Cloth Diaper Industry Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 5-7pm PT


Who: Cloth Diaper Brands, Retailers, Educator’s, Influencers & More.
If you support the cloth diaper industry, want to get more involved, or looking to mingle with the Cloth Diaper community this might be the right choice for you.

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Cloth Diaper Industry Holiday Social is THE VIRTUAL HOLIDAY PARTY OF THE YEAR! 🥳🎄☃️

For the first time, possibly ever, join cloth diaper brands, retailers & service providers for social networking, conversation, and games. You don’t need to know anyone, and if your kids interrupt you, all is good. This is a  short two-hour opportunity to break the ice in the industry, and start nurturing new relationships with people who could be your next biggest ally, champion or retailer.

We might even have a few door prizes!

Who is invited?

We welcome all cloth diaper brands, retailers and service providers. If are you in the cloth diaper business, and related accessories, we want you at this Holiday Party. 

That means Cloth Diaper Makers, Brand Owners, Retailers, Wholesalers, Employees, Bloggers & Bloggers, Brand Reps & Ambassadors, Diaper Service Providers, Diaper Banks, & more.  Please purchase a ticket as your identified group – this will provide you with access to closed sessions and improve our matchmaking network systems. 

👩🏾‍💼 🧑🏾‍💼👩🏽‍🎨👩🏽‍🔬

What if someone I don’t like is attending?

We are all adults, and I think we can put aside our work differences to celebrate and socialize as an industry. Come with good intentions to meet someone new.

What can I expect?

This is a social hour, we welcome you to come and socialize in our different sessions and the 1:1 networking space. Come start a conversation, join an existing game, or make a new connection in speed networking.


There will be a few main stage introductions, but after that, bring your dinner, holiday drink, and come explore a space and start a conversation. This will not be a structured event, but rather an introduction to more community events for the Cloth Diaper Industry.

Do I need to bring anything or be dressed up?

I like a goofy christmas sweater just like the next girl, but I’m an introvert and would be mortified. Wear the energy you want to bring you to the event. If a goofy sweater is your personality… do it. If dressing up in sequins is it… then do it.

I welcome you to come as you in your truest form.

Who is the Host?

Bailey, the host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast, is hosting this years Industry Holiday Social. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been expanding our connections with the Cloth Diaper Network, and look to continue to break the ice with other brands, retailers and service providers as we look to re-establish an Industry association in 2022.

We’re here to look to a new future of cloth diaper, where we can mingle in the same room, play a game, and maybe win some door prizes. 🎀

Want to sponsor a door prize? Do you have a fantastic idea for a door prize? Let Bailey know, by emailing her back with what you can offer to this diverse North American audience. I look forward to connecting with you –

Want to sponsor a booth? Have a chance to showcase your brand or retail shop or service to other cloth diaper industry makers? Cloth Diaper Banks are invited to build an expo booth. 

Contact Bailey to see if it’s a fit for you

Door Prize Sponsors

* Unicorn Clean, Petite Crown