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Absorbency Chart

Curious about which products absorb the most. Check out this absorbency list to see how hemp inserts rank. 


5 Things about Hemp

Here’s what else I want you to know about hemp inserts. 


Learn About Leaky Overnight Diapers

These are my personal tips for tackling leaky overnight cloth diapers. 

What is a hemp insert?

Hemp inserts are a cloth diaper product used to absorb urine in a cloth diaper. They are sought after because of their performance and absorbency.

Hemp inserts are a more expenisve product, and always blended with another textile like cotton or bamboo.

Hemp is a complex fiber with many different performance variables. It is typically a slow absorber that holds onto liquid very well. Unlike other materials, hemp inserts are least prone to compression issues. 

Where to Buy Hemp Inserts

Here’s a few recommendations of popular cloth diaper shops for hemp cloth diapers. 

The Best Hemp Inserts

These brands are not just recommended by me, but recommended by cloth diapering parents around the world on a regular basis.

Geffen Baby

Geffen Baby

USA Made - High Quality & Performance

Geffen Baby Inserts are impecable because of the craftsmanship that goes into creating these high quality products that wont shrink, shrivel, or frustate you on laundry day.

GeffenBaby is easily found at cloth diaper retailers around the world, or direct. 



USA Made - High Quality & Loved

Thirsties Hemp Duo Prefolds and Inserts are well loved by the cloth diaper community. This is a product that is not incredibly absorbent by the numbers, but it’s performance in real life persuades people it’s a must have. 

Thirsties Baby is easily found at cloth diaper retailers around the world, or direct. 

AMP Diapers

AMP Diapers


AMP Inserts are a great Canadian choice for a booster that absorbs well and takes your diaper places. The hemp prefold is a little bulky in my opinion, but many families love it as their overnight diaper. 

AMP Diapers is easily found at cloth diaper retailers in Canada like Lagoon Baby. 

Other Hemp Inserts

Share with me your favourite hemp inserts in the comment section. 

    • AMP Diapers
      • 2 layer Hemp Booster starting at $3.25 CDN
      • 3 Layer Hemp Booster startig at $3.95 CDN
      • 2 layer Hemp Insert with 55% hemp and 45% cotton fleece measuring 12″ x14″ after washing. It’s folded in half or thirds for 4-6 layers of absorbency. $6.95 CDN.
      • 3 Layer Hemp Insert for $8.95
      • LagoonBaby (Canada)
    • Anababy 4 layer hemp insert for $5.80 USD – 45% cotton, 55% hemp
    • Baby Kicks Hemp Products
      • Hemparoo Joey Bunz is 6 layers of hemp/cotton jersey in an insert shape available in 4 sizes starting at $5.35 USD.
      • Hemparoo Joey-Bunz Premium Inserts offer 4 layers of hemp/cotton fleece available in 3 sizes starting at $6.25
      • Hemparoo Doubler is 4 layers of hemp/cotton fleece for $4.90.
      • BabyKicks Hemparoo Duz-it0all is 2 layers of hemp/cotton jersey knit in a 13″ x 17″ prefold. This insert can be folded in half or thirds to give 4-6 layers of hemp for your baby. Only $5.15 USD.
      • Available: Nicki’s Diapers (USA) Diaper Junction (USA)
    • Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts – 5 layers of Hemp/Certified organic cotton topped with a layer of hemp/certified organic cotton fleece. This is a Best Bottom Insert in an hourglass design with snaps for snapping into cloth diaper covers but can be used with other diapers. Available in sizes small, medium and large starting at $7.95 USD.
    • Blueberry Eco Liner is a cotton velour topped hemp insert with 55% hemp / 45% cotton. The insert is a long tongue shape that is folded down to size. It is available in a 2 pack for $25.95 USD.
    • Buttons Hemp Inserts is a snap in insert available in 3 sizes and absorbencies (daytime and night time). It features 55% hemp and 45% cotton. 4 layers for the daytime and 5 layers for the night time starting at $7.75 USD.
    • Ecoable Hemp Cotton Inserts – very little details – 5 for $27.99 or $5.60 each.
    • Eco Cloth Diaper Hemp Inserts – 4 layers of very little detail for $3.50 each.
    • Fluffy Penugin Hemp Hourglass Insert is 4 layers of hemp/organic cotton blend for $4.50
    • Geffen Baby 
      • Absorbers – 5 layers of 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton in a variety of sizes starting at $14 USD for a 3 pack. Made in the USA.

