Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 89

Earth & Pebble

Canadian Cloth Diaper Brand Earth & Pebble shares her story of learning to cloth diaper, starting a brand, advocating, and embracing elimination communication.

Like other podcasts, this is a casual conversation between two cloth diapering parents who enjoy finding new ways to share the love of diapers. 


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Show Transcription

Bailey Bouwman  00:00

Welcome to show 89 of the cloth diaper Podcast. Today I’m joined with Brittany from the brand of Earth and pebble an up and coming Canadian cloth diaper brand welcome back the cloth diaper podcast so somewhat regular show dedicated to sharing stories of cloth diapering from parents, retailers, brands and more. We connect with everyone around the world to share the lived experience of diapering. Sometimes that means telling a story about why or how they cloth diaper or how they started the rant.


Bailey Bouwman  00:36

Today I’m joined with Brittany Lynette who is the owner of Earth and pebble. She’s gonna share a little bit about her cloth diaper journey, a little bit about starting a brand, and a little bit about elimination communication in her journey. So it’s a little bit of a mixed episode. If you’re new here, my name is Bailey, I host the cloth diaper podcast. I’ve been doing that now for about three or four years and connecting with parents to learn these stories and share them with you is one of my favorite things to do.


Bailey Bouwman  01:04

The cloth diaper podcast can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, literally everywhere, just Google or search for me closet or podcast. And you’ll stay in touch with all the greatness that’s happening.


Bailey Bouwman  01:16

We’re gonna also run these shows parallel with a new cloth 101 series. So if you already know a thing or two about cloth diapering, ignore that if you don’t go check them out. They’re going to be super entry quick and short to the point series. To help teach you the basics of cloth diapering. They go hand in hand with my cloth diaper book. By the way, cloth diaper is the ultimate guide to textiles, washing and more, which can be available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. It’s a great way to continue to learn about cloth diapering. I asked a lot of good questions and encourage you to ask a lot of good questions, because they bring us a space that’s always evolving. So I’ll be the first to admit that there’s some things now in my book that are outdated, but it’s still a great resource to have on hand to help you wade through some of the very basics of cloth diapers.


Bailey Bouwman  02:03

You can also check out the review of Brittany’s diaper over on my personal blog simply mom for the earth and pebble pocket diaper review. All right, onto the show. Tell me why did you let’s start in the beginning because your company is still pretty young. Why did you start cloth diapering? When you had your child why? Why was cloth diapering something you considered? And how did that morph into your business?


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  02:28

So it’s really funny because I always joke and say that I knew that I would use cloth diapers before I knew I wanted babies. And I simply just because I already used reusable feminine products. And I my husband says I’m very, you know, hippie dippie kind of friendly to the earth. I think he’s just maybe thinks a little bit more highly of me than he actually knows. But yeah, so I just always knew that that was the route I was going to go especially knowing just how long it takes for diapers to actually decompose or you know, disintegrate whatever you want to say like 500 years or something like that. That’s insane. And it just It blows my mind. So I’m always trying to


Bailey Bouwman  03:10

try to find an answer to that. Like they don’t actually really know like, nobody’s really done any research because you can’t really do any research on how long


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  03:19

will that fit right? Every single diaper well disposable diaper is supposed to supposedly still around like it’s using the way they used


Bailey Bouwman  03:29

to estimate it to be 250 years. And then in the last like five or seven years, that narrative changed to 500 years. But like trying to find the original research on that it’s kind of impossible. But at the end of the day, all we know is it’s like a polymer. It’s a plastic polymer. And we have plastic polymers can take we don’t know yet. We haven’t they haven’t been around that long.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  03:48

Yeah, exactly. So that was you know, that was always through I was going to take and luckily I was able to convince my husband it was a little bit of a sore subject at first. And I remember telling him that I’d like to do cloth diapers and he said, Well, I guess you’re the only one who’s going to be changing diapers. He’s really supportive. I make him sound like he’s not easy. He’s wonderful. And I just needed to show him how it was done. And I also needed to show him how much money he would be saving. That was


Bailey Bouwman  04:23

a gut reaction for a lot of the other parent in the situation or the other caregiver to be like Oh God no, not that. Once we get a physical proper product in someone’s hands, it’s a different story.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  04:38

