There are two times of the year to expect sales on cloth diapers: Black Friday & Earth Day. Everything in between is a bonus. If it’s neither November nor April, you might watch out for your cloth diaper store or brand to celebrate their birthday, or just because.

Black Friday Sales won’t be released UNTIL CLOSER TO BLACK FRIDAY.

I know you’re asking the questions because it pops up every single day in my Facebook feed, but guys, you gotta hold your horses and know it’s going to be awesome.

It’s not going to be as awesome as closeout sale, or a seconds sale, but it will be some of the deepest discounts of the year. 

How big will the 2018 Black Friday Sale be?

I’m not sure. We never really know. I could speculate based on years past, but brands are allowed to change their minds about the discounts they offer based on their financial position.

Remember, there’s not a ton of money in cloth diapers and many of these brands and shops are owned by dedicated, hard-working people with kids to feed, so dont’ expect a big 50% off sale. We’re not selling mattresses or TV’s, we’re selling cloth diapers at maybe 20-30% mark up for some brands. I don’t actually know, that’s just the feeling I get from the people I’ve talked to in the cloth diaper industry. 

Not every store and not every brand will participate, but we can expect most of the big names and upcoming cloth diaper brands will. You’re not going to know till the week of Black Friday.

some sales will be limited to a specific day, while others will be the entire week or weekend. 

If a brand isn’t joining the fun, but a retailer is, do anticipate a minimum per cent sale, or bonus gifts with purchase. Some retailers tend to do a straight 10-15% off the entire store, while others do based on brand rules. In the United States, we see more stores offer perks like gift with purchase, or points or other systems to support shopping.

What to Expect for Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sale 2018 - Cyber Monday - Diaper Sales -

Where can I find out the most up to date information about Cloth Diaper sales on Black Friday 2018?

Sign up for those email newsletters with your favourite brands and retailers. This will ensure you get first notice of the sales dropping as soon as they are made public.

You can also follow and engage with them on Facebook, but expect this to be more finicky of an option.

Also, if you favourite cloth diaper blogger or website, sign up for their newsletter. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to do a list because it’s a lot of work but you never know, and it’s a great way to get word of the freshest cloth diaper podcast content.

What’s my 2018 Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sale Speculation?

I know that things work based on what a brand tells a retailer, so I don’t know which retailers will take part, but I know my favourite cloth diaper retailers probably will (these ones, which I’m affiliated with).

I DONT KNOW ANYTHING, I HAVEN’T BEEN IN COMMUNICATION WITH ANY BRANDS OR RETAILERS ABOUT BLACK FRIDAY AS OF NOVEMBER 3, 2018. This is entirely speculation based on years of being involved in the cloth diaper community. 

You might find better sales when purchasing direct with each brand versus the retailer. When a brand shows a really big number expect that to include deep discoutns on already clearenced items. So things that are in the sale section right now will be more on sale and thus basically get rid of this status.

  1. AMP Diapers
  2. AppleCheeks – up to 15%
  3. Bambino Mio – up to 25% off
  4. Best Bottom – up to 20%
  5. Blueberry
  6. bumGenius – up to 15-20%
  7. Buttons – up to 20% off
  8. Charlie Banana
  9. Diaper Rite – up to 15%
  10. Easy Peasies
  11. Fuzzibunz
  12. Geffen Baby – up to 10% off
  13. Glow Bug – up to 30% off
  14. Green Mountain Diapers – 10% off
  15. GroVia – up to 20% off
  16. HumBird Wool – Daily Sales
  17. Imagine Baby – up to 20% off
  18. Kangacare – Rumparooz – up to 15-20% off
  19. Kawaii – up to 80% off
  20. Lalabye Baby – up to 15%
  21. Lil Helper
  22. Mama Koala – up to 20% off
  23. Mother-ease
  24. Nicki’s Diapers – up t0 40% off
  25. Nuggles!
  26. Omaiki – probably about 10%
  27. Oko Creations – up to 25% off
  28. Ragababe
  29. Sloomb – Sustainablebabyish – gift with purchase promos.
  30. Softbum – up to 15% off
  31. Smart Bottoms – up to 15% off
  32.  Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers – up to 15% off
  33. Tickle Tots
  34. Tidy Tots – up to 40% off
  35. Thirsties – up to 20% off
  36. Tots Bots – up to 15% off
  37. Wink Diapers – Up to 30-50% off

What will I be buying this Black Friday?

Probably nothing. I really don’t need more cloth diapers and I can’t think of anything I need more of. If there’s something you want me to review, then drop a comment and lets get this shopping list rolling, otherwise, I’m just going to sit back and watch everyone score all the things.

What are affiliate shops again?

Do you love supporting the cloth diaper podcast? This is passion project of mine and it consumes a lot of my time and resources, and I love when you make purchases through my links as it lets me buy more porduct to try and it offsets many of the costs associated with this project.

LagoonBaby (Canada)

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (Canada)

The Baby Foot Print (Canada)

Cloth Diaper Kids (Canada)

Nuggles (Canada)

Omaiki (Canada)

Nicki’s Diapers (USA)

Etsy (Canada & USA)

Cotton Babies (USA)

Kelly’s Closet (USA)

GroVia (USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)