With Christmas behind us, the next excitement is Valentine’s Day and there are a few ways to celebrate this day of love with cloth diapering. If you’re like me, you’ll opt for a selection of red & pink diapers to round out your stash. But perhaps, you’re like others and prefer a little more festive prints and designs. That’s where I’ve got you covered. I’ll be listing both hard to find and current releases in a heart themed diapers for Valentine’s Day.

Why do I list Valentine’s Prints that are no longer available? Because it’s fun to try to find them on the buy and sell market. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon one from a friend or maybe somewhere else.

This post is a work in progress. Drop your favourites in the comment and I’ll get them added as I find them and find the time. Time being the keyword. 

A Few of My Favourite Red’s

Almost every brand has a red of some sort or shade that might be the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Line Up. I’m going to share a few of my favourites below that are currently still in stock to help you on your list.

Nuggles CHD Awareness Diaper

The best part about this Simplee (pocket cloth diaper) is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance. Buy it here. 

Valentines Cloth Diaper - Nuggles Pocket Diaper

Old MacDonald by Lalabye Baby

This stunning red is still available at Lagoon Baby with shipping in Canada. or if your stateside find it at Kellys Closet. 

And a few pinks…

We could be here for days but these are the ones that stole my heart for a Valentines Day line up of pink diapers

Raspberry by Imagine Baby

This fuschia pink is still available at Diaper Junction and possibly many other cltoh diaper retailers who stock Imagine Baby products.

Valentines Prints to Look For

Be Mine by bumGenius

This limited edition print might just be in stock direct from bumGenius. It’s gorgeous in real life. I promise and was released in 2017.


Imagine Baby XOXO LE 

This 2017 release is probably out of stock unless you have a connection with a smaller retailer who didn’t sell out.


Queen of Hearts by Softbums

This cloth diaper print is still available at Kelly’s Closet. 

Looking for some older treasurers? Check out This West Coast Mommy’s 2015 round up.