Yeah, and now he you know he’s not shy to change diapers and he does all of the diaper laundry. I don’t know how I got him to do that. But he he does all of t he diaper laundry and it makes my life really easy


Bailey Bouwman  04:52

how did you get him on board to do all the diaper laundry.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  04:55

You know what we’re both working from home and we have been since The pandemic and Sophie was born two weeks before Canada went into lockdown. So and, you know, so I was on maternity leave, and I had. Anyway, that’s that’s a whole crazy story. But we’re both working from home. And we have very tight schedules. He’s a personal trainer. So he works early morning, kind of has a break at lunch and then later into the evening. So we just have kind of fallen into our own little set routines of who does what. So I currently do all the cooking, and the majority of the cleaning, and the majority of the childcare, and he picked up the laundry, he’s like, Okay, this is what I’m going to do. And I’m just going to do all of it, but don’t help me with it. Otherwise, you know, I’m not going to know what stage of the game we’re at. And just Just let me do it all. And I thought, Okay,


Bailey Bouwman  05:54

well, yeah, like roll roll of that. Like, what’s your previous career track or your background, your education? Career wise?


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  06:05

Yes. So I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my life, I had trained to do construction drawings, kind of like architecture, and mainly with millwork, and joinery. So I did that for a long time and just didn’t really enjoy the industry and I didn’t enjoy working in construction is very random. And then I retrained as a yoga instructor Oh, and then I tree trained again, as a personal trainer. So I now you know, I have Earth and pebble. And that’s my main focus. But I also help my husband with our little fitness community. And I teach some online yoga classes. And I’m also on top of everything else trying to do, I’m doing some filming for a little postnatal exercise program. So my specialty in the personal training world is post pre and postnatal fitness. So really like niche down into like, moms.


Bailey Bouwman  07:08

They kind of like probably kind of complement each other as to little side businesses that blend into each other and don’t like one’s not over consuming at this point, probably you’ll find some kind of groove in there. So why did you start what made you decide to start your own brand?


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  07:29

So I, I have a sister who has a now going to be one year old as well. So we’ve had some babies around the same time. Yeah. And I remember when I saw I started it just at the beginning, around the beginning kind of later stage of that first year of Sophie’s life. And I’m kind of one of those people who, when I get into something, I get really into it.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  07:59

 So hence, like the first yoga class I ever took, I’m like, Oh, I am going to be a yoga instructor one day, that’s just kind of how I am so so I thought, Oh, I couldn’t make cloth diapers. And then I realized that actually, I don’t even know how to sew. So that’s kind of not really, you know, something I’m going to do. A


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  08:19

nyway, my husband was looking at different income strings at the beginning of the pandemic, because, you know, his, his complete income was gone. Yeah. So he was looking at doing some e commerce with his sister who lives in the UK, so just something to connect with her. Cuz she was meant to come from stay with us. So he wanted to do something fun with her. So I kind of saw the process, they were going through that that’s, you know, sunsetted, as they say, Now, and they’ve kind of focusing on their own careers, but I saw the potential there. Now, on top of the fact that getting back to my sister, my sister who has a child when I kind of was talking about diapers and thinking about starting up the earth and pebbles, her husband said, Oh, we should we should buy some coffee diapers off for you. And I just happened to look over at my sister at that time, and the look abject terror on her face, the idea of doing cloth diapers, and this was already her having seen me do cloth diapers with Sophie and like you know, telling herself that that and all that. So, two things obviously, you know, ideas of just how I can branch out and find different ways to express my enjoyment and my enthusiasm and also just to make it a little bit I know this is kind of cliche, but make it a little bit more mainstream like that. I feel like the more cloth we can get on babies bums, the more it’s just going to be normal.


