Catch the video on my YouTube Channel, or maybe watch the entire playlist for all the Cloth Diaper Tags for 2018 on YouTube. I would love to make the 2019 Cloth Diaper Tag even better because let’s be honest, some of these questions and favourites a little strange…. I’ll add my update dream for 2019 at the bottom of this list.

I encourage anyone and everyone who wants to participate to join the fun. If you are passionate and love cloth diapering just do it.  Don’t get bored like I did. Even if you are a blogger, answer the questions on your blog and lets link up. If you leave a comment I’ll add you to a list. 


1. favorite style: prefold and covers (specifically the Bummi’s Prefold and the Omaiki Cabrio)

2. Favorite brands: Motherease, Omaiki, and Nuggles.

3. Favorite colors: prints are better.

4. Favorite prints Florals – I love Omaiki English Roses, Omaiki Peony, and Motherease Bloom.

5. Favorite closure: snaps of course.

6. Favorite type (sized?): bigger one size of course.

7. Favorite diaper in stash: this year I typically use Motherease AIO, Omaiki Cabrio, Omaiki AIO. 

8. Favorite overnight: I didn’t really give a solid answer on this.

9. Favorite swim diaper: Bummis Swim Diaper then Omaiki Swim Diaper. Applecheeks is a solid winner too.

10. Favorite laundry detergent : Tide

11. Favorite diaper cream: Delish Naturals

12. Favorite cloth wipes: Thirsties Wipes

13. Favorite material (diapers): cotton. Always.

14. Favorite material (wipes): cotton.

15. Favorite wipe solution: water

16. Favorite storage items: I haven’t found anything I love.

17. Favorite accessories: Double Zipper Wet bags.

18. Favorite place to purchase: LagoonBaby.

19. Favorite thing about cloth diapers: Community


2018 Cloth Diaper Tag



LagoonBaby (Canada)

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (Canada)

The Baby Foot Print (Canada)

Cloth Diaper Kids (Canada)

Nuggles (Canada)

Omaiki (Canada)
Nicki’s Diapers (USA)

Etsy (Canada & USA)

Cotton Babies (USA)

Kelly’s Closet (USA)

GroVia (USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)

2019 Cloth Diaper Favorites

Let’s update this list, and if you want to join the fun for 2019, starting in January, I want to know this from all the bloggers and vloggers out there in the cloth diaper community

  1. Favorite Cloth Diaper Style
  2. Favorite Cloth Diaper Brand
  3. Favorite Solid.
  4. Favorite Print
  5. Favorite Closure
  6. Favorite Diaper in your Stash.
  7. Favorite Overnight.
  8. Favorite Insert
  9. Favorite Swim Diaper
  10. Favorite Training Pant.
  11. Favorite Diaper Cream
  12. Favorite Wipes
  13. Favorite Wet Bag
  14. Dirty Diaper Storage Solution
  15. Favorite Place to Buy.
  16. Favorite thing about Cloth Diapers

If you have other basic favorites you love? Drop a comment and lets make this list grow. I’ll update it before january 1, 2019 and we can try another.