Show 02 – Cloth Diapering Dad Interview

An Interview with a Cloth Diaper Dad - Cloth Diapering - Podcasts for Moms

This week we talk with a Cloth Diaper Dad to get the nitty gritty on the cloth diaper experience from a Dad’s view. Why a Dad? Because this podcaster thought it would be the easiest way to get her first guest host out of the way. Let’s tune in and listen to this week’s podcast.

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Topic: Interview with Cloth Diaper Dad

Host: Bailey @ SimplyMomBailey
Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guests: Eric Bouwman (Cloth Diaper Dad – Husband to Bailey)
Length:  24:59 minutes

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An Interview with a Cloth Diaper Dad - Cloth Diapering - Podcasts for Moms

1:37 – Dad’s don’t really cloth diaper, eh?

Talking to dads about cloth diapering just isn’t a thing. It’s just not guy talk

3:11 – What’s your favourite cloth diaper?

I like stuff that takes prefolds or generic inserts – a.k.a cloth diaper covers.

Cloth Diaper Dad doesn’t like all in one cloth diapers or other complicated systems because of poop removal. He specifically mentions the bumGenius Elemental because of its internal design. 

Favourite Cloth Diaper for Dads: Nuggles Tuck-Wrap & Go Covers in a Size 2. Some of Nuggles products are made in Canada.

5:40 – What is the hardest thing about cloth diapering?

Dislike the Most: Eric doesn’t like the stinky bathroom. This is negotiable. We’ve tried a new cloth diaper system using a Mother-ease pail with mesh pail liner to reduce the stink.  He’s tired of stinky and after three years this is the first year he’s made serious complaints

. Biggest Challenge: What do I stick on this kids butt? Especially with all the choices to wear and the two different kids. It’s hard to know what will fit each kid. 

We are transitioning into underwear and potty training

When do you know you’re good to go [with underwear]?

Ready to transition into underwear from cloth training pants during the potty training experience. 

9: 45 – If there was one thing you could tell a cloth diaper sceptic dad what would it be?

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

It’s not that much laundry. Check out this laundry cheat sheet from Modern Bottom Babies to get your wash routine off on the right foot. 

He does most of the poop rinsing in the toilets.

11:47 – What’s the biggest drama you’ve ever heard about cloth diapering?

The lady with the diaper prints. Sometime in 2016, Blueberry Diapers began re-releasing exclusive prints run by retailers. While this was legal and within their contracts, it wasn’t necessarily the best move in regards to maintaining relationships and some brands cut off relationships with Blueberry Diapers. Ever since. Blueberry Diapers has an air of drama around it despite their amazing quality cloth diapers. #heresay.

13:53 – What are you looking forward to once we are done diapering?

Not having any diapers at all.

We are almost done. Pretty much done potty training our 3 year old, and one more year left with our youngest. Might have bribed the big kid to poop on the potty with hot wheels. #notanExpert. 

15:50 – Rapid Fire 5 Questions About Cloth Diapering

Question 1 – Name 3 Different Types of Cloth Diapers.

  • Prefold
  • Flat Cloth Diapers (Blanket)
  • All in One Cloth Diapers

Question 2 – Name 5 Different Brands of Cloth Diapers

Question 3 – Do you know any names of the cloth diaper prints or solids we own.

I have the names I would call them versus what they should actually be called. 

  • Funky Fluff – Germs
  • bumGenius – Pirates
  • GroVia – Old Grandmother Couch – Ophelia
  • Blueberry – Halloween – BooBerry
  • bumGenius – Birds – Harper

Can you Name These Cloth Diapers?

Question 4 – What’s that thing you use to keep a flat closed on a baby?

Errr. No.

Answer: Snappi.

Question 5 – Can you name 3 Cloth Diaper Retailers

Learn more about our trip out East to Central Canada.

Mother-ease Factory

23:00 – What’s you’re one wish for the cloth diaper future?

I would hope cloth diapering continues to be more mainstream.



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