Can I be the first to admit a cloth diaper podcast does not sound very exciting?  Seriously. Of all the possible topics you could sit down and chat about cloth diapering, it’s kind of a snore, but I’m going to try.

Everyone and their Uncle has suggested I get into video

I tried video, and I’m not digging it. Video requires me to have a clean house. Sure, I could shove the dirt into one corner and pretend the couch is clean, but I’m just not that type of person.

During the 8th Annual Flats & Handwashing Challenge, I tried a few videos (find them on YouTube) and I discovered I loved voice recording over my videos. This give me the push I needed to finally do that podcast thing.

Podcast Love

I really enjoy listening to the radio and podcasts. My husband works long hours, and as a mom of two toddlers (who don’t yet speak), the house is quiet and lonely. Podcasts bring me laughter, smiles, tears, and inspiration when life feels pretty lonely and dismal. The extra noise in the background helps keep things feeling sane without losing my mind.

Check out my favourite mama inspired podcasts. 

I’m no podcast listening expert, and I just catch my favourites on the regular, but I’m excited to listen more, learn more, and join this crazy side of content creation.

Podcast Newbie

That said, I’m pretty much a podcast newbie.

We have a recorder because of my husband’s job and rented a microphone and fancier recorder from the local music shop. With a little work and a lot of garage band editing, I’m getting there.

But, I have a lot to learn.

If you know a thing or two about podcasting leave me a comment. This audio world doesn’t appear to be as simple as push play and record.

I’m looking forward to figuring out how to record an interview. I truly believe cloth diapering is a diverse experience and all of our stories and challenges are worth sharing. Plus, who want’s to listen to me drone on for hours?

Cloth Diaper Podcast Gear

We rented some fancy tech gear to try out and give us an idea of what we might want to invest in. Otherwise, it’s back to our Zoom Recorder and basics for now.

Other Cloth Diaper Podcasts?

Did you know there are other cloth diaper podcasts?

I didn’t. Not until 4 days ago when I asked in a Facebook group. Turns out, I’m not the first to have this great idea.

Check out Cloth Diapers Made Easy (Facebook) by the people at Spray Pal. 

The Cloth Diaper Podcast

Let’s keep things simple and just talk cloth diapering. Serious.

The cloth diaper podcast is your weekly show hosted by Bailey from SimplyMomBailey. Dedicated to everything cloth diaper, I bring you the basics, the struggles, and interviews with your favourite brands, retailers and cloth diapering parents.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Timeline – couple more days before the first goes live, and aiming for June 1 for episode one of the Cloth Diaper Podcast.