The Cloth Diaper Podcast is an established leader in the Cloth Diaper Community creating engaging and supportive content that goes viral.


The Cloth Diaper Podcast is owned and operated by Bailey Bouwman, social media strategist and blogger. The Podcast is dedicated to sharing stories of Cloth Diapering, empowering parents to find their own journey, and showcasing new and upcoming products.


To contact, please email Bailey at Bailey @ Clothdiaperpodcast dot com.  


Cloth Diapers

The Cloth Diaper Podcast focuses [almost] exclusively on conversations of cloth diapering.

With over five years in the cloth diaper community as a parent and advocate, the Cloth Diaper Podcast shares experienced perspectives to support parents in finding a product for them.

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is not a brand ambassador, and all partnerships are non-exclusive.


Unboxings & Instagram shares

Showcase your product through Instagram.

advertising opportunities

Share your upcoming sales, product launches, and more across fo cloth diaper parents and bloggers. 

Cloth Diaper Blog Reviews

Reviews are one of the most sought out questions from parents – they want to see and experience the diaper through some one else. They want to know how it compares, and why they should try it.

Reviews are offered via www.SimplyMomBailey.com – my personal website with high ranking quality cloth diaper content across Google and Pinterest. This includes clear photography and comparisons.


Share your story with other cloth diaper parents via a cloth diaper exclusive podcast. This is a fab chance to talk about your story, the history of your product, and why we must check it out.


Get your product in the hands of someone new using an established Cloth Diaper account with global reach.


Connect with Cloth Diaper Parents


The Cloth Diaper Podcast is an industry leader followed by other influencers and creators who could be your next brand ambassador.

10.5K Instagram Followers


Cloth diaper parents

From all stages of parenting, the Cloth Diaper Podcast connects with parents with an interest in diapering – or they know someone who might be interested in diapering.

17,000 Monthly Page Views

1,700 YouTube Subscriptions

retailers & brands

Gain the attention of other retailers and brands for potential collaboration, stockists and more! 

2,300 Followers on Facebook



Collaborating with Brands Around the World

From bailey

Share your story and your connect with parents.

Until you share your story, you’re just another brand on the internet.

With new cloth diaper brands starting every day it’s hard for parents to know who is authentic, who will support them, and where to spend their money.

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a somewhat regular show with over 30,000 downloads dedicated to helping share your story with a new audience.



Pricing Opportunities      for everyone

This is my part time job – sharing and engaging with parents about cloth diapering.

I understand this is a small niche, and want to work with you to find a price and package that works for both of us. 

Need More Support?

Hire Me to create for you

Trained in Public Relations with years of cloth diapering experience, I can help create for you. 

Unlike other marketing professionals, I know cloth diapering and cloth diaper parents. I can write your FAQ page, your blog, your Instagram, and manage your Facebook content. I’ll ghost write for you.   

By day, I’m a social media strategist working with local brands, cloth diaper brands, and other communication firms to deliver high quality, engaging content. 

Email me directly at Bailey [at] simplybailey dot ca. 


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    Contact Us

    Email: bailey@clothdiaperpodcast.com
    Cloth Diaper Podcast is located in Northern BC, Canada on the traditional territories of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nations. 

    The Cloth Diaper Podcast participates in affiliate programs with differen brands and businesses. Links clicked may result in earned comission to Bailey Bouwman as a result of purchases made. If you have questions about affiliate links and sales please contact Bailey.

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    About the Cloth Diaper Podcast

    The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a somewhat regular podcast sharing stories from cloth diaper parents, brands and retailers from around the world. 

    The Cloth Diaper Podcast is not affiliated with any school of thought of diaper laundry but instead focus on the power of peer-to-peer story telling to empower you to make your own cloth diaper journey. 

    Cloth Diapering is not this or that, but rather many different experiences.