Bailey Bouwman  09:50

Yeah, and like and it’s not work that one brand can do or one blogger could do or one retailer can do is really like work with that many people have to do.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  10:03

Exactly, exactly. And I still haven’t convinced my sister yet. And you know what, I don’t actually try to do a lot of convincing. I feel like, you know, in my younger days, I might have been a little bit too enthusiastic when trying to get people interested in the same things as me. So I’ve learned that you can kind of step back and just like, you know, do your own thing. And if people are interested, they’ll, they’ll come to you. But


Bailey Bouwman  10:29

that’s kind of I tend to tow that line too. I’ll talk about it, I’ll share about it, but I’m not gonna like actively say it’s the only way or you have to do it or


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  10:41

I can think of, you know, I can


Bailey Bouwman  10:44

you get a really strong reaction back when you start doing it. So sometimes it’s like, well, just maybe if maybe if they see me doing it, and one day they’ll like to play that game was like, when people asked me how I made so many mom, friends, it was like, I just kept showing up to places. And one day, I had a few friends because we all just did the same thing at the same time. So one day, if I just keep talking about cloth diapers, maybe people will say, Oh, maybe I should look into that. And then I’ll go do it. And if I


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  11:11

like anything else, if people are interested, and they see it, and they see someone that they know, or see them over and over and over again, like you you’re kind of like a household name. Now, you know, people, the more people see you, the more they trust in the advice or the suggestions you give. And I have had a friend who told me that she she recently found my different social media platform, she’s encouraging me to get my coffee. This one person telling me that like I don’t even know she has, the fact that she’s thinking of it Africa,


Bailey Bouwman  11:50

reminded her that she had them. I know a lot of times people will get really eager to cloth diaper and they’ll buy the diapers, and they’ll be going for three months. And then like the world will just kind of fall apart because that’s what happens in our lives. And so they put them away and they like forget. So they just need to be reminded, oh yeah, I bought those. And they can pick it up again. Like you can always pick it up again, you can pick it up. The beauty about one thing that I think is there’s a lot of benefits that we talked about with cloth diapering. But in 2021 2020, do we the cloth diaper is one size now like I just I can remember buying disposable diapers and like kind of tucking them away in a bag. And then the next time I pulled out but I wanted to use one. It wasn’t the right size for baby. But like Yeah, four out of five times if you put your cloth diapers away and you bring them out again, there’s still going to fit. Yeah, just change the sizing.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  12:49

I think you can still get home maybe not because we when we bought our first stash it was all secondhand. And we have a whole bunch that are like sides like I don’t I don’t know


Bailey Bouwman  13:02

what it was really like when cloth diaper industry started picked up in like 2000 2005 Like mother ease. Fuzzy bots will cheeks all designs, but Apple cheeks just discontinued their size and they only offer one size now. And the other size brands I can think of are thirsty use an assembly baby. And even then like that size range, you’ve got like a five to 18 pound and then you got like a 15 to 35. So it’s like still it’s an adjustable size anyways. You’re most likely gonna one size diapers.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  13:37

Yeah, I like the one size. I mean, yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  13:39

Tell me about your diaper design. So what have What did you go into to design your diaper? And why does it look the way it looks? What? Why did you decide to release this? Somebody who hasn’t seen it and they’re listening to you talk


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  13:55

I have a problem of overthinking things. So luckily, this is why you


Bailey Bouwman  14:02

don’t have a cloth diaper brand because I would never have been happy with whatever I produced. No.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  14:10

Luckily after having a baby that’s changed because I do not have that kind of time anymore. So I said to myself, I’m going to find a manufacturer that I like, I’m going to find a style that I like we’re going to get a few samples try them on my own baby she’s quite little then and the one that worked the best for us that was what I was going to go for. So we chose the pocket diapers and I like I don’t know what you call it like double staff around the waist.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  14:46

Don’t waste the double waste snap so that the the newborn diapers that I had used, they were second hand and they only had one snap and I just found that it always twist didn’t open then then we didn’t have a really good fit. And that might have just been because it was, you know, this was a TV. And it was very well loved before we got it. So yeah, our family loves pockets.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  15:13

So we stuck with the pockets. And all of the patterns on there, I just saw I selected the ones that I liked. I’m looking forward now that you know, I was kind of just dipping my toe in to see what it would like be like I’ve never owned this kind of business before I’ve never sold e commerce. So it’s all you know, sticking my toe and seeing what flies, what doesn’t.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  15:40

We use the diapers on Sophie, we love them. I had chosen originally a bamboo liner on the inside. And I ended up not going with it because I found that it just held the moisture right against Sophie’s skin. Like it didn’t draw the moisture away and she was getting, you know, kind of like, it wasn’t very nice for her. So we still have them. And we still do use those samples that we got. But I ended up going with the quick swipe drive suede, which works really well. But now that I’m learning more and I’m you know, you you kind of hear more from people who use your diapers, and we had some we had some moms try out the diapers for us and give me some feedback. So in the future, I’ll be looking at some different materials. But I’m pretty, I’m pretty happy with what we ended up with so far.


