Show 01 – Types of Cloth Diapers

Learn the Basic Types of Cloth Diapers #clothdiaper #ecofriendly #podcast #moms #baby

Ready for the world’s most boring mom podcast? I bring to you a very basic monologue dedicated to just me rambling about the basics of cloth diapers. Chances are this weeks episode doesn’t apply to you if you know it all, but if you’re a newbie, and you have some time check it out for a listen and then refer back to these visuals for the full cloth diaper podcast experience. 

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Topic: Cloth Diaper Basics

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: None
Length:  20:39 minutes

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Learn the Basic Types of Cloth Diapers #clothdiaper #ecofriendly #podcast #moms #baby

Styles of Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering is confusing and overwhelming. There are WAY TOO MANY options for many of us to handle, but here’s a run through of some of the great easy brands.

1:58 — All in One Cloth Diapers

  • One of the easiest cloth diapers.
  • Everything you need in one convenient package.
  • Every brand has a different variation with a sewn in absorbency.

all in one cloth diaper podcast

Examples of All In One Cloth Diapers (AIO Cloth Diapers): Blueberry Simplex, bumGenius Elemental, SmartBottoms 3.1, Thirsties NAIO, TotsBots.

Things to Love about AIO

  • No Fuss.
  • Grab & Go.

Things not to Love About AIO

  • Not so absorbent
  • Expensive
  • Not the right/fit function for baby.
  • Complicated layers of fabric to clean.

Pocket Cloth Diapers

  • Laminated Material Exterior with a pocket opening made out of any sort of material such as fleece or AWJ or Suede.
  • Insert is then added between the fleece and laminated material.
  • The opening can be found at the back of the front.
  • This is my least favourite kind of cloth diaper

pocket cloth diapers

Examples of Pocket Cloth Diapers: AppleCheeks, AMP Cloth Diapers, Blueberry Pocket Cloth Diaper, bumGenius 5.0 (and previous models), Easy Peasies, Imagine Baby Cloth Diaper, Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper, Thirsties Pocket Diaper, “china cheapies” or most “non-compliant brands”

Things to Love

  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient for other people.
  • Customisable absorbency for light or heavy wetters.
  • Easy to Clean & Remove Poop.
  • Stay Dry Insides for Wet sensitive babies.
  • More reasonably affordable.

Things not to Love

  • Microfibre Inserts “standard practice” (Find out more).
  • Fit issues if too much is added, or poor shape/design.
  • Stuffing pocket cloth diapers is a pain.

All in Two Cloth Diapers

  • A hybrid form of cloth diaper that can perform many functions – act as both an AIO & a pocket and/or a cloth diaper cover. Endless combos. 
  • Multi-functional features.
  • Snaps on the inside of the diaper for inserts.

all in two cloth diapers

Examples of All in Two (AI2) Cloth Diapers: Lalabye Baby, Funky Fluff, GroVia Hybrid, Best Bottom System.

Things to Love

  • Natural Fibre Absorbency.
  • Adjustable Absorbency.
  • Multipurpose functionality based on who, what, when and where in your life.
  • Reasonable Price Points.

Things not to Love

  • Tend to fit smaller.
  • Can get pricey when customising for increased absorbency.

Cloth Diaper Covers

  • some sort of material you use over an absorbency.
    • PUL or TPU
    • Wool
    • Fleece.
    • Rubber, and other materials fo time ago.
  • Goes over a fitted cloth diaper or prefold or flat cloth diaper.

cloth diaper cover

Examples of Cloth Diaper Covers: Blueberry Capri or Coverall, Funky Fluff Flex, Flip, GroVia Hybrid, Omaiki Cabrio, Sweet Pea Cover, Imagine Baby Cover, Thirsties Duo Wraps, Lalabye Baby Cover, Sustainable Babyish Wool Covers, HumBird Wool Covers, Fleece Covers

Things to Love

  • Customizable to the baby.
    • lay in an insert.
    • Use over prefold.
    • use over a flat cloth diaper (learn more about types of flats)
    • use over a fitted cloth diaper
  • Cheap.
  • Reusable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Tend to fit bigger.
  • Easy to launder

Things not to Love

  • less user-friendly.
  • not ideal for wet-sensitive babies.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

  • Modern Cloth Diaper but just absorbency and needs a cover.
  • Some have snaps, some need diaper pins.
  • Some have a layer of water barrier for home use.

Brand Examples: Sustainablebabyish, Twinkie Tush, Lily & Frank, HumBird

Things to Love

  • Natural Fibres
  • Perfect for kids with synthetic sensitivities.
  • super absorbent.

Things Not to Love

  • Expensive.
  • Maybe Bulkier.
  • Two-step process needing a cover.

Not discussed: swim diapers, flat cloth diapers, different types of absorbencies, disposable diapers, training pants.

How to Choose a Cloth Diaper Type

Start with a print or pattern you love and go from there.

Every cloth diaper has a loyal fan base, and you really dont know what will work for you until you try it and bring it into your life.

Few ideas to help you navigate what your options are.

  • What’s Your Budget?
  • Who is Changing Baby?
  • What’s Important to You?

If you still don’t know where to start, let’s talk or ask around in a Facebook group dedicated to cloth diapering. No, I don’t have a group. 

Maybe even google “where you live + cloth diapers” and see if there is a parenting/motherhood store or cloth diaper retailer near you. You might be surprised at the retailer options. Forget about Amazon, and find these small shops!

Cloth Diaper Podcast run down.

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: Facebook or Instagram.

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