities for water removal, that whole story of detergent, traveling for water systems is


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  13:15

what’s good about unicorn products is that they are not harsh, and they can go into your septic and be fine. Yeah,


Bailey Bouwman  13:24

it’s such a huge problem for so many people. One of the things that when I talk to people one on one about uniform is they get a little bit scared because of your price. But I’ve been talking with brands and retailers and they say it’s so concentrated. People shouldn’t be so concerned about the price, because it’s gonna go just as far if not further, what does that mean? That superduper concentration of A unicorn and how consumers should be using it with washing diapers or Woolies or however they’re using it.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  13:55

I’m so happy you asked me this question because I get this so much. People always think, Oh, it’s a little as good. A lot is going to be even better. And


Bailey Bouwman  14:09

this idea, but we do.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  14:11

I know I do the same thing. I still do the same thing. And I’m like no, now you really don’t need to. And because I only use our unicorn products. And so here’s the truth is we are so highly concentrated. We don’t want to ship water all over the world. We want to ship a really good formula that you can use our average of what we say and it doesn’t include your hard water or your soft water or types of machines because there’s ag machines there’s a front loader machines there’s a front loader, a cheese, you know all of that. What I usually say to customers, the best thing to do is take around one tablespoon per two gallons of water. That’s all you need. And if someone has a full Heavy Load that. And let’s say hard water. So we do have a formula inside of our products that offset the hot water effects. So you don’t need something extra. Like I know some people say Oh, I just want Calgon and, or something to offset that. So we do have that in our products, which is good. So they don’t need another product. So they’re saving right there on money. One or two tablespoons per load, I would usually say two tablespoons for a full load of diapers, and then adjust accordingly to your hard water or your soft water,


Bailey Bouwman  15:46

which is what a lot of us are doing with our traditional detergents. To be honest, yeah, so kind of you make that adjustment. Exactly. So it’s not a lot. Yeah, it’s not a lot at all. If you think about oh, what a cap. I don’t want to have what I have. I have a scoop. I may be used tide because it’s at Costco on sale. Well. It’s quite a lot of detergent that I’m following the packaging that I need to add to my machine. It’s definitely more than a tablespoon.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  16:17

Oh, yes. So what happened was I was just about to tell you last week I went to my in laws place about two and a half hours from here and we went on the boat and I just threw in a bunch of pebbles and whatever we used and the only head tide. So I was like alright, I’m going to grab some tide and I read the directions is still to this line. I was like, Oh my gosh, you have to fill so much of this stuff. And we’re not talking one or two tablespoons. I think we’re talking like a quarter of a cup five to 10 tablespoons. Yeah, so actually people have done studies if you go on Have you ever heard of Yuki will


Bailey Bouwman  17:00

care? No. Yes, I know the name. Yeah. Okay,


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  17:03

so I know Yuki Wool will has done a study where she’s actually taken multiple different products that are out in the market and taken our unicorn and kind of divided it out. And a few different companies have done this as well where you can find out how much it is and I think one company came out with like pennies of a difference at that and that’s it pennies of a difference and you’re getting a safer product tide is one of the most toxic products and I don’t want to I’m not saying anything bad about any companies because tide great you know, they’ve been in forever. I mean, I remember using them when I was little. But there are harsher chemicals out there and and not very environmentally friendly and we’re trying to get that way especially nowadays, you know, are just we’ve got to save our world. Other topic


Bailey Bouwman  18:02

chatting with I had the pleasure of visiting Heather Lilly and Frank in August. Great checking out her workshop and talking to her and I I have spent now like four hours on the phone with Stephanie at Bumby was the only product they use in prepping and now they’re using it in their home laundry and I’m like okay, maybe when this box of tide goes through and I’m done maybe it’s time to actually give it a go. And I don’t even have an excuse Melanie because I do have a huge not a huge ball. I have like a mid sized bottle of beyond clean in my laundry room. So it’s just it’s just a habit and I think that’s for a lot of us you know you like your family grows up on tide. It’s there you just you kind of sometimes getting out of that habit is really hard. And more I talk to people about how they’ve just had this revolutionary clean experience with your product. The more I’m starting to believe