Bailey Bouwman  16:36

Well, I think that’s like the story of a lot of cloth diaper brands. Now adays, like in 2020. If we look at the OG the big the big players in the market, rumba row, bum, genius, and applecheeks like those diapers have gone through so many versions to get to where they are right like bum geniuses, pocket diaper is their fifth version. They’re their old one is their fourth or third or fourth. And so it’s only it’s a natural progression for a diaper to be developed. And you’re like, like this and you put it out, you guys got some feedback.


Bailey Bouwman  17:12

And once you’re kind of sold out your next, your next product is tweaked a little bit on you have a little changes, and you release a version two and one day, you have a product that you’re like super happy with or you feel like you don’t need to make changes, or I think sometimes changes happen because humans change consumer. Yeah. consumer preferences change, right. And so, such a natural transition I wouldn’t be concerned about about that. I mean, Thea at Bebeboo, we’ve seen so many changes with her product to Anna. And it’s just, it’s just how products develop. And it’s so cool to see. Why do something actually thinking about that.


Bailey Bouwman  17:51

The other question I wanted to talk to you about which totally isn’t gonna let’s turn this conversation again. Is you guys do elimination communication?


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  17:58

Yes, I was hoping you would ask. That’s why I put it in the thing. Oh, did you Okay, well, I


Bailey Bouwman  18:03

didn’t even read our notes. I don’t read though. I set up this new calendar thing. So I wouldn’t have to like do a lot of thinking, but I don’t actually go read them. Yes. So elimination communication, which like, is kind of new in the mom seen in North America in the last couple years? Because it would have been amazing game changer for my son, if I had known about it. How do you do that? What is elimination communication? Because I think more parents need to know about it. So


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  18:31

I mean, elimination communication is just a fancy Western term we use for it. It’s essentially just, if I were to paraphrase it, it’s showing your child’s proper hygiene from birth. So I’m just going to premise this by saying that my decision, our family’s decision to EC, does not reflect on any other parent’s decision not to write. This is a very, it’s a new concept, like you said, in the West. And just because I do it, I don’t think less of anyone who doesn’t do it.


Bailey Bouwman  19:07

We’ve done a couple of episodes without the parents on elimination communication. And it’s been pretty, like vague, like people have just kind of shared how they do it. That’s kind of one understanding of elimination communication, is that there’s a lot of kind of different approaches to it. And the best approach is the one that works for your lifestyle. Don’t get stressed out about it.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  19:27

We do it. I would say we do it part time. We’re not like he wears diapers during the day. She wears them at night. She’s 18 months now and she almost exclusively does her number two’s on the potty. And she tells us and that’s been happening for months for months. So we started I think when she was about two months we started and I had had come on my radar I can’t even tell you how, as I was like doing all the like mommy research before so if you cuz she’s my first and only, and I saw a video of one of my friends and her child and I noticed just the way she had like, she had a pre foal kind of wrapped around her baby in a certain way. And, and that’s like a style of kind of, they call them backup like diapers a backup, that that people use, and etc. And I thought, oh, okay, she’s doing it as well. So I contacted her and she goes, just start, just start doing it, you know, like, just go for it. So it did. So I did that day. And essentially, like the best way I would describe it, because obviously I’ve had described all my family members is in the same way that your, your baby tells you when they’re hungry, you know, when they’re tired, they have all these different cues, they also have natural timing for when they eat, when they sleep, etc, etc. It’s the same for their hygiene. So when they have pain, poo, they do communicate that to you, there is some natural timing. And then you can also kind of build a little rhythm with your child. So I like to think in the same way that we’re showing our children, how to feed themselves, we show them how to walk and talk, we teach them all these things, we teach our children to go weak, they can either go and do their business in their diapers, or we can teach them that, okay, actually, this is where Mommy and Daddy and everyone else, you know, I was peeing goes poor. So I’m going to help you do that, I’m going to show you where to do it, don’t worry, if you if you miss, it’s non cohesive, it doesn’t matter if they go in their diaper. But eventually, just like eventually, they’re going to walk on their own, and all the rest, eventually, they’re going to be able to do that on their own. So there are some things you can do to kind of encourage that. In the same way, you know, in the same way that some people use, like baby sign language, you know, like the the denture baby to kind of make that milking action with their hands when they want some milk. It’s the same thing we get Sophie to. It’s so cute. She’s She makes little grunting noises. And she does like this little like, it’s the money shot with her hands. Like give me the money. It’s meant to be kind of like a tea, a sign language for tea and you just shake it around. But she she does give me that money. And that’s how we know. You know, she’s going to help you. And honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. My husband says the same thing. Well,


