Every statistic, every comparison, and every study looking at cloth diapers and disposable diapers will be flawed.

There is always someone who used coupons and 12 cent disposable diapers. There is always someone who used 55 cent eco friendly disposable diapers. 

There is someone with a cloth diaper stash that cost $50, and another who spent $1000. 

There are people who use pockets and microfibre, and then there are those who use organic cotton/hemp flats with wool covers. 

There’s people who never use the dry, wash on warm, and stay clear of all synthetics, and then the opposite. 

Some kids potty train at 18 months, and others use diapers well into preschool years.

All of these variations just represent a small sampling of the variances within the diapering world. As creators we try to create stories to share with you the value of cloth diapering to your family, community and the environment, but there’s always someone wagging their finger that we did it wrong – that it would be completely different if.