This is probably controversial – but I believe that our first line of support should be cloth diaper brands and retailers.

I believe that we should trust cloth diaper brands and retailers to support us in finding the right diapers for us, finding the right wash routine, and continuing to support us onwards with our cloth diaper journey.

And brands that demand that education be done by bloggers, other parents, and Facebook communities are just… not cool in my books. I don’t want to be the first line of defense, I want to be the third person you touch base with because of an issue. I understand not all brands have the resources, tools, and knowledge to answer the question, but they should be your starting point.

If you’re struggling with your product, you should check out their website and socials for information on how to best use their product wehther it’s a video, a blog, or an information post. If that doesn’t exist, try to reach out directly – keep in mind not all brands monitor their social media accounts and emails can land in spam boxes I give grace for that space, but I also have expectations that they be there in some way to provide infomration.

There was a long time in our modern cloth diaper history where groups actively suggested the information that cloth diaper companies shared was lies and dangerous. I don’t believe that is ever their intent, and such propaganda should equally be questioned. Cloth diapering is not this or that, but rather a wide array of experiences.