Bailey Bouwman  22:36

I think it it’s like one of these conversations that we are always having in the cloth diaper community is oh my gosh, what about the what about the poop? And the number of so I was like one of the first parents and my first mom. Well, first people to have kids in my like people that I’ve known before I had kids group. And so many of them have started this elimination communication in like this part time way, and mostly focused on the poop, getting their kids to poop in toilets from a very young age. And it’s just like, yeah, rule eliminates this whole poop thing, like issue with the poop that we’re so terrified of. And now you’re only watching pee divers when you are watching pee diapers when the accident happens.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  23:29

And we know that. So recently, Sophie had a bit of a bad stomach. And she was, you know, she couldn’t make it to the toilet. And you know, that’s why we have the diapers for backup. And I mean,


Bailey Bouwman  23:43

sometimes grown adults, if you get so sick, you get accidents do right directly, right. And a lot of the conversation I see around elimination elimination communication is like, ditching all that shame and all that guilt around was the act of toileting. Right? Like


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  23:59

yeah, yeah. And there, it can be a lot of stress. I mean, I have never potty trained a child who is three or four. Sophie is not even two yet. And, and she’s not we wouldn’t say she’s potty trained, right? She still uses her her diapers and you know, just mostly the posts. But I have heard of, of my friends and the struggles that they’re having potty training. They’re like 234 year olds. You know, it’s


Bailey Bouwman  24:27

like, not very terrifying. Yes. Terrifying. It’s like, and mostly because every single child is different. So you’ll have like, you’ll get it down pat with one kid and then you have to learn how to do it again. The second time I think that was probably the hardest part for potty training with me was having to do it again the second time and figure out what like what does a second child need? What makes her different than her brother? But Walter show my first son, my first child, he was such a sensitive child when he peed. So he, I went through a lot of diaper changes because the act of peeing was very uncomfortable for him or something. Like, he didn’t sleep through the night until he could stop peeing at night. That is finally when I got my first sleep through the night. And so I just think about like, Oh, I wonder if I had entered introduced, it would have made this whole, like going to the bathroom experience better for everybody, you know, instead of having a screaming kid and diapers every hour, you know, like that i. And that’s just I mean, I can’t go back and change things. But you know, like, when someone comes up to me, and they’re like, my child is really uncomfortable in cloth diapers, I think I should use disposables and I go, maybe maybe elimination communication, maybe there’s a way that you can communicate with your child about this diapering need. So yeah, continue to do both things and make them feel comfortable. Because at the end of the day, a lot of times it’s the uncomfort.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  25:55

Yes, and I, I didn’t really have a lot of experience with babies prior to having Sophie. And none at all. I have a niece who’s Yeah, I have a niece, but I was very young when she was born. So I didn’t spend a lot of time, you know, understanding all that kind of stuff. So and because I had learned about elimination communication before Sophie was born. I just thought that you changed your baby’s diaper every single time that peed. So I was actually when I, when I started Earth and pebble and I was trying to figure out what like some of the needs were for parents. I was kind of blown away at the idea that, that you could leave your child in the diaper for like two hours.


