Cloth Diaper Blogger Network

Extension of the Cloth Diaper Network to provide support for bloggers and content creators in the Cloth Diaper Niche


Hosted on Zoom with themes to share & connect.

We don’t have to do this alone. Join a community of cloth diaper content creators to learn more and share within our industry.


A space to share our experiences in creating cloth diaper content


The start of something bigger for the Cloth Diaper Industry


Finding comfort and advice amongst peers & expert leaders in our industry.


Strengthn the role we play as advocates within the community to share the love of reusables.


An opportunity to come together as a community.


Opportunities for speakers & presentations on blog topics to help you grow.


We are here for the future of the Cloth Diaper Industry, to strengthn and redefine industry collaboration.

You are not alone.

Starting a cloth diaper blog can be daunting – are you doing it right? am I competing with the other women? How can I find the right brand deals and ambassador programs?


How can I support what I know, and share it amongst a larger community?


Casual Conversations

Join us by Zoom for a 1-2 hour face-to-face conversation with other content creators.

An opportunity to share & listen to others in the same niche’d business share their journey. This digital conversation provides space for real-talk, real-struggle, and for us to really celebrate in the successes that you have.

Regular Email Updates

Can’t make the meeting, we’ll send you a recap of the conversation. 

These notes can also be found on the Cloth Diaper Podcast website through the Blogger membership platform. We know not everyone will be able to attend meetings, but we want you to feel included.

Focused on Growth

The Cloth Diaper Network is focused on growth. What you see today is step one in our journey of building a community.

Start somewhere, and today we start with casual networking every other week – but the Cloth Diaper Network is designed to serve you the Cloth Diaper bloggers. Please provide feedback to Bailey as we create spaces, opportunities & more to help you grow and collaborate within this industry.

 2021 Meeting Dates


TUESDAY, November 2, 2021 – Black Friday

Future dates to be determined.



The Cloth Diaper Network grows with you.

This space is designed for you, and will continue to change as the needs of the community change. Come join us in the beginning of this ambition.

Who can join?

If you identify as someone who creates educational, information, or cloth diaper based content across blogs or social media platforms. 

Are the meetings confidential?

The meetings are not confidential, and you are in control of what you share or don’t share. You may ask us to not repeat, and hold faith in those in attendance.

Do I have to RSVP?

No. If you can, show up. If you can’t, we’ll catch you in the notes. I’m trying different days and times to adjust to different schedules.

Bailey, do you know what you're doing?

I’ll be joined by other bloggers to provide our collaborative knowledge and support you as we all grow. 

Is there a cost?

Not at this time.

I have an idea.

Send me an email at I love ideas.

Register for the Creator Network

Access tools & resources to support your journey as a cloth diaper content creatory.

Content Creator Home Page

Landing page for Cloth Diaper Content Creators to access notes, surveys, and more