      • Hemp Jersey Flat Diaper (jersey is a more t-shirt material) measuring 26.5″ x 26.5″ starting at $10.50
      • Hemp Jersey Prefold available in 4 sizes starting at $9 USD featuring 4 layers of combed hemp/organic cotton.
      • Fleece Fladdle is a 30″ x 30″ flat for $14.99.
      • Nicki’s Diapers (USA) LagoonBaby (Canada)
    • GMD Hemp Doublers are availalbe in two sizes and made in the USA. These are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. $2.95 USD for the small or $3.75 USD for the long.
    • HappyBeehinds Bamboo Terry & Hemp Insert is 3 layers of bamboo terry and 3 layers. $4 each.
      • Hemp Cotton Insert is 4 layers for $4.75 USD
      • Hour Glass Bamboo Terry & Hemp Insert is 2 layers of Bamboo and 3 layers of hemp
    • Happy Endings Organic Cotton 4 layers of 55% hemp 45% cotton inserts in a 13.5″ by 5″ inch shape that is meant as a doubler. 6 pack for $28.99 USD ($4.84 each)
    • Hemp Babies Little Weeds is 2 layers of hemp fleece (55% hemp, 45% cotton) that can be folded into an insert shape to give 4 layers of absorbency. Designed to fit small or medium pocket diapers. $6.95 USD
      • Bigger Weeds start at $10.95 USD and measure 16″ x 16″.
      • Flat Weeds are 27″ x 27″ hemp jersey starting at $9.95 USD.
      • Doublers are 2 layers of hemp fleece inserts for $3.95 USD.
      • Nicki’s Diapers (USA)
    • Lalabye Baby Hemp Boosters – 3 layers of hemp/cotton blend for boosting (intended to be used with your current cloth diaper absorbency). A set of 2 starts at $14 USD.
    • Mumsbest – 4 layers of hemp cotton for $7.58 USD – No identication on the blend or quality of the product. 
    • Rumparooz Hemp 6r Soaker Inserts is the Rumparooz one size insert and newborn insert in an hour glass shape. This features 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton for a total of 7 layers when placed together. $10 USD
    • See Diapers is 2 layers of hemp organic cotton and 2 layers of microfibre. This is a large size insert and is $16 USD for a 6 pack for $2.60 but this is not something I would recommend it’s microfibre core is less than ideal.
    • Smart Bottoms 
      • Hemp Prefold is available in 3 sizes starting at $7 USD featuring 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton fleece. The middle pannel is 3 layers and exterior pannels is 2 layers for a total of 7 layers of hemp when folded.
      • Dream Diaper Overnight Insert – 55% Hemp/ 45% organic cotton for snapping into the Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper for additional overnight absorbency. $12 USD.
      • Hemp Insert 2 Pack is available in 2 sizes featuring 55% hemp and 45 % organic cotton jersey. This is 4 layers in an hourglass shape starting at $12. USD
      • Nicki’s Diapers (USA)LagoonBaby (Canada)
    • Thirsties 
      • Hemp Inserts features 6 layers of 55% hemp, 45% cotton blend insert available in 2 sizes. Sold in a 2 pack starting at $8.75 USD.
      • Hemp Prefold is availalbe in 2 sizes and features a soft custom knit hemp jersey. It is 2 layers of 55% hemp and 45% cotton made in the USA and starts at $7.75 USD.
      • Nicki’s Diapers (USA)  LagoonBaby (Canada)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better hemp or bamboo?

This is not an easy answer because both hemp and bamboo inserts are a valuable addition to your cloth diaper.

Hemp is best suited for users who need a long-lasting slow absoring boost to a diaper.

Bamboo inserts are best suited for users looking for a more robost absorbency that is quick and efficient.

Hemp is more environmetnally beneficially.

Bamboo not so much. 

You might also consider cotton if you’re looking for a lower cost product. 

Can hemp inserts touch baby's skin

Yes! Hemp is safe to the skin. You can place hemp inserts directly against baby’s skin.

If using in combo with other cloth diaper inserts, you might find it more beneficial to layer hemp at the bottom. 

What are the best cloth diaper inserts?

The best cloth diaper insert is the insert that meets your families needs: environmental, financial, and function. 

This might be a cheap bamboo insert or a cotton receiving blanket. The best insert for cloth diapering is not a universal product. 

How do you prepare hemp inserts

Simply launder until absorbent. Most hemp is fully absorbent within three washes and reaches peak capacity within 8. 

Hemp can be laundered with other cloth diapers or laundry using sufficient detergent and warm water. Toss in the dryer to finish the prep process.

Please do not boil hemp inserts, it breaks down the fibers and is a lengthy process when modern washing facilities exist. 

Can Hemp Inserts be used alone?

Yes, if it provides sufficient absorbency to your child. Most hemp inserts only hold 4-7 ounces which qualifies them more as boosters, unless you have a light wetter.

Hemp prefolds and flats are a better choice to last 2+ hours for daytime or night time use. 

Pair hemp inserts with your favourite all in one diaper, microfiber insert, bamboo insert, prefold, or flat. They can be easy to add to any existing cloth diaper set up.

Can I make my own hemp inserts?

Yes. If you find hemp material that you love, you can cut it and sew your own inserts for cloth diapering.

I would recommend washing the material before crafting your hemp insert. this will ensure the product is the right size and shape and doesn’t surprise you in the wash. 

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Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.

Where to find hemp inserts for cloth diapers? Looking for the best hemp inserts? Or the cheapest hemp boosters? Here's the list of where to find them and price options.

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