Dealing with poop and cloth diapers is an intimidating part about cloth diapering. This is the part of cloth diapering that turns off many people, including cloth diaper dad. Luckily, there are ways to handle poop using a variety of methods including Diaper Sprayers. Remember, you can always wash your hands with soap at the end of the day.

Diaper Sprayers might be the right choice for you, but they might also be a hot mess. I once had one and it leaked everywhere. We uninstalled it. You need to remember to give it a tight install and to turn it off between using it.

There’s also a variety of products on the market to make the experience less messy from shields to other gizmos.

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What are the options for Cloth Diaper Sprayers?

** this list is in no particular order.

  1. AMP Diaper Sprayer: adjustable pressure, mounting clips, industrial strength hose. ($64.99 CDN)
  2. Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer & Multi-Use Spray Wand: StayFlex stainless steel spray hose, 3 year limited warrant, Brass EZ Reach Shut Off Valve, High-Pressure Hose, Thumb Pressure Controls, Made in the USA, Easy Install without Tools.  ($59.95 USD | $69.95 CDN)<
  3. Spray Pal Sprayer: spray wand, 47.25″ stainless steel spray hose with a braided inner hose, brass t-connect, brass shut off valve for adjustable water flow ($94.99 CDN Bundled with Sheild | $49.95 Sprayer Only, USD)
  4. Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer: brassed fittings, complete shut off valve, study supply hose.  ($49.97 USD)
  5. qdspray 4 Foot Portable Diaper Sprayer Elite: travel diaper sprayer. ($50.99 USD)Also availabe in 8 foot length. 
  6. bumWorks Premium Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer: adjustable water pressure, fits standard connections, brass chrome bidet, metal hose, and more ( How to build a diaper sprayer,)<
  7. Bumkins Diaper Sprayer: 47.25″ stainless stell hose with braided inner, simple install, brass ceramic shut off for ajustable water flow.  (How to build a diaper sprayer,)
  8. Bidet Sprayers – you can also just pick up a bidet sprayer at your lcoal hardware store and it will function in the same concept. Sometimes they are less strong.
  9. DIY Sprayer – you can also try your hand and do it yourself! Check out some of these tutorials.


What cloth diaper sprayer is your favorite?

Looking for a Cloth Diaper Sprayer to handle poop? Check out these options