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Reusable Options for Bedwetters

Summary of bedwetting diapering options that might work for you.

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My Fav 3 Trainers

The training underwear I loved the most during my cloth diapering days.

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Go Diaper Free

Amazing resource to support families in elimination communication. 

Training Underwear 

Looking for an absorbent washable underwear? Or maybe you’re looking for a transitional diaper to support your child in moving from diapers to underwear?

Trainers, Pull-Ups, and other variations of learning underwear provide parents with an absorbent, sometimes customizable, and adaptable garmet that can support their toddler in moving to the next diapering stages.

There are many different types of training underwear including those that are just padded underwear, those that are pull on diapers, those that are hybrid versions of a diaper and underwear, and those that are designed for a night time diapering strategy.

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Best Transitional

The Bebeboo Grow is arguably the most adaptive transitional underwear supporting parents in transitioning from diapers to underwear. Sold as a shell only, this pull on, stretchy-tab diaper finally meets parents where they need it.

Starting at  $16.95 USD
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Omaiki AIO

For Poopers

If you’re struggling to transition into underwear because they won’t poop on the potty, look for side snapping undies like these from Omaiki (Canada Only)

These look and feel just like underwear.

 Canada Only – $22.95

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Rummer Up

The Lil Helper Zero-A-Trainer is an adaptable daytime training underwear to support both child and parents.

Easy to use side-snap pull on learning underwear.


Tots Bots

Most Absorbent

Motherease Bedwetting Pant is one of the most absorbent all in one style training pants on the market providing 21oz of absorbency. Very bulky, but very absorbent. 

Starting at $36.95

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Imagine Baby

Works with Your Stash

If you built your stash with snap-in inserts the Best Bottom Training Pants works as a pull on cover that is a great way to take your stash into undies.

$13.99 USD

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GroVia AIO

Best for Small Kids

KangaCare Lil Learnerz are available in sizes XS to XL, and provide a small trim fit that are great for little learners. Snap are available on their smallest sizes to support you.

$36.99 for a 2 Pack

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Tots Bots

Best on Amazon

The Thirsties Potty Training Pant is an absorbent hybrid underwear. Featuring PUL, this highly absorbent underwear can easily pull on and off.


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Imagine Baby

Best Low Cost

Consider a transitional underwear like Zoochini Training Pants, for a lower-cost training underwear that doesn’t compormise absorbency.

3 for $31.99

GroVia AIO

Best for Big Kids

Rig N Gig Pull Up Trainer is a large one-size shape that fits most toddlers up to 50lbs and additional panels can be added for 6″ of width.

Review Coming Soon

Personal Favourites

In my experience, training pants are very personal purchase because we all approach potty learning differently. Training underwear can be a pricey addition to your stash, and might not be right for you. Some kids learn differently, and not all families need trainers.

I’ve ordered the cheap $2-3 trainers from wholesalers and random websites and they usually have 2-3 layers of cotton that absorbs barely a pee. It’s worth nothing that the cost of a washable pull up is mostly associated with the absorbency. Absorbent material is one of the more expensive components of a diaper, and the more absorbency, the higher price. Additional features further impact the overall price tag and ultimately performance.

We all have different needs, budgets and options. 

Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

All Time Favourite

If you’re already using wool or fleece, and you want an incredibly absorbent trainer, the Sloomb Trainers were one of my all time favourite choices. I loved the fit and function.


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Imagine Baby

Just Like Undies

My non-cloth diaper friends who have bought the Kickee Pants Training Pants just can’t stop talking about them. 

Imagine Baby

Must Have

Make the investment into a waterproof mat. I loved the Peapod Mats but there are many options. I still use it 5 years later for night accidents, travel & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need training pants


Can I hand wash trainers

It depends on the style, there are many different variations and some of the more dense styles like sloomb, apple cheeks and Thirsties would be difficult to handwash.

How does sizing work?

Each brand is different with a wide array of sizing. Some brands sell a one-size variation that is either true to sizing or fits on the larger size. Many brands go to a sized trainer to get that “just like underwear” approach to trainers.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to trainer sizing. Many trainers work as big kid diapers. 

Why are they so expensive

On average washable trainers can cost about $20 per pair. This is for a  just like a diaper absorbency.

$10 washable trainers usually catch small accidents.

$30-40 trainers are more like big kid underwear designed to hold larger pees.


A lower cost option is to consider pull on covers, or pull on pocket diapers, and purchase your absorbency separately. This is available with the Best Bottom or Bebeboo, or Super Undies systems. You could reuse what you have to keep the cost down.

How do I teach my child to use the potty

That is beyond my expertise.

As one parent to another – be gentle with your child, and be gentle with yourself.


What about disposable pull ups

A fantastic choice for many families. Single-use pull ups offer you the ease of use and trimness that you might be looking for. 

they can look and feel a little too much like diapers, but you have so many choices to choose from.

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