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  19:01

I have to say that also what I’ve noticed is well it depends on what tide you get. But when I wash these white towels it actually left a blue tint Yeah, and I was like what is why is it doing that? So our products don’t do that we do not have any obstacle brighteners in our products we don’t have any SLS which is a sodium lauryl sulfate which is big in the just the regular washing of the tides in the games and everything that’s out there. Oh, there was something else I wanted to say what


Bailey Bouwman  19:46

I was gonna say you I was on your website this morning and you talk about there’s a section that talks about the different types of surfactants and ionics, and aionics tags So you guys, like unicorn clean has a great website there, maybe isn’t you, Melanie has created all this content you’ve done. So many blogs, and you’ve had so many writings about different ways that to use your products and how and why it does what it does, it was so helpful. And it was really cool to see almost that transparency and the detergency conversation. As a consumer, sometimes it feels like detergent is just magic. And people don’t want to tell me why it’s magic. But it was awesome to read that. Well,


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  20:29

I really appreciate that. Because it’s been years in the making. So sometimes when I get a customer that actually calls and says, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. I listened to them so well. And I try to find out everything that they’re doing, and then how to improve on what they’re doing. And until we find that sweet spot, and it works, and they’re like, oh my gosh, thank God, or I’ll have people just calling me up and say, Thank you so much, you have no idea, you saved my sanity. And I have this like all the time and I love it. So what I try to do is take what I’ve learned from different people and create a little blog on the website, say, Okay, if you have this problem, try this. If you have this problem, try this. And then if there’s something on there that anyone has an issue with, they can just email me or call me or anything. I will try to solve it with you. And I will put it on the website for everyone else to read.


Bailey Bouwman  21:31

I think that’s a really important thing to talk about Melanie, because I was chatting with a real mom and the other day and she was talking to me about a product she was using. And I was like, Did you maybe Did you call the company like they might, they might want to know that that’s being a problem for you. Because I’m sure that they would love to walk, walk you through it and make sure that their product is like, it sounds like and I hear this from a lot of you guys want your product to succeed for people like you want people to have a good experience. We’re not out there.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  22:00



Bailey Bouwman  22:01

Is there any I can’t clean with unicorn?


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  22:05

Oh, that is a very good question. You don’t probably want to clean yourself with the unicorn. But you can but we don’t recommend it. So you know, I love using it. Well my carpet. And actually yes, and we actually have carpet industries that buy our bulk size products and use to beyond clean for heavy soiled areas. So people


Bailey Bouwman  22:36

are two dogs, two children who are potty training, thinking about how that could help my upstairs carpet now.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  22:44

So the beyond clean, works amazing. With this, what I do is I’ll take about an ounce of beyond clean and I’ll pour it in the little machine because I have a carpet machine. And then you fill it with hot water and you clean your carpet. The best thing about it is if you’ve ever used carpet cleaner, the stain always comes back to be on clean actually remove all the dirt and debris and pulls up everything. So you’re seeing doesn’t come back.


Bailey Bouwman  23:16

Which is a weekend project. Melanie?


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  23:19

Yes, you definitely need to what else? Any dog said any kitty puke. I I’m just using it for my own experience. I take Oh, you know what I did the other day. And I did put this on Instagram is my husband has this bird food outside. And it has a special formula that like leaves the tackiness together. So it holds all the seats together. And the birds were eating it, but they were eating it and then bringing it onto our deck. And then it was disgusting. Like our deck railing is white, and it was turning black. And I was like what the heck. And I actually just grabbed thought I have done dishwashing soap or whatever and I just grabbed it. And I was like well, let’s try this. It didn’t remove it. And I was like, Oh my gosh, what I was I didn’t want to say like how can I not do this I grabbed power Scout power scour is the other formula of the Beyond plate. So let’s say I grabbed the beyond clean that’s the fragrance free one and added just a little like a little pour that even a teaspoon with probably, I don’t know, a gallon or less of hot water and I took my son and I just started wiping it It came off so quickly. So it removes all the creases of grime. I’ve used it on my kitchen in my Have you ever gotten grease Mills on your stove? I use it with very very little with some water And it just points to clean.


Bailey Bouwman  25:03

Bottles beyond clean and I’m never gonna go back.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  25:06

It’s never beyond clean in my bathroom in my kitchen. And of course in my laundry room.


