We’ve known for some time that Jennifer Labit, the CEO of Cotton Babies (best known for the bumGenius brand), has been in cahoots with Walmart. She has posted and chatted about her workings with the Walmart family. But, besides just assuming that she was trying to get bumGenius onto the shelf at Walmart, we really didn’t know what she was doing or what that would look like. bumGenius is on the shelf at Toys-R-Us and sometimes Target, but what would it look like at Walmart.

Now we know! In a Facebook post on her personal page, as well as on her Instagram Page, Jennifer took to the screenwriting that dreams do come true showing off a tiny pail of cloth diapers amidst packages of disposable diaper products.

Cloth Diapers Walmart

What’s In It?

The package will contain 6 Cloth Diaper Covers, 12 cotton Inserts, and a wet bag along with the bucket. The package does mention Elemental Joy name.  The price is to be determined by Walmart. 

You can currently buy a set of 6 diapers + 6 inserts from Elemental Joy direct for $36 instead of $57. This suggests this could be affordably priced for a half stash of diapers. 12 inserts is two full days of diapers, not including nights. We will learn more from Walmart

Where Can We Get It?

On the shelves of Walmart in the near future.

Stay posted for more details because this is all we know as of now. 

March 9 Update

This bundle is supposed to hit shelves of American Walmarts NEXT WEEK – Sometimes the week of March 12, 2019 I presume. It has been mentioned in conversations on IG/Facebook feeds of Jennifer and Elemental Joy that the diaper will actually be a cover and the insert will not be a flat. This suggests that the diaper is DIFFERENT than the current Elemental Joy out there and there has been an update to the product. This update has not been fully revealed and is only combinations of chatters.

Jennifer had corrected me on a post that it was not going to be a flat but rather a cotton insert. And I recent comment on an Instagram post confirmed it will not be pocket but a cover.