Bailey Bouwman  26:44

I was with Walter I changed every single pee because he was so right there was I there was none of this two hour thing. But I find that when I bring that up to a parent, they get very uncomfortable with this idea of changing that frequently. And I mean, I never considered that elimination communication I just assumed disposable or cloth that you change the diaper every single time they pee, because I felt like that was me, but I thought as well. Yeah, um, but I think we just make generalizations based on averages. And we consider that then, like a rule that we should all kind of at least follow by as the bear man. Maybe? Yeah, maybe that’s yeah.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  27:23

So I mean, every family has to do what’s right for them, like some people do at full time. We do it part time. We don’t do it at night. It’s too disruptive. You know, Sophie didn’t sleep through the night until she was like 15 months. Her,


Bailey Bouwman  27:39

like three and a half. So yeah, yeah,


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  27:41

exactly. So and even now, she still she still wakes sometimes. So


Bailey Bouwman  27:46

it’s cool to hear people’s elimination communication stories, just because like, it’s a new way. It’s a new idea. It’s a new way to think about how you can give your child comfort, find things that work for your family athlete.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  27:57

And it’s like one of those old ideas that’s kind of coming back and a lot of Eastern countries, that’s what they do. You know, and if you think about, like, what did people do before they had diapers? Right?


Bailey Bouwman  28:09

I mean, largely, like, we don’t know, but we can assume that they were probably just better adding them eating child’s needs. Yeah, exactly. I mean, we were anyway, we love it. We were also full time parents more so like, it is a it’s an easy thing to do when you have the privilege of being able to stay home. Yeah,


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  28:30

absolutely. And I think also having my husband and I home, and both being on board with it. Because he kind of was like, okay, whatever you want to do, let’s let’s just do it kind of thing. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And it does help having both parents invested. And I mean, we’re not sending Sophie to daycare. She not had a child minder right now she’s at home with us. So that does help. But it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible to do to do this. You know?


Bailey Bouwman  29:04

My, we probably both come out though with a very Canadian brain. Yeah. And like, my my friends that I know that have done EC, they took their full 18 months of maternity leave. And so by the time that you’re enrolling an 18 month old into daycare, if they’re like in this pseudo I could communicate, going to the bathroom, the care provider is like totally going to be on it and support them in that body learning experience. But for my American moms who unfortunately get the short straw. There are some Montessori daycares in the United States that kind of work on the hybrid approach with them, but it’s not always you’ll have to find me.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  29:45

That really, really always accessible for everyone either. No,


Bailey Bouwman  29:48

yes. And that one, two, all right. continue advocating for maternity leave, guys. That is beautiful. You deserve it. Yes, exactly. Right. So if people want to learn more about Earth and pebble you are everywhere in anywhere, but what are some of your favorite platforms right now for connecting with people about your brand.


Brittany, Earth & Pebble Cloth Diapers  30:12

I’m, I’m on Tik Tok, and I’m on Instagram. Those are the two platforms, you can connect with me best, especially if you’re or if anyone’s looking to learn about cloth diapering to have a little bit of a laugh because sometimes a bit silly. I was doing a little series on elimination communication, just our experience, not really teaching but just giving you like the breakdown. And I’ll return to that my mother in law was just with us and she’s just gone home. So I’ve had a little bit of a pause and content creation. So I’m also on YouTube. I have longer longer videos on YouTube. I mean, they’re still under five minutes. And I’m just trying to build up like cloth diaper one on one and that set of videos there.


Bailey Bouwman  30:59

Well, thank you Brittany, for sharing your story with us. I don’t know if I did a proper introduction but that was Britney lie on it. She is the owner of Earth and pebble you can shop Earth and pebble at Earth and She is a Canadian retailer so that means that you can shop and purchase with her through Canada and Canadian dollars. Again, I have a review of her product at simply mom and is just a simple pocket diaper. But let’s not discount the need for simple pocket diapers in this world. We need more but we need more diapers. We need more advocates. We need new ways to kind of talk about cloth. This year. I challenge you to tell somebody about cloth diapers. I know this should have been like a fun new year’s eve show but it’s not. So that’s just ended on that. I’ll see you next week when we’re gonna talk about how to cloth diaper

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