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The Ultimate Guide to Textiles, Washing, and More is your starting point to learn the basics of cloth diapers and help empower you to find your cloth story. After five years of cloth diaper blogging, I know that parents needed more than blogs and YouTube channels. They needed one simple resource to jump start their cloth diaper journey. This book is that resource to help you ask better questions, find the diaper best for you, and help troubleshoot along the way.

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About The Book

Modern cloth diapering feels complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Within these 200 pages, I strive to inspire you to learn the basics and start asking specific questions to find the answers you need.

This book is based on the North American Cloth Diaper experience. If you are a cloth nappy user, you will still find exceptional value in learning the basics of the cloth nappy including different materials, products, and laundry guidance.

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Cloth Diapers: the ultimate guide to textiles, washing and more is the book on cloth diapering that you and your friends need to not only get started but become a cloth diaper parent. Maybe you want to start cloth diapering to save money, or because your eco-conscious, or maybe because your tired of poop explosions. This cloth dipaer book will help you. It is the basics of cloth diapering to help any cloth diaper beginner get started with diapering.

Based on over 5 years of involvement in the cloth diaper community as a blogger, admin, and champion of cloth diapering, Bailey Bouwman shares the secret to simple cloth diapering – which is to embrace your intuition, buy the pretty diapers, and trust that you can cloth diaper.

I bought a hard copy and love it! I lov ehow you provide clear information from which people can make their own choices. Great job! This is a valuable resource, and I even learnt a few things.

Green Mountain Diapers

What’s inside


Basics of Cloth Diapers

Parts of a Diaper, Types of Diapers, Accessories, and More


How To Cloth Diaper

Fold Prefold & Flats, Assemble Diapers, and Fit Tips


Buying Cloth Diapers

New, Buy & Sell, Other Options


Wash Routine

How to get started with a simple routine and FAQ you want to know


Toddler & Newborn

Challenges of both stages including options and ideas to make it work.


Overnight Cloth Diapers

Quick tips to get you started, product ideas, and challenges.



The book is written with simple language to help you understand every snap and elastic, along with photos, drawings, and an FAQ for every section. Inside you’ll find a little about everything on anything that you need to know to ask more questions.

Thank you so much for creating your book! I haven't finished it yet, but I jumped straight to the laundry section and it made me feel so much better.... I feel reassured that I can experiment and create my own routine that works for me.

With Love, from Australia.

It's truly incredible and all answered all my questions. I am purchasing a few diapers today to get started! Can you believe it? I feel confident.

Ashely, Canada

If you're looking for someone to lay out all the options, this is the book for you.



Thank you! I seriously thought cloth diapering had to be all or nothing. But nope! I can do whatever you want. I needed your open explanations to help encourage me to be confident in my clothdiapering journey

About the author.

Bailey Bouwman is the host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast – a somewhat regular Podcast dedicated to sharing stories of cloth diapering from parents around the world. She is a mom of two, content creator and copy writer, blogger living in Northern BC, Canada.

My personal blog for cloth diapers and life as me is Simply Mom Bailey. I also contribute to Northern BC Moms.  My day job is as a Communication Assistant. I freelance write, social strategy, and solve communications problem via Simply Bailey Social.

I believe that all of our stories are valid and we can’t gate keep what cloth diapering is or isn’t. Instead, we need to create supportive spaces to empower and encourage parents to thrive as themselves by trusting their intuition and doing what is simple. 

Bailey B.

Cloth Diaper: The Ultimate Guide

paperback now available!

Want something real and tangible? You’ve been asking for it, and now through the amazing-ness of self publishing you can order my cloth diaper book via Amazon. The paperback version features a few less images, but has a full glossary and index to support you in finding everything you need to know.

Pricing may change without warning, and vary in different countries or regions. Affiliate links are used in this website. Find it on your local Amazon. Links have only been provided to USA/CANADA. 

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