Bailey Bouwman  25:16

I’ve always kind of, I saw the light from black life, bring in your big your big jags. And I was like, seriously, who needs that much detergent? Are you to guard as this? This is why this is why she’s bringing in the big jugs.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  25:30

And she actually liked was talking to me one day, I don’t remember it was like email or whatever. But what’s good about having the gallons is that they do last you a long time. You’re talking if you’re washing every day, you’re talking it will last at least six, seven months. And that’s how


Bailey Bouwman  25:52

long they want my detergents last I don’t like going to the store. And I don’t want to ship your shipping it. Let’s ship it once. Ship it right. Yeah,


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  25:59

exactly. I agree. 100% Especially nowadays where who wants to go to a store, you can get everything online. It’s crazy to


Bailey Bouwman  26:08

go to the store. I especially as a mother with I have a it was hard when they were toddlers but I have a four and six year old now. And it’s like really hard. They’ve got these big opinions. They want to do things. They don’t want to go down the aisle. They don’t want to wait for me to read the backs of a box. So I will store even more.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  26:31

Speaking of your toddlers, how messy are your windows?


Bailey Bouwman  26:37

Oh, yeah, we don’t look we don’t look at our windows. Okay. And it’s cold. And if I keep the blinds closed, then I can’t see.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  26:46

Well, I remember my kids would always run up to the windows and just touch everything. And it was disgusting. You take a little bit of the Beyond clean with some water. You mix it together. You wipe it up and you dry it and there are no fingerprints anymore. No smears. No yucky stuff, whatever. So yeah, so that’s another way to use it. There


Bailey Bouwman  27:11

always so it’s not a matter if there’s something I can’t watch. It’s what can I watch? I can pretty much just keep going at it. And I mean, I the other day on Tik Tok, I saw a hack where the people were mixing tide was tied with soap and for walls. So obviously, I could just have us beyond clean, it would have been better on my hands to destroy my skin,


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  27:35

and anything stinky also like, okay, my husband’s gym clothes. They really get when I actually met him in the gym. And he would come in and he worked out and after an hour, I’m like, now did you pack your clothes before you put them on? Well, I came back and I talked to my uncle and I said, Why don’t you smell so bad? And he said, now that’s actually the bacteria and everything that when it gets wet from his sweat is starting to stink. And he’s not cleaning his clothes, right? So before we ended up getting married and everything, I gave him some of our products and they said please just try using less. Well, he uses it for everything now. I mean, everything. It’s so funny and his clothes when he slept. And now that’s another thing. Oh and towels must be towels. Use with the beyond clean. It really gets out all your mess,


Bailey Bouwman  28:36

all these things. So just because we in the cloth, diaper cloth diaper community gets attached to a natural detergent often, and then they get bought out. And then they get reformulated. And then our hearts break. What is could that happened to unicorn? Are you guys wanting to stay family owned forever? We’re worried about formulas changing with our favorite plant based detergents.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  29:02

Okay, well, the good news is when we my aunt and uncle had sold their other product, it was called leather therapy. They sold it to a company who kept the formulas the same. And we work very, very closely with them to help them learn everything. You can never say never in life about selling or not selling. That is just a part of life. I think what what we did is this is like our child and when you raise a child and you let them grow with and you just want to love them and be with them and everything. And when you let them go. You still want to love them and be with them and


Bailey Bouwman  29:50

so they move on to a new home they change a little bit as a cloth


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  29:57

No, I don’t think there would ever I can’t ever say ever. But as for now, in the future, we are here. We’re here to help everyone.


Bailey Bouwman  30:08

I think I’ve I think I’ve picked up on that passion today melon, melody of this, this family on business and all the work that you’ve done over the last 30 years now not not necessarily you I mean as, right.


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  30:21

So when I came, yeah, yeah. And but when I came in, and then we started doing I was here for their leather therapy products, but then when it started changing over to the unicorn products, and the baby products, and just, it is your child, and you do the best that you can. And we love all of our customers. Oh my goodness, I can talk to anybody about anything and be there to help. And even if which never usually happens, but even if you have an irate customers like blah, blah, blah, blah, okay, well, let’s try to fix this. And you just show them that this company really does mean so much. And my uncle is actually only five feet behind me, well, maybe 20 feet, but he’s working on his desk right now. And we come in every morning, and they’re always hugs. And if we don’t see each other over the weekend, there’s usually two hugs, and we talk about everything and, and the unicorn products and how things are going. And it’s just such an amazing family. We love each other. And we love our products. And we love the people to reach out to us and need help with


