tackle cloth diaper struggles

Hey, it’s okay if your cloth diaper journey is less than perfect, if you experience stinks, leaks or hiccups. No matter how you diaper your child, perfection is an unrealistic goal to achieve. You will have times where things happen.


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    Parenting is about struggles.
    You are strong enough, capable enough, and wise enough to overcome them.

    Just because it feels like your cloth diapers are failing, doesn’t mean you are a failure. 

    It means you are human, and susceptible to the challenge of cloth diapering.

    It’s been generations since our communities cloth diapered exclusively. Disposable companies, like cigratte companies, have ruthlessly pushed marketing campaigns that have left impressions in the world we live int. It can be hard to overcome, but not impossible. 

    We’ll walk through some of the basic struggles on this page, but I want to tell you this: There is no easy answer to every questions

    Sometimes the answer works; sometimes the answer doesn’t.

    Sometimes you need to find a new person to ask the question to. I don’t believe there is one way to cloth diaper. There are multiple ways to succeed at cloth diapering, and if you find your way and it’s different than keyboard warriors on the internet – then that’s okay. You are doing a great job mama and don’t let them haters bring you down. 

    Let’s explore some common struggles.


    cloth diaper nay-sayers

    from childcare providers, to family members, to social agencies supporting diaper need and other’s in your inner circle, cloth diaper nay-sayers are EVERYWHERE. They work daily to break you down and regret your choices.

    Here’s the thing, modern cloth diapering is unlike anything before offering  innovative textiles, simple wash routines, and supportive spaces to ensure you can do this. 

    Other Struggles

    Cloth diaper troubleshooting is not just limited to nay-sayers, leaks & stinky diapers. Sometimes the struggle is trying to find a wash routine that works for once a week, finding a way to diaper without a budget, to cloth diaper in an apartment. There are so many struggles, and each one is equally valid. 

    If you are struggling, I want you to know that you don’t have follow the rules – that you can use a problem solving strategy to find a a way that works for you. 

    Trial and error, while terrifying, is very much an effective choice for solving anything you come confronted with. 

    leaky diapers.

    do disposable diaper parents give up? why are you? 

    leaky cloth diapers tend to be related to user error – usually unintentional because life happened. 

    The average lifespan of a cloth diaper is about 2 hours, but night time diapers can be padded to last upwards of 10-12 hours.

    The average absorbency of a cloth diaper is about 6-10 ounces – with wide variations depending on size, textile & more. Learn more about absorbency options here. 


    stinky diapers

    some scent or odour can be expected, but overall STENCH is not normal. Your diaper should not be causing others to fear cloth diapering.

    Smells are usually associated with an inadequate wash routine – the dirt and grime is not getting out of the diaper. We tackle this by finding ways to increase the agitation, detergent, and cleaning power of your wash strategy. 


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    Thanks for help earlier. It made me less anxious about my routine knowing people can cloth diaper without crazy rules.

    I’ve been doing my thing I’ve had no rashes or stinks! I shouldn’t have been so caught up in finding a rule or a system that would be perfect.

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