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Best AIO Cloth Diapers

We’re updating the best all in one cloth diaper list to reflect that mood of 2022 because last year so many brands emerged as industry leaders creating products you need to own. 

Unlike other best of cloth diaper lists, this list is unsponsored and updated annual to reflect changes in the industry. We don’t want to talk about the diapers of 2015, if they don’t continue to be the best of the best.

This list is curated by Bailey based on conversations across the community, product sampling, and a general awareness of what is going on. 

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Best Overall

The Blueberry Simplex is a high quality all in one that does not disappoint. This organic cotton aio diaper offers many functionalities and is an incredibly easy to use diaper for beginners and new parents.

$34.95 – Read the Review

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Omaiki AIO

Best in 2021

Kaleimamo Hawai’i is a new cloth diaper brand joining the industry, and the  Kaipa Pa’a is a high quality AIO that is stash worthy.

$30 USD – Shop Kaleimamo Hawai’i

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Most Absorbent

The most absorbent AIO diaper available is the Diaper Rite AIO. This diaper features 12 layers of absorbency and offers a well-loved fit and function from parents.

$17.95 USD at Diaper Rite

Tots Bots

Best Hook & Loop

Bambino Mio upgrade their Miosolo with the Supreme version now made with natural fiber inserts and double gussets.

Available on

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Imagine Baby

Best Value

Pannolino Bambino EZ AIO is a great low-cost bamboo blend AIO to add to your stash. This simple product is ideal daytime product. 

Shop Direct with Pannolino Bambino

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GroVia AIO

Trimmest AIO

If you’re looking for a diaper that fits under tight jeans then try the GroVia AIO diaper. This organic cotton diaper features a one size set up and side snaps. It’s trim in the crotch, bum and absorbency.

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Tots Bots

Best on Amazon

The Thirsties NAIO is a tim and absorbent diaper that is always functional. It is available in both microfibre and hook and loop variations.

 Find it on Amazon – Read my Review

Imagine Baby

Best Budget Selection

Happy Beehinds has a fantastic selection of budget-friendly all in one diapers. Choose from simple day-time diapers to more super soakers that take on any challenge. 

Shop with Happy Beehinds

GroVia AIO

Best in Canada

The MME & Co AIO is a low-cost bamboo blend AIO with up to 16 ounces of absorbency, this product is sure to impress parents around the world.

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My AIO Recommendations

These are the products that I used with my baby, or that I continue to recommend because they offer incredible value and performance. There are so many incredible makers, that it’s hard to boil it all down to a few. 

Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

Under Appreciated

The Nerdy Mommas AIO is natural fibre AIO is everything I love including two sewn in inserts and a generous one size fit up to 40lbs.

Check out Nerdy Mommas.

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Imagine Baby

Trim & Function

The Motherease Wizard Uno is a great diaper. It’s absorbent, easy to use, and great for caregivers. This diaper does fit a little wide and small, but its incredibly trim

Shop Motherease.

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GroVia AIO

Pocket Hybrid

La Petite Ourse AIO is a low-cost pocket style cloth diaper with sewn in absorbency and an additional snap-in booster. This is a great overall choice for most families, especially if you’re looking for a daycare diaper. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are AIO so expensive?

All In Diapers are a complete package sewn together – the labor, materials, and process behind them creates a higher cost product.

On average, AIO cloth diapers cost $20-30 USD depending on synthetics or natural fiber. Some work at home creators are upwards above.

Can I hand was AIO Diapers?

Can you? Yes.

Will it be easy? No.

If you need to handwash long term, consider flat diapers. 

How do AIO Diapers fit?

AIO diaper fit depends on the brand. All In Diapers tend to fit smaller.

Here’s how AIO diapers fit my toddler at 30lbs. 

Why did you give up your AIO?

I got really frustated with my AIO diaper stash – learn why here:

How do I travel with Cloth Diapers?

Traveling with cloth diapers always takes a little more space, but you can do it.  Many families prefer flats and covers for the ease of handwashing. Check out a 2021 Podcast to learn how professional traveler uses cloth when flying the world. 

Here’s how I travel, road trip-style, with cloth diapers.

What about Newborn AIO diapers?

Newborn AIO diapers are a fantastic way to cloth diaper small babies in a way that gives a trim fit. The downside – the lack of absorbency.

Here are a few blog posts on my newborn all in one cloth diaper experience

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I break down the basics to cloth diapers to inspire to you to start with an introductory base. I believe you are capable of diapering, of problem solving, and making the choices to trust in yourself.

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