Bailey Bouwman  31:33

manufacturers locally than in Vermont, like are you? So we’re actually Oh, Virginia, sorry,


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  31:39

yes. So when my aunt and uncle lived in New Jersey, when they started making the products, and they mix up their selves themselves, and model them themselves. And then we just got too big. And when we all moved to Virginia together, we branched out and found a facility that can mix and blend for us and bottle for us. Those are, they’re in Tennessee, and they’re the company that actually sells sends out our big pallet all over the world. And then we’ll do onesies and twosies here. And I’ll get to know a lot more individual people who go direct, but we try to tell people go to your diaper companies and go to your wool companies and everything and we don’t want we’re manufacturing, we don’t want to sell individuals, we want everyone to get to know each other and work together. But we’re always here to help.


Bailey Bouwman  32:46

I mean, and that’s really that’s the best kind of relationship we can see from a brand and a unicorn. You just set around the world. And I know for sure there’s a ton of retailers in Canada. There’s a ton of retailers in the United States. But you’re saying we can probably find new frankly and then internationally as well. Is that information on your website?


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  33:03

Yes, it is. So it’s under Yes, under the retailers Yes. Find a Rio to find a retailer, I think, let’s see. But I have to tell you I’m very, very excited. We just sold our first case, to you know, my mind just went for a blanket just to ask him. Russia. That’s it. We are now in Russia. And it is so cool. Because we’ve never been in Russia. So I’m pretty excited about


Bailey Bouwman  33:47

dogs everywhere. I pulled up this little merchant list. I gotta I gotta find this mom. This cloth in love and Singapore. I got to I got to look this up because I they are apparently holding all of my favorite brands these days in this industry. But yeah, oh


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  34:05

yes. Coffee love. Business just started I want to say two or three years ago, and she started flying up. I think she has Lilly and Frank in there. I believe him.


Bailey Bouwman  34:25

And lots of


Melanie, Unicorn Clean Products  34:27

Yes. And she is so sweet. We’ve actually talked to her a few times. And you try to get to know everyone who you’re dealing with. So you have a relationship and you’ve formed this mind that you know that they can call you at any time and and we’re there to help each other. But yes, Singapore and Australia and I’m trying to figure out all the faraway places.


Bailey Bouwman  34:56

Estonia I clicked on. There’s literally everywhere you could anywhere and you could find unicorn clean products that’s what it feels like. I am so thrilled to have gotten to spend these 40 minutes chatting with Melanie, thank you for taking some time out of your day to talk to me about your brand and your company and reaffirm a lot of things that I knew about unicorn clean so people should go find their retailers. On your website.


Bailey Bouwman  35:26

You’ve got a great website with information if you’re having problems with unicorn Clean Reach out I think we all know today Melanie sounds like you are super approachable.


Bailey Bouwman  35:37

Right that was a conversation with Melanie from unicorn clean. If you’ve been trying her products if you have any hiccups. If you have any questions, reach out to Melanie. Melanie would love to support you in your detergent washing journey, whatever you are cleaning. That is what she’s here for.


Bailey Bouwman  35:54

She’s here to support you and your endeavors. There are also a ton of information on the unicorn clean website,


Bailey Bouwman  36:03

Karen, she wrote a guest post for the cloth diaper podcast, sharing her experience switching to the Beyond lineup for her cloth diaper laundry and how successful that’s been. And I think that’s about it. But I love having these conversations with detergent brands. They remind me that there’s a lot of myths out there in the community. And when really sit down and chat with them. I’m reminded that they’re people. They’re passionate people wanting to create products that work for us. And I think that’s one of the biggest takeaways that we can continue to learn from the exotic podcast. Thank you for joining me on today’s show.

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    About the Cloth Diaper Podcast

    The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a regular podcast sharing stories from cloth diaper parents, brands and retailers from around the world. 

    The Cloth Diaper Podcast is not affiliated with any school of thought of diaper laundry but instead focus on the power of peer-to-peer story telling to empower you to make your own cloth diaper journey. 

    Cloth Diapering is not this or that, but rather many different experiences. 

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    Cloth Diaper Podcast is located in Northern BC, Canada on the traditional territories of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nations. Black Lives Matter. Every Child Matters. & We are strong advocates for radical change as requested by those who experience social injustice. Listen first. 


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