The Elf Diaper Pocket Review

If we can separate the internal challenge that Elf is using the bumGenius stretchy tab – and no the funny shape it has does not really make it different enough to be an original invention, this diaper is okay. It’s pretty much an identical knock off of the bumGenius pocket diaper and that drives me a little batty because I’m a fierce advocate for women owned businesses creating change in local communities, but hey, that’s not why you’re here. It should be and we should all be concerned with diapers that copy each other because that’s not innovation that’s copy cat. 

Let’s look at this diaper. It’s a pocket cloth diaper made by an overseas wholesaler know as Elf. Elf Diapers can be purchased in Canada from Mini Shack and that’s where I got mine. In Canada this diaper is $12.95 without inserts. The Inserts are an additional $3.45. —- If you were to buy this with 2 inserts it now costs $19.85 Canadian. The bumGenius 5.0 is $24.95 with two inserts. The cost saving is not extraordinary considering the bumGenius product is made in St. Louis, Missouri and comes with warranty, customer care, and an amazing community. 

Stateside your dollar gets you further and this diaper can be bought for $7.95 without an insert, add one insert and it’s now $9.95, or about $11.50 with 2 microfibre inserts. In the states the bumGenius 5.0 is $19.95, so there is significant savings of almost $8, but the bumGenius products can be purchased on sale to bring those costs down if you’re really feeling the need to consider your source of origin. Re: why are you cloth diapering. 

We don’t know anything about the Elf Brand. We do know a lot about the bumGenius brand. I support transparent diaper brands which create products for more than money. And yes, Jen Labit may be fierce but if she was a man the world wouldn’t hate her so much. I have emailed Elf several times. 

Elf was apparently Baby Wizard. The change from Baby Wizard to Elf seems to the additional B shape in the tab, possibly to skirt tab issues with Cotton Babies. Elf Diapers have participated in many co-ops and prices would be different. Pricing options vary around the world. 

The Diaper

This is a one size pocket cloth diaper with stretchy B-shaped tabs and a 3 x 3 rise setting. On the inside we find microsuede liner with a back pocket and a front TPU tummy panel.

It does also come in the hook and loop system. The tabs on the hook and loop are different and the diaper has a touch of a different look to this. When Suzi was over she said this shape was knocked off another American brand that has since gone out of business. I can’t remember the name it was old. But everything down to the stitching was identical the mark.

Like many products you can choose what you buy with this diaper. I bought it individually as I’m actively trying to reduce my microfibre consumption and limit micro plastic pollution. 

My thoughts

Because this diaper is essentially the bumGenius 5.0 copied, it’s a great fitting diaper. They took an already amazing design by a passionate woman and turned it into something we can acquire for half the cost. I

The stretchy tabs are much better than the Elifant diaper I struggled with, and it does come up and fit nicely on her chunky body. 

Other Thoughts from the Web

This diaper doesn’t have the same easy access point as the bumGenius diapers do for replacing elastics. 


Meh, at the end of the day this diaper isn’t for me because of my values as a consumer of things. However, if those things don’t matter to you, when it comes to cheap diapers, Elf produces a quality product. There are a lot of cheap cloth diapers out there, and this one at least fits nice, performs well and seems to hold up according to the moms